Kiss 100’s CAROLINE MUTOKO goes back to school……..HARVARD University

Monday, June 03, 2013 – Wondering where Kiss 100’s radio queen Caroline Mutoko is? Well the iron lady has gone back to school.

Apparently Mutoko enrolled for a leadership program which will take her a few days at Harvard Business School.

Below was her update informing her fans:

Landed in Boston on Friday at mid-day and first off I'd like to send a big shout out to KQ and their sky alliance partner Delta, for making the journey amazingly bearable. Hey, even my luggage arrived. I checked through to Boston from JKIA and my bag followed me.
Asante sana KQ

I also need to say a big thank you to the Consular section at the US Embassy for putting up with me. You've got to admire the way they sit back and make you go through the process but gladly keep pointing out where you go wrong and make you do it right. Eishhh. We're not doing this again. Huku si rudi.

Anyhoo, I've had a chance to sleep, walk around alittle and even meet afew great people. The weather is amazing and I have to be honest that I'm as fired up for the next few days in school as I am nervous.

It's 10:41am here and I'm-due at mass at 11am. Church is a 5min walk from here.

Miss you madly - look after yourself. Kisses.


17 comments for Kiss 100’s CAROLINE MUTOKO goes back to school……..HARVARD University

  1. kudos Carol

  2. Iron lady? Eish.. labda wa huko kwenye ameenda.

  3. vigour na viagra nayo

  4. thats nice lakini asirudi kusema ako na PhD kama Bishop Maggie after only 2 weeks of training.

  5. Using the dollars from Kilonzo park pap!!!! She can now use them

  6. mwizi

  7. Makau Mutu can take her they perfefectly match up!
    still in the closet sleeping their way this way and that?

    May be if they keep off viagra and Kamuti ka kukumanga may be they can produce future politician to Replace mulu mutisya, aka kalonso na kilonso ....
    These two reveal why wakanesa aka mwkamba ni kilimo cha mgikuyu..

  8. It is a leadership course...can run from 4 days to 3 months.Those are like taking company course...just Tyrabanks did the same.

  9. Why not do it online? This is Digital age sis, even some of our Diaspora pastors get theirs online... Its laughable how third world rated mind works

  10. U r going.. so what? You aint the first one.

  11. Ngumbaru!!!

  12. We do ours online my dear, so no big deal!

  13. Online pap n it's cheaper n we don't tweet about it,so what's the big deal here?so this seems like a leadership course in Viagra

  14. Running away from embarrassments. pole dada. leadership takes only 3 months, why wasting the cents from the former S*n***r.

  15. Why be bitter with someone who is making great progress in her life? It doesn't matter if the leadership course is 1day of 3months, the fact is she is doing what she wants. And if you are having your course online coz of lack of money thats your own problem. She can afford to pay for her tuition and whatever she needs to stay there....Mezeni wembe you haters and continue taking third rate degrees online while you form on your mouths when you see another person progress to greater heights! The more you hate, the more she flies.....Go Caro, you are such a role model to many...May God continue to bless you abandantly and may your enermies see you soaring higher while they seeth in rage...

  16. Nonsense eti role model to who now??? Sio kwakuu mara wengine hatujui. She's not n cannot be a role model.

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