OFFICIAL: UHURU KENYATTA to visit RUSSIA, CHINA and JAPAN as Obama tours Tanzania

Monday June 24, 2013 - President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to start a 3 week official tour to Russia, China and Japan as US President Barrack Obama visits Tanzania.

The President’s trip that is slated to start later this week is seen by political pundits as a tough message to the US that he is facing East.

Uhuru is scheduled to leave Nairobi this week to Moscow, Russia before heading to Beijing, China and end his trip in Tokyo, Japan.

President Uhuru will be in China on the day that Obama will be in Tanzania.

Uhuru’s insiders said the Head of State wants to underscore the importance of Eastern Countries in his economic development agenda.

While in Russia, the President is expected to tour arms factories that manufacture sophisticated war planes and later meet Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

In Japan, Uhuru will meet Japan Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe and in China, Uhuru will meet President Xi Jinping where he will sign contracts with a number of companies which have expressed interest in investing in Kenya.


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  1. kuddos sir , that the way boss. keep on keeping

  2. Before it was said he was to visit Uganda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kudos our Prezo. We will see who will suffer the 'consequences'. To hell with the 'holy' Americans

  4. sasa jaluos na wazungu wao si wameze wembe?

  5. Always look forward, when one door shuts two are opened. Let us determine our own destiny.

  6. Can i Come ?


  8. tit for tat

  9. I for one (a luo by the way, this aint tribal) am for Kenya standing tall. While it's good that we're looking to the east and depending less and less on the west (who are hypocritical. When they preach to Africans abt democracy, why not the same with e.g. China, who have a dictatorial regime?), we shouldn't get soo dependent on China. We should only get the best 4 ourselves,if possible play both sides against themselves. And to my fellow Kenyans, wachana na Obama/US/the West obsession. They don't matter. Na Anonymous 4:17, what the fuck has this got to do with us? Screw u scumbag.

  10. NKT..........

  11. Now, that's my PREZZO !! Busy working for our nation. And I pray for your safety, for your enemies will not stop at anything. God is in control.

  12. Obama in TZ the son of Jomo in China! Keep on climbing the ladder Obama will retire in 3 yrs time while u stil have 10 more yrs

  13. The truth is that Uhuru is ashamed for Obama to be in TZ and even meet Raila when he is in Kenya. So he must force a trip very far away !!!! Aibu Aibu !!!!! Ruto will be in Nyeri being crowned king of kikuyu for propelling Uhuru to power by stealing more votes of Kales in favour of him


  15. The only thing worrying about Uhuru's visit is the tour of the arms factory, is he preparing us for war, are we about to sell oil in exchange for weapons, a terrible message indeed. How may african countries have sacrificed their people in the name of oil.

  16. Gud, takeaway money to east while US takes in money to TZ


  18. @anonymous 4:37ati uhuru 10 yrs.hawezi make.i promise you.TEN YEARS MY ASS

  19. He will be meeting his counterparts, PRESIDENTS yawa. Need I say,ndonge

  20. Anonymous 4:32 I agree with u completely n remember that 4:17 scumbag fool put that soliciting for our usual negative stereotypical reaction (I'm Kyuk btw) but it's up to us intelligent Kenyans to see That manipulative intention for what it is, treat it with the disgust it deserves and engage in Actual developmental discussion. It's important to note that the"Author" of 4:17 could easily come from either side because it's meant to serve the same purpose n that's generate tribal hate.

  21. Thank president sir. You are our president Obama is not so mean more than him to us.

  22. actually he resembles museveni abit

  23. Ndio baba.tuko kimoja.10yrs state house .show them.To hell with US.Hahahahaa....I feel good to be a Kenyan.


  25. You will soon be history! You can run east, west, south, and north, but the outcome is already determined. China and Russia supported the likes of Sadam, Hugo Chavez, Gadaffi who thought they were heroes-but when the day came those who adulated them were nowhere to be seen. Down south -Mugabe is one of their best friends-but look at Zimbabwe! Anyways, safe trip!

  26. These two will have to meet at some point.I do not read much in Obama being in TZ and Uhuru going to China.I support my president in wherever he wants to go for the good of my country.

