4 Nairobi high class PROSTITUTES steal from Governor

Monday, July 01, 2013 - Rumor has it that a Governor was recently fleeced all his money by four top of the class twilight girls (who call themselves socialitesafter he asked for their services. Apparently the girls who are notorious for fleecing people off their money made away with his money but refused to give him any pleasure.

A Nairobi business man who is also angry of being fleeced by the girls, has sworn to expose them for their dirty game and is also planning to sell their property to cover all the money they have minced him.

The girls have been using him for money and barely ever give him the pleasure he so needs.


15 comments for 4 Nairobi high class PROSTITUTES steal from Governor

  1. reveal the Governors name. faster

  2. wacha asome lesson these pple r rily dirty what da hell was a whole govana doing with prostututes.

  3. Instead of doing his work with the county, he's busy using his money on prostitutes. Serves him right.

  4. See, these are SOCIALITES... DIVAS... like Huddah... or one girl everyone knows...

  5. Entertaiment allowance in action!

  6. entertainment money


  8. rafiki ya mutula

  9. dont pay for things which are free. eeish you paid thieves to come rob you. thats a good one

  10. nani huyo?

  11. I don't see any news here! Whore F#ck for money, not for the love of it....and Va&inas Hurt, so why not take shortcuts????

  12. Kwani hakujua hawa Malaya ni wakikuyu!!!

  13. The prostitutes were: Atieno, Anyango, Adhiambo and Auma..........ni ma neighbours wetu

  14. A governor is not a special person, he's just another male prostitute, too smart to convince ppl to vote him into a public office and make his life more easier to live period. Wanjinga ndio waliwao, look @ kiambu county fights, fights and more fights every other day just 3 months, good evidence, na wengine ni celebrated Gospel artists, shame on them, Kenyans will never learn, NKT! I like the way ppl use churh, gospel music, acting etc to make a name then jump to fame and then abandon all in the name of fame and making riches, bona watu hawatosheki? Even so called pastors.

  15. These kikuyu prostitutes are all over. By the way i thot they were full of jiggers too, ni mjinga gani huyo huwaendea, must be another kikuyu, wamezoea kuhandle jiggers.

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