30 women drive out PROSTITUTES because they STEAL their husbands in Nyeri

Tuesday 16th July 2013 - Women in Nyeri are not a happy lot after prostitutes from Meru and Embu invaded the town and stole their husbands.

The more than 30 women led by Priscilla Wanjira are accusing commercial sex workers of snatching away their husbands leaving them in the cold and lonely on their matrimonial beds.

The angry women have now planned an operation termed as ‘kurudisha mabwana’ aimed at driving the twilight girls away and return their husbands home.

Speaking to the media, one of the victims said that the prostitutes have rented rooms in lodgings and start their work as early as 8am. This makes their husbands stay out both day and night.

The prostitutes charged as low as Sh 50 and this has lured even primary school kids who are on strike because they can afford. The secondary students are not spared as the prostitutes prefer them because they are young and full of energy.

The women have expressed their concern and want Nyeri Governor, Nderitu Gachagua, and police officers to take the necessary steps to end the threat and help them have their husbands back.

They have appealed to the Governor to order the closure of brothels because they also enhance the spread of HIV and AIDS.

On the other hand, the men say that they enjoy their services because they feel comforted different from their homes where they receive hostile treatment.


12 comments for 30 women drive out PROSTITUTES because they STEAL their husbands in Nyeri

  1. Ndio huchapwa

  2. Ni nini mbaya na hizi Okuche

  3. Mgikuyu hata kazi kidogo kama kutomba bibi hawezi. lakini mpe NGOMbe...Kwanza akipewa punda anamfunga mguu na nyororo

  4. nyeri is the best place to take tourists in kenya nowadays.they will see all kinds of kenyan species.
    James Juma MKU Thika

  5. We claim that we have the tyrany of numbers and are proud of it. Are we cursed? Our men fuck cows, our women fuck with dogs, etc etc it is crazy.

  6. ukuyo na mtombo. guma kila siku. Uhuru anatomba hata mbwa akilewa. wololo!! state house inatombwa.

  7. tabia za wasapera zinaaisha taifa kilasiku

  8. Wao wanajua kazi ya kuchapa mambwana badala ya kufanya kazi yao ya kupanua miguu, let them learn the hard way.

  9. How do you stay in a house where you're beaten and disrespected? Those girls are doing a good job of comforting the poor husbands, tit for tat, now they've known the cost of mistreating husbands. Husbands are heads, poor or rich, shika wako vizuri, atakaa home muonyeshe madharau, anangojewa na wengi.

  10. No prostitute can steal someones husband.Its the women who have permmited this act based on the fact that they have neglected their marital duties to their husbands

  11. nyeri hawa entertain nonesenses!

  12. Wameru ??

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