Citizen TV’s LILLIAN MULI has separated with her HUSBAND

Friday, June 21, 2013 – Word on the street has it that Citizen TV’s sultry news anchor, Lillian Muli, has parted ways with her husband Kanene after years of turmoil and physical abuse.

According to tech blogger, Robert Alai, Lillian is in the process of changing her names in some of her documents which bore her husband’s name Kanene. Apparently she has already changed her DSTV subscription name from Kanene to Muli.

It is still not clear what has led to the break up but there have been talks that she was in an abusive relationship and last year there was a ........ (For another day).

Below is Alai’s tweet:

Robert Alai @RobertAlai
CREDIBLE SOURCE: Lilian Muli separated from Kanene. She is changing most of co-owned stuff into her name. DSTV already changed.


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  1. uhondo kweli...hehehe. Bring on the Ndrama!

  2. Go Gal you owe it to yorself. You are strong if you can say no to abuse. Our prayers you deserve the best

  3. I am not surprised at all. was in Daystar uni with this lady en i hv never thought of her as wife material

  4. neva mind, she is just a normal kenyan lady if nt celeb.

  5. that is her personal life, why get involved?

  6. People must continue to pray for their marriage.Satan is out there to bring shame to the people of God!!

  7. let her devorve him am very much ready for her.atlist this is an oppotunity for me av been yarning for her.


  9. leave Lilian alone - if she decides to quit - she can do so freely - its her life - the best thing is for her to be happy - the rest is nonsense Get Updates from My Business Tricks

  10. move on please lady it is your time

  11. I just hope its my answered prayer. You know how much I have always longed for you baibe Lilian since those days. Come baby come!

  12. marrying and divorcing is no news, news is when in Mombasa a white man dog marries 13 wives, and in Kawangware, a Bitch suckles two human kids dumped by their mother.

  13. Go for love plus money is good. But don't go for money only unless...........

  14. She was being banged let right and centre by Kirubi et al. If it was an abusive relationship, I am sure as hell she was the abuser

  15. because she is a so called ''public figure''

  16. what was the need of expensive wedding

  17. who lied to you, she could actually be the problem

  18. ....thats not news!

  19. Pole.....



  22. why is she abusing her husband???

  23. Pole Lillian. May God give you strength to go through this. We love you.

  24. What is the big deal? You people stop engaging in 'Schadenfreude'.

  25. Dear Lillian Muli, I hope you will read my message to you. I do not know the truth of what is happening in your life but if your marriage is broken because of abuse my advice is that YES you need to leave before it gets worse. I am separated too because of abuse in my marriage. It was a difficult choice because i loved my husband and believed with support my husband will change. I tried to be there for him in every possible way and each day it got worse i have been strangled, i have almost been run over with a car, my car has been bumped with his car, i have been threatened with a panga, i have been locked in a room and threatened to be killed, ive been told am lucky to be alive and lastly i left when one evening my husband came home and out of the blues he came after me with blows and kicks, he wanted to burn the house... I screamed for help and neighbours came to my rescue....please dont let it get worse, the guy might kill you. You do not deserve to live in fear, you do not deserve to fight with a man who is supposed to take care of you, the trauma will lower your self esteem yet you are in competitive world where performance matters. It will be very painful to walk away, you may feel like a looser but remember time will heal and lean on God for he has a good plan for your life. Please do not let this situation change you to the worst let this be a time to move positively forward. Remember the guy will still come after you with apologies in my case he was pretending and doing worse things without my knowledge ( string of other women ...risk of STIs, HIV, more abuse) as he pretended to have changed.I think this type of people are psycopaths because they are intelligent, very calculated and are achievers no one would believe they can touch a fly they know how to conceal and frame you to be the wrong one. I would like to know how other women are coping with abuse from a loved one.

  26. Could someone (idle & demented)please introduce the tribal angle to this?

  27. Leave lilian alone am sure who have the hrs to talk about her decision are even worse nobody has the right to judge anybody only shut up and find something constructive to do....and stop dwelling on rumours to ruin somebodys name

  28. Oh! My God Can someone give me that stranded man i will hold him tightly n Life continuous.

  29. She was never wife material afterall.

  30. And here i am..breaking my back ...up on my knees trusting God for a husband to cherish,submit and treasure and love all the days of my life.. Lucky you!

  31. if a man beats u once, those are too many times.. go gal go. am on your side

  32. follow your heart gal! You might live to regret!

