Friday, June 14, 2013 - Award winning artist of the Taunet Nelel fame, Emmy Kosgei, is planning to walk down the aisle in September this year but the star has shied away from confirming the rumor.

According to the rumor mill, Emmy has been engaged to her lover for quite some time now and they feel it is just that time to settle down. Plans for their wedding are on their final stages, according to a source.

Sources further revealed that the wedding although a closed door affair will be held on the second Saturday of September.


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  1. Afadhali,when the public is wondering who your husband is, they begin to mention suitors and you look like the second,third fourth or fifth wife of another person.

  2. you are lucky to have been found/seen. Thank God. In my upper 30's and still waiting.

  3. all da best EMMY.

  4. May God bless u all thru preparations for the big day.

  5. Help me out here,her wedding how do is it concern the readers?

  6. I thought she was dating Ruto?!

  7. awachilie ruto sasa cz ako na kale ka masaai ka kbc comp ni kali

  8. Anon 04:16 ona pastor akupatie first seed! LOL

  9. Hey I wanna know more about u

  10. Anony 04:16 pliz post ur contact am ready to rescue u.

  11. Woow..congratulations emmy if God has done it for you me to His gonna do it for me too,stil in my early 30s.

  12. Thanks for your decision , all the best for you

  13. all the very best EmmyK

  14. ..He is a recent widower,..a father of three... not Kenyan....televangelist...

  15. We pray for you child of God, afadhali God knows how to silence dirt on men & women of God

  16. Apostle Anselm Madubuko-of Nigeria. The dude she has been dating even when wife was alive. These saved people, fake

  17. Please say the things you are sure of. Who told you he was dating her even when his wife was alive? Mind your own business and leave other people alone.

  18. Dats a recent widower tiz means dat they hav bin datng b4 n after his wife died... maxe.

  19. This takes my breath away.I love Apostle Anslem Madubouko dearly and he has finished me up emotionally to choose Kenya and Emmy for a wife.I feel so happy for both of them and this is the best wedding I have heard of in my life.I want to attend it and eat the cake.I hope Apostle will give Kenya the priviledge to see his wedding.
    Am just breathless.
    Apostle is lopved in Kenya and he knows that.He has just reciprocated the big love Kenyan church has for him.
    Congratulations to Emmy and wow,God will use her more in her new devine assignment.

  20. Its unfortunate that he's a recent widower...could be true that they began dating before his wife died; but it doesnt mean that saved people are's about Emmy and the apostle being fake.I'm saved and I cant imagine of doing such a thing.

  21. Congratulations Emmy I am very happy for you. May you and Apostle be truly blessed together with your families. I am not able to attend the wedding. Could it be featured on Wedding Show?

  22. Wht God plans to put together, let no man put assunder.Emmy,ingoberurin Kiptaiyat en noton kogocham muguleldo.Kindly register to feature it on wedding show. Be blessed dear.

  23. If its the will of God let it happen, all the Best.

  24. that is not LOVE' instead it is lust and desire for wealth.How can you really date someone when his wife was still alive'. Ushindwe'and remeber nothing comes easy and free maybe you will pay for it dearly. Do you really know the source of his wealth???? anyway all that glitters is not gold. Think twice.

  25. Its better not to condemn without facts, let the good Lord bless them as they plan, only time will tell but if its God's will it will withstand the tides and criticism of the time, ALL the BEST

  26. Sometimes I wonder but God is God of justice

  27. good luck

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