PHOTO!! S*X in BBA – The Chase - Ethiopia’s BETTY and Sierra Leon’s BOLT had S*X

Tuesday, June 04, 2013 – Since the launch 8 days ago, no Big Brother – The Chase contestant has been daring enough to have s*x in the house apart from a few lip locking.

However, Ethiopia’s Betty and Sierra Leon’s Bolt have set the record by being the first couple to have s*x or exactly what did they do last night? According to the photo above the two had a good time together.

Remember, Kenyan contestant Ann Mbaru has had a fling with each of the two and in fact Betty had somehow fallen in love with Ann.


38 comments for PHOTO!! S*X in BBA – The Chase - Ethiopia’s BETTY and Sierra Leon’s BOLT had S*X

  1. jesus christ this is sodom and gomora


  3. This BBA thing showld be banned.

    Ni tabia gani hizo they are encouraging. The world is coming to an end. My goodness!!!!

  4. Ethiopian pussy.i dream of it

  5. What is BBA all about? exposing sexual act in a certain African country? can somebody explain original version of these? rather than SODOM & COMORA in the house.

  6. Did he even use cd?

  7. Judgement day is very soon....,

  8. Dat is part of d game,remember it can only happen wen u want it,pple go 2 bb house and come back without having sex,so wat are we saying?betty is not strong enof 2 hold herself,its a shame

  9. ABOMINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. big brother has become open sin. God have mercy upon this world its trend is so destructive.

  12. Hey guys relax I have enjoyed ethiopian pussy its not that sweet as the kenyan one, kenyan ladies are way better than them i work in ethiopia and i always miss the kenyan ladies bigtym ethiopian pussy is very easy to get and its only the beauty the rest Kenyan women still rule

  13. Kuna mitu haiwezi vusha siku mbili bila kuipa nafsi kitu inapenda. Wafanyeje zaidi yakuchapa ilale?

  14. NOW WHAT'S THIS?????????????????????????


  15. do they get tested wth stds n aids cos this is serious

  16. BIG BROTHEL AFRICA.What value is this adding yuck!!

  17. What is it all about BBA? Prostitution or what? This is painting a bad image on Africa as a whole. Let it be abolished for good. Oh God! Worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

  18. do you have the link to the video??

  19. The last days are evil. We even have the clergy here not saying anything against this show. Very sad. Have our morals degraded this far?

  20. BETTY, i'm quite sure u're a whore in Ethopia, sex in the open like dis, i'm votx u out.

  21. Shame on yuh BIG BROTHEL AFRICA! THE ORGANIZERS! SPONSORS! woe unto yuh wat yuh a broadcast! woe unto yuh! wen yuh a began broacasting dis ting back den twaz an inspirational ting, talent grooming and not wat yuh a broadcast now. Who a yuh wan employ dis sex animols? tel i man who a employ yuh?! we no wan scenes like dis in africa pon di tv...woe unto dem BIG BROTHEL organizers! som ting gone bad in a yah mind, all a yuh!

  22. its very shameful and it shows aw backwardness we are as africans cant we win that prize without shaming ourself or is it the fun for the organizers to enjoy those porns n even nudity of the boys n girs,am yet to knw the real meaning of this programme

  23. now am worried what is BBA main agenda

  24. their sex was quite entertaining. That was man and woman really enjoying themselves as Bolt entered her in the starfish position. The way he was banging her was beautiful. I think we have not seen the last of these two in the sack.

  25. I hv a vid of these 2 couplse frm big brother the chase bolt nd betty if u need jc invite me 22B2DD9F

  26. Shame! Shame! Shame!!! Betty you are simply idiot! Don't ever say 'I am an Ethiopian' and of course you will not be fool to try to come to Ethiopia! This is a holy land and land of heroines not bitches!

  27. betty wt a fkn cunt she is disgrace to all ethiopian people including me . we ethiopians have strong culture along with strong religious believes betty trow it all away to get famous or money . fkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk u bettty u r not ethiopian u r a bitch . i am ashamed to call ur name as ethiopian . again fkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk u asshole

  28. Having sex with the one you love is a common natural phenomenon!!!!!!!!!!, what is new with Betty and bolt? even me and you could do this?

  29. @zewdu go to hell is what I can say . We are not animals we are humans with a brain in our skull. This doesnot have been in western countries let alone in Ethiopia. Do you know what Morale and Value means . Maferia hula!

  30. Poor girl she most likely did not realise that the camera can see in the dark. The shock when she finally realises. She will also be the first person to commit suicide on big brother Africa. Poor little ignorant girl. Typical ethiopian ignorance. They all still live in the 19th century. Pray all for ignorance.

  31. biaaatch!!!!

  32. Perfectly put!

  33. what the hell is this?ru sure that ur from ethiopia?i reall don't belive this,u don't ve to go back there and be a bad example to those kids that u theach them,u r just.......

  34. I am not Ethiopian but am surprised how Ethiopians are getting shocked of this. You mean you don't know how loose Ethiopian women are. The whole world knows Ethiopian women are easy. Ethiopians brag about religion but there is nothing religious about them, Ethiopian women are actually a huge problem and a shame for African culture. Go to any big city and Ethiopian women are waiting for man to get fucked and paid.

  35. Was betty very drunk or what is she pretending to show us afro cinema?

  36. Ethopians? I cant believe it. Only 3 days???

  37. Love is blind.

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