  33. Women empowerment they call it. To hell

  34. nataka kumwoa al handle her like a baby come bby come

  35. its quite unfortunate thing but sincerely and honestly speaking,its quite difficult to manage a woman who is highly exposed like her,who meets so many people and changes countries like cloths and at the same time you expect her to manage her family,offcouse not all but majority succumb to this kind of trap that leads to devource,do your research and you will be amazed why so many in that industry are devourcee....the leading industry,hotel industry,law,police and medics(nurses)they all have one characteristics,exposure to so many kinds of people,travels alot,work structure is different with night shifts and lots and lots of travelling to some.

  36. if u looked keener u would have seen the REAL GUY u missed for such a man!

  37. By default, there are families whose marriages' never works. Be it wo/men!!

  38. Anonymous 4:05 i do not agree with your opinion when you meet your partner they know your profession they know your schedule. Your job is for the benefit of the family!!!! you can plan, you have to be both flexible otherwise it means your not committed to your vows!!!!

  39. Lilian, every woman has a price on herself, dont waste yourlife, if he trully is abusive, take off before he kills you, men dont stop being violent, if anything, they upgrade, from a slap to a panga to your deathbed, he is not worthy your life, yu are better of with a matatu driver who appreciates you, than with a "kris kirubi" whom you tolerate......good luck....

  40. my dear lilian come to me baby come baby come.

  41. Hio kuma imechapa miles kibao.Even bring zack home has nothin on it. Uliza watu wa Daystar

  42. I notices she no longer has ha wedding ring on. I knew something was terribly wrong. Pole sana. Wanaume wa siku hizi wako hivo. Wivu nayo??/

  43. This is not a big story, almost all Kenyan women are like her and at some point are destined for separation

  44. pole Sana Lillian


  46. Sisi wanaume ni wale wale . If don't behave well we shall kick out too. Make that guys and obey him sincerely. Forget your figure. Kwani -------

  47. Pole lilian, mambo ni kangaja vile yamekuja ama yako njiani take heart dear and make a decision ukufikira wewe na mtoto dada.

  48. I loved u Lilian and I loved watching u anchor news but now i have changed my mind coz u haven't used the slogan 'Strength of a woman' to maintain ua marriage and keep the promise for better for worse.

  49. u listen to too much of classic, who told u being single is fun. stop crying foul en start workn on your marriage

  50. the fringe bang that denotes her forehead is because of a permanent scar that is for life

  51. anony 3:43; your prayers almost answered....; keep the faith

  52. Am LMAO at this ppl getting sentimental. Shes fucking everyone in nairobi ur wasting ur advices. She wants to have fun. Let her have fun.

  53. Hello Lilian thanks for the big step pls pls don't stay in an abusive marriage my mum has been through that for the last 30 yrs. .on and off
    Until the so called husband broke her leg with a panga she's now down with so much pain ..and the leg has been very expensive and many visit to matter hospital
    We are glad she has finally decided to give up .don't listen to what people will say ,listen to your heart and move on

  54. lillian ndo amekua akichapa bwanake mimi ni neiba wao.huyo bwana kulia analianga heh!afadhali waachane tumtafutie bibi momo ule hajui kutupa teke kama lillian!thooo!!!

  55. am sure majority of those commenting are not even married, they dnt even knw what entails marriage, Dear Lilian that was the best choice, uve got your children n they really need you. Thank God you left before the headlines read "TOP ANCHOR BUTTERED BY HUSBAND" We love u Lilian. n keep praying to God because his love is ever sufficient.

  56. If that's what gives u peace then go ahead.

  57. Lilian. Please give me that husi of yours and come back after one year. I need a man who require my attention and he will get it in totality. Na hii era ya ukimwi. Lilian don't try God.

  58. Work hard to rescue your marriage no matter what. We me will just wait for you and fuck you left and right an at the end you will find that your husband was not after all bad. But if beats you tells him to be a man, on that I disagree with him. But I know the secret. You are too busy on TV to give him really good sex. I know that is the only issue.

  59. I wish you know how terrible men will be waiting for to make that silly mistake on your marriage. They will use you badly and finally tell you that no wonder your man could not stand you. The virtue of a good African woman is having a big heart. Otherwise, you shall go back looking for slim possible avenue.