  27. Well, the US, UK and EU have openly shown they preferred someone else. And have continued to show they don't like him. Do they expect him to go begging? Hell No! He'll go to the people who want to work with him.

  28. Keep spending taxpayers money with massage jet .He has nothing to offer. His pple are full of jiggers n no shoes. Do sthing to them first. we don't even recognize you. Inflation in waiting. Kenyans tighten your belts.


  30. that is the way to go, life without USA , we aint missing anything


  32. Thats the way to go Mr President. This Obama Administration think they have a right to hate and dictate, hating Kenyan Leaders has consequencies.

  33. Who cares where he goes. He is just ashamed he stole elections and the big boy will be next door...and he cannot face it that the real democracy representative will be around

  34. wonders will never end!!!!!!

  35. We need to grow up fellow Kenyans. The fact that you a luo, or kyuk doesnt justify looking down upon another tribe. Whether you voted for RAO or Uk doesnt put food on your table. Wake up

  36. The world is not flat. Uhuru fanya kazi yako. Sisi tuko nyuma yako. Mimi nimesema.

  37. Ati the jangos are talking of the "consequences of Obama failing to land in Kenya"......Its as though Obama is Jesus christ to them

  38. Anon 04:17, I voted for Jubilee but your comment is pathetic.

  39. kazi imeanza to hell with the stiking fucking american n westners

  40. Professor Makau here we come!Uhuru/Ruto are the new kids in the block.Watch the chess board and see how smart move are made.

  41. That's cute your Excellency! Keep it up

  42. Maina Muraguri

    Bravo President Uhuru. Way to go. Having Kenya at Heart for the benefit of Kenyans.
    Thank you and May Almighty God's wisdom and guidance lead you all the way.
    Tre Bien.

  43. Even Biblically, the wise men came from the East to tell the mystery of Christ. So going east first and then west later but as the saying goes, after all this, home is best and the answer to all our need is within us.

  44. These Americans are not genuine Friends. We were bombed for associating with them, and the best they did was to issue travell advisory to their citizens.
    when they were bombed we never issued travel advisories to our people. Now they have hurt our Economy and they want to scoop the little that is left. To hell.

  45. kodos my prezo the annointed one God protection and favour is ur portion i declare it in Jesus name. Kenyans we need to open ur eyes wide is this USA ur God? Never never when God laded from heaven he come to Africa am happy to be an African. So lets 4get about the mzungu they likes just to use us like a tissue paper period

  46. You go and promote Tea, Coffee, Potatoes and Miraa.,for GEMA products

    Oil and Gas is in Siaya, Turkana, and Coast
    All minerals are in WESTERN, COAST AND KITUI

    Kwani which minerals and natural resources are there in GEMA lands??? CORD..OBAMA for CORD,

  47. Why this article? Any the attitude like you are hurt that Obama is not coming and as a result you are certainly SO BUSY TOO? Finally Who really cares Uhuru? Just do your thing. Go ahead and do you little tours . And why even drag Obama into this? You seem to want his attention just like a little child with "LOOK @ ME' Syndrome.

    SHUT UP and do your thing. Let the results speck volume and maybe respect until then just shut up please. Stop puckering like some annoying birds with NOTHING happening. Am sure Obama is just doing his thing and you don't constantly hear him going on and on about how and am doing this and that, am signing this, touring this.

    Uhuru It's your job, it is expected; don't waste our time with all this talk. its should not be something new and foreign to you.. JUST DO IT! and leave Obama out of it. If you decide to go with the East .... please quietly proceed; the west is not begging for your return. Go on to your NEW Master if you SuRELY must always have one instead of focusing on self reliance.


  49. You thing the devil you don't know will be better than the one you know; please enlighten us of a country aligned to China that is doing remarkably?

    China can not even take care of their over blast population. They need land and jobs to spread out to; they need resources for their industries.

    Lets watch carefully who we sign up with. Not siding is BEST with neither west or East. Unite among ourselves and side with ourselves as Kenyans.

    No one but us !

  50. Why bring Obama into this Kenyans?

  51. Why are we run to a Master always Kenyans? Now to China we go like little LOST puppies. Do you think they care? If the west does not care why do you think the East is any better.

    Why not use this opportunity to focus and make ourselves something. Take heel of how south Africa become very self reliant when they were banned from internationally due to apartheid.

  52. Is this sadness for Kenya (Obama not coming home)? leave Obama alone if you don't care. I see No article in the west going on talking about your mighty uhuru and what he is doing. Why pay him (the west) any attention?

  53. Obama would wish to get Uhuru's appointments. Those are the people that matter right now. China, India, Japan and Russia.. Obama looks like he is ashamed of his roots. He recently shed tears on national television saying that he missed his father. Could this be payback time to Kenyans for the difficult childhood and absentee dad ? Also the half brothers/sisters can marr his visit and beter be kept under wrapps. ICC is as good an excuse as any.

  54. short sightedness can make you think stupid things.

  55. once you deep your fingers in shit it will always smell of shit no matter how far you try to move from the shit. Running East West or wherever will not change a thing. Sit and wash your fingers Mr. President!!

  56. Focus on ourselves Kenyans and stop acting like some attention loving kids! surely you think your alignment with East or West will certainly make miracles? Yet we can not work together as Kenyans.

    The west is not paying attention (to this childishness) so go on uhuru (point made! You hate the West and like the East) Please don't the door hit you on your way out.

    Many countries have done this move and you are neither the first or last. Just give us results uhuru with a lot Less talk and ACtion instead.

  57. sounds like uhuru is begging for Obama attention. what a disconnect article. Cry baby Kenyans looking for attention!

  58. Good move. Its time we also do business with these great & friendly countries.With a population of 2 billion if we get market for our tea & coffee will kick poverty good bye for good.

  59. What is wrong with your president's eyes? May be he needs an optician.

  60. Let us look at how this history will pan-out. In 1969, Kenyatta machinery used propaganda to paint Jaramogi Odinga as a communist and working with the Russians.

    Being identified as a communist and being abused left and right, like the way people from the mountain are doing today, The new question is, Who is the real communist? The new Kenyatta or the New Odinga?

    I hope that, the CIA and other secrete operatives (Scotland Yard, Mozad etc), will put in place the correct mechanisms to deal with today's real communist of who is mis-aligning the Kenyan republic.

  61. Go beg the Chinese, we need money for teachers.

  62. Russia cannt help in anyway. lets stop playing with american, they will fix us. Have u ever heard of any country outside china, learning their culture?china wont help at all.

  63. Tour arms factory... is this trade or spending spree?

  64. God Bless.Keep Well.

  65. I like it.

  66. Now we are talking. This Maina Kiai ukoloni nonsense is exactly that.

  67. Now the Americans think that they by Obama's visit will change the steadfastness and determination to make Kenya succeed. I like this new found confidence after all we don't buy oxygen from USA. Kudo's Mr. President. Let them ridicule you and put roadblocks on your path but you have defeated them once and the second time is coming and we shall see who will be wearing a long face and nonsensical answers as justification or omissions and emissions of their foreign policy.

  68. This is what we called misplaced priorities.The ICC indictee is on a luxury visit to the East while the common mwananchi is suffering.Instead of addressing Teachers strike issue...he is running away from problems at home.Choices have consequences.....mwananchi feeling the heat

  69. The new communist

  70. Obama will retire in 3 years true but from where do you get 10 years if there is democracy in Kenya? Whoever will come after Obama may be a freind of crimes againt humanity!

  71. i wonder u should spend alot of time here trying to think kenya is begging for attention, i wonder if come 5yrs from you'll still be thinkin gthat kenya is begging for noise makers look at the economies kenya has aligned itself to partner with, japan,china and russia. countries that have learnt from their past and now have grown big. please the latest report on the strongest economies and what they doing and you'll run away from US. by the way, there will be no such things as "US superpower"5yrs down the line.


  73. wakenya hamchoki..obama this obama that......LOL na America wanaendelea making big contracts with EU n other rich countries....we must be silly

  74. obama to hell if u were in kenya ud b a petty fisherman in lake victoria or a pickpocketer in kibera. Kenyans neva wil n neva needs u white man!

  75. You sound something very meaningful

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