  60. Anon 3:25 you are a godsend! It is wonderful to see a Kenyan who encourages another without being so judgmental. Lillian is the one who lives with her husband and she is the only one who knows why she has to leave. Let her be!!!!

  61. Any important news?

  62. Muli mwenyewe ni mlevi kupindukia, lakini akileta iyo ikus yange naweza itwanga mbaya sana.

  63. nasikia anapenda lungula sana lazima mr amejua ndio anajitetea

  64. Anon 3:38, she needs a kiuk.

  65. Thank God we can find pple like anonymous 3.25 here, kudos.Guys we arent angels and anything like that can get us, the issue is run for dear life when it comes.
    pls anonymous 3.25 we need to consult further, can inbox

  66. heard a rumour, she love doing it with women too, a lesbian hiding. come out of the closet Lillian

  67. Guys all kenyan ladies and Men ar loose ad if you are considering marrying be ready to share wth other men and other women! that may be the reason why they are separating..

    a piece of advise dont marry to please ur parent and get AIDS in the marriage life... Marriage is full of boredom.. u wil be tempted to cheat or divorce since u ar bored by ur partner. let embrace single life and share partners wisely using (CONDOMS).

  68. watched news yesterday and she still used KANENE?????????????????????????

  69. lilian wht is going on

  70. Well said nothing best than your write up. If no body talks about you then you are nobody. Let Lillian be. He who has not seen cast the first stone.

  71. but she is still using his name...

  72. Lillian, you know what you are undergoing. Pray hard and act accordingly. No need to hold on an abusive marriage and end up in a 6x6 grave coz of a human being who found you when already mature and over 18 yrs. Its better you leave him than kill him as Faith attempted to do to his husband.

  73. i knew it...she is toooo cute/sexy to be some dudes wife

  74. you mean they didnt last more that 3 year in that marriage...... i pity that guy he's a losser ...n us guyz how we craved for her b4 aget married...i think she's the sexiest woman ever to live

  75. let me send my application , me single

  76. I Love you Lillian i am praying for you despite what you have gone through you never have a stressed look on tv God is with you. If that man loves you he should never hit you thank God u are still alive.

  77. Anonymous
    23june2013 7-30

  78. Dude first of all you will have take fresh English lessons...

  79. Is it me or people skipped their spelling class in school. .. It is DIVORCE..

  80. Lilian i know you may not read this comment but for starters i am a Man,married but with issues just like many marriages yours included. Marriage is not a bed of roses and this is why you may find many a bride in a wedding crying because of uncertain future. As you enter marriage woe unto you if non of you is God fearing(xtian,muslim,hindu etc) because you will not be seeking refuge in a stronger deity when problems sets in. In marriage there is DREAM,DRAMA,DISCOVERY and DEPTH stages which couples must pass through irrespective of their financial capabilities.Before you decide marriage,get your expectations right( will i change my friends,will i continue drinking,change career,pursue futher education abroad courtesy of an ex,am i marrying for money,society,get over a bad r/ship?) Upon answering these questions and taking the step of faith into marriage then you will not be suprised when DREAMS part come to an end after honeymoon and boredorm sets in as you now get into DRAMA jostling for power and control,wondering why you married 'this ugly beast'. With understanding,children and religion this stage can quickly be surmounted and less acrimonious stages come of DISCOVERY then total peace of inDEPTH undestanding. Now,LILIAN stories abounds of you in college days at Daystar as a party animal and kind of hot where it matters(though i don't expect your hubby to raise issue about this since it was in the past);but how did you conduct yourself after marriage?Did you cheat with all those politicians,businessmen including Chris and Kuley effectivelly causing your husband pain? Has your hubby been unnecessarily violent? You are a public figure and we may not know if indeed you two have separated unless you go public like your KTN former colleague,but my advice from the foregoing is,that you do soul searching and if you cannot stand marriage with a child in question,make peace with your hubby and release him and just be friends for sake of child and move on;hoping that you are not the one who destroyed the marriage.

  81. A Kenyan women today should never stand abusive men.

  82. I have always admired watching her read the news but what has been happening during her trips out of the country must have made her hubby think twice. Almost all women are easily mesmerised by the powerful, the rich and the famous. Lilian Muli is no exception, I support her husband in divorcing her. She has been abusing her hubby, we hav eknown this for a long time.
    Go and live with those who has put assuder to your marriage. You will have to answer to your maker one day

  83. Its never too late to pick up the broken pieces.
    Start it all together with a sober mind.

  84. Mrembo sana ,labda tabia zake simeosha.wanaume atuna maneno.Aje kwangu nijaribu kama nitapata kasoro yeyote.Fucking style and others.

  85. My apologies to the couple if its true

  86. Lillian, no one is perfect, a baby learning to walk falls many times, but their future will never be defined by their childhood falls when they are old, because they never stayed down after the fall they stood up and wobbled themselves and learned to walk by themselves. your past failures will not define you unless you allow it. your campus life is in the past. I advice you both seek godly counsel from a person like Rev Kitoto. Don't allow flashy life style and class bring deception to you. I believe Mr Kanene needs some growing to do and you too. because you have loved enough to bring forth another human with your DNA. Let the man get some help and you too seek help.Please, Give it a chance,

  87. wakambodia na lungula.

  88. wakambodia na lungula.

  89. Well. Well. Well... Thats life. Statistics portray a gloomy picture in marriages today. For Lilian, a darling to many Kenyans who watch her on the screen, this is unfortunate. Marriages are however a union of totally different characters from different background and gender! If there was an abuse, then one does not need to stay in abusive marriage to prove to the world that he or she is a marriage material as some fellows are arguing. We all have our rights as human beings. When one is a celeb / anchor, there is alot of unrealistic expectation from people. ASt some point people expectthis person to be a superhuman being.

    Lilian and any other Kenyan does not have to be in abusive relationship to be human! Ploe Mrembo, its part of life. Kuteleza sio kuanguka pick up the crips and move on with life. There is more to life than marriages and making of children!

  90. but this gal is TOO pretty 2 be 'OWNED' by thats a good move!!!

  91. let her come to me...

  92. luv's a dangerous game, think twice b4 u mk a move

  93. Atanunuliwa mercedes benz mpya latest arudi tu kwa kanene.

  94. Separated FROM her husband not WITH her husband..this article in itself is bogus!.nkt.

  95. Men mature at age 43

  96. Men are always a whole 11 years less mature than women

  97. pole mummie,after all beta change

  98. 24 june 2013
    beta change

  99. Maajabu haya

  100. After being screwed by Chris u thot ur Hubby will sit and congratulate u. Ur just WHORE

  101. 24:6:2013 12:57

    Concerned Mom
    Lili: If its true take heart my Dear!!!!!!!!!

    Comforting words 4 u Dear!
    As we sail through life, don"t avoid storms and rough waters, just let it pass, always remember, calm seas never make skilful sailors. Seek God's guidance and our God is not a God of Confusion. All the best Lili and I love u so much.

  102. 70% of wedded marriage breaks, God help us.satan is busy destroying what YOU Initiated

  103. why all this comments do you think you will change anything?

  104. lillian is that story true i cant believe it

  105. Lilian pls dont waste ur time with such a loser,u r a great woman!leave and neva luk back someone like u needs a smart guy!

  106. Beauty belongs to God girls.
    Its time we realised that beauty does not belong to man or men.
    The worst thing a beautiful woman can do is to give her beauty to a human being because it will be destroyed through any formula that will be used.
    God loves to keep beautiful women just for Himself and His Glory.
    Consider a man who has not been commanded by God to look after you and you think of marrying him..

  107. Lilian, I love you forever. I will make you happy. Please email me on A great surprise, very pleasant awaits you. Doc

  108. If you were my wife, i could have showered you with LOVE which i am sure could have made you very comfortable. You may have all but Love is also important. Lilian take heart, if we were meant to meet, it will happen. Just believe in God. Just know someone LOVES you so much in secret.


  109. As a man I know such celebs as Lilian could cause a lot of insecurity as a wife. At times casual business talks or meetings could be interpreted as infidelity coz the man could see things in a more exaggerated way due to their insecurity. am sorry for what Lilian is going through but I would advice such women to keep on reassuring their husbands that they love them and are faithful and committed to them. On the part of men, we need to mature up and get over our insecurities. you cannot control a grown-up like a kid.

  110. The truth is one.
    Love is from God.
    And if a a man has not been commanded by God to take care of a woman then what the woman i doing is just entertaining the man all at her own peril..
    Its just best to rest with God and do away with some of these people.


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  112. That girl has been in and out of hospital over being beaten seriously. The guy is rough and brutal nyinyi hamjui she even used to deny the abuse in hosi but it was obvious. All these losers talking shit here dont know shit you are the people who make women get killed in abusive relationships coz you want women to suffer in silence. I am happy for her coz I know from the number of times she came to hospital with bruises she has tried. Dont even ask why she was being beaten I have handled such cases before and the abusers are just insecure and clinical. Women just cannot continue to suffer in silence coz they are public figures. Lilian please speak out on this issue u will help so many women out there I know it is hard but your story will save many.

  113. Haki ya mungu huyo dame lazima nimuoe! How can a man mistreat such a hot chick! Women I hope now u know! Wacheni kuolewa na wazee that girl got married too young come baby come sina pesa but we will live on yours and I will Love u mpaka uchizi

  114. Anonymous 00:59 dont bring your billshit and stupidity here! if they were caught having sex in their nairobi home, how comes its only the people of kirinyaga who knew about it? or maybe ur the sons galfriend!!!

  115. Dear Lilian Muli,

    You are an amazing woman. I say this as a former news anchor in one of our local stations.
    People dont know how hard it is to smile on the screen and pull a brave face when on the inside you are breaking apart.
    I applaude you sister. It was never easy for me when I had drama at home and am reading was all over my face (Remember Cynthia Nyamae) yea its real. we bare the shit
    Lilian I dnt know the real story here, but if you are a woman in an abusive marriage you should have walked out at the first slap! U dint have to stay to impress a society which gives no fuck about you.
    Above all, I admire you for your zeal in life. you look awesome, you are beautiful and you know your strengths in the media game! cant wait to follow you on slim possible you hot mama!
    I made a choice between media and family, I quit media and am a better person now and mother of one!
    Life begins at 30! Twende kazi sister!

  116. Love should be two way street, however much beautiful the wife is or handsome n rich the man is. Some people are just unlovable, however much you may try to make things work.



  119. RUBBISH


  121. i think some people were not meant for marriage.....its good someone big brain to research on this topic. why abuse a woman who cannot change or why marry a man whose hands like a karate trainer....Why are people introducing God in this issue,was he involved from the beggining of their coming together.
    First know people....then say God.....

  122. lady u r smart, if that creature dosn't appreciates u then iam very ready to have u as my 6 concubine, a luo man

  123. I know the Man, he has been complaining that the lady just wants anal sex and it smells sewerage.

  124. Am not surprised Kanene used to beat her up coz of her promiscuity.She couldnt get satisified even after being bought for a mercedes. She has been selling her body to the Mps and businessmen.Its a good thing she has decided to leave so that she can continue with her indiscretions. What else do we women want?

  125. Lilian I find you to be so beautiful and I can marry you instantly (as a mpango wa kado though). Mungatana also has interests so you are spoilt for choice!

  126. It only takes a real lady to say 'its over now'. In you,i realise what a real lady does.

  127. You are a fucking jealous fat whale of a whore a pathetic cunt who hates people you don't even know u will die a miserable lonely old cunt dont talk shit coz u are the shit

  128. All the people talking here do u realise we are making this woman such a star by caring about her shit! Kwani why is she such a big deal?

  129. A time comes when tough decisions must be made. Lillian, l wish you well. May the good Lord guide you. God bless you and your child(ren)

  130. u pple who are saying lilian is such anice gal,wacha zenu! huyu dem nimzii she is not a wife material plse!!! jst imagine alady smoking!! then outgoing like nonsence drinking with men!! lilian is th one abusing her husband gentlemen/ladies.kwani mtu akiwa news anchor ni malaika?? dirty woman leave ur husband alone ukajienjoy na maisha yako

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  134. Lilian, if you do not respect the office of a husband, and with your rooten FIDA ideologies and feminism, expect any defence treatment from a man. Its natural. Your story tells us that you do not respect men except chris who has money. Unless you change your mind setup you cant keep a man because there is none willing to be treated any less that the head whether he has money or not. Leaving this man for your silly arrogance will waste your life because emotionally and psychologically you will never divorce this man in your life. You better change and start treating him like a king and save your marriage like a wise woman. In fact today just go to him and kneel down before him because it is right to do so. If you thick its silly , do not say you were never told. If you deliberately regard him as superior than you and respect him he will stop abusing you. beleive me and try that. Wacha kichwa ngumu. No any other man will ever satisfy iyo kitu yako, only a proper husband at kame yuko na kadogo. He is your soul mate for life and you must accept that.

  135. People don't you have anything better than discuss Lilian's private and really personal matters? Let the fine lady have peace at this obviously difficult period in her life.


  137. What's the fuss all about....she's just another gal!

  138. Kitanda usichokilalia hujui kunguni wake!

  139. Peace and love to you Lilian ... forget negative comments. first hand i can tell you that its all about you dont let haters even for a second influence you feelings on your decision. They dont know what you have been through

  140. You are such an idiot. Did you see her being bought a mercedes? Why do you think only a man can buy for her? Doesn't she earn a salary? Don't talk crab you know nothing of coz you just exposed ya lack of facts . You are such a looser!!! Lillian you are more than cheap talk.

  141. You annalysis is full of crab. Ask yourself would a real man nit want to flaunt with her wife? That man must be a very complexed man. Lillian remember your move is the only guarantee to a better life.

  142. Your advice is biased and should be directed to the said Husband who turns a lady to a punching bag. What do you really know about Lillian? Where you got ya information about her and other people did you not see those same sources applogising for such false stories? Or are you saying your mind is so erraneous to accept falsehood and difficult to see there were no facts in mere slander? Get a life coz Lillian is a woman of substance and those of us opportuned to know her well don't mind when unworthy haters and cyber bullies like you rant like a wolf. Get a life and ya facts straight.

  143. Lillan remember majority of those writing and calling you these names are just your biggest fans. Their negativity is just a testimony of just how they wish they were in your place. Please note talk is cheap and those who matter in your life know the truth and that is the important thing. You are at peace with your mind. Your life is yours and not the society's. Haters get a life and note God is watching you when you talk such slanda and useless talks based on hear say. Get ya facts and don't hide behind anonymous to talk shit. At the end of the day Lillian will rise above all this cheap talk. To the blog owner , there is more news in kenya than this to keep all this idle haters abreast with. You all get a life.

  144. live a free lyf

  145. how i wish i could meet you lillian one on one n share with you....dont listen to the wicked points of pple , if it cant work dont force it....go gal....

  146. what kind of a man rises a blow to his wife...(flesh of his flesh)? a man who aint a man enaf

  147. Its interesting how some people who know so little about her are the ones who are most opinionated about her, some people just wait for an opportunity to tear someone into pieces, mark you, your day is coming, Lillian, all shall be well.

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  149. I wonder what FIDA has to do with all this.i wish people could take keen interest in knowing exactly what certain organizations do.Last i checked,i don't think FIDA goes knocking into people's houses,only those that need legal help approach it.Be informed!

  150. live your own life lilly i appreciate your option.

  151. Lilian is Muli not Kanene. My wife loves me but I have never thought of changing her name. I love the name of her father so I do not mind her retaining it.

  152. whats fucken wrong if she wants to live her life.all of the above dont know anything about her.

  153. Kenyan women bwana, so trouble some?so you guys find it normal for Lilian to have mpango wa kando and her hubby to smile over it?when shall we have good morals that depicts real christian doctrines. It is wrong for Lilian to have mpango wa kando if she is married. No wonder we have increasing number of single women in Kenya.

  154. Lilian, there is no need of changing your name ... even if you get married again. You are Lilian Muli.Period.

  155. mr kanene don,t worry you married for fame not to make a family and you gotit.these so called puplic figures can rarely be good wives or husbands wameharibikiwa

  156. Nairobi, Kenya – Police in Nairobi have arrested and placed in custody a manwho allegedly had sex with a pregnant sheep. The high-pitched bleat of the sheep in the night attracted the attention of a resident farmer who caught the Gido Kibukosya having sexual intercourse with the sheep tied to a tree. Gido told the police that while drinking with a friend he had been told that if he has sexual intercourse with an animal he would be cured of his venereal disease which had been disturbing him for a long time. He said that he had tried a dog and even a dead cat. The Police sent the animal to the Veterinary Services Department to ascertain the truth of the matter. The farmer was returning from his farm when he caught the man half naked and in the act with the sheep. Gido is a failed musician and producer and was also divorced by his wife.

  157. That hubby was born and schooled in Kawangware his mother was cooking changaa let him deny.

  158. Wanawake wengi wa Kenya wamearibika,hasa wale wameenda ngambo, wengi wameachana na mabwana zao. Kuiga kacha ya wangeni ndio sababu

  159. @ Anon. 02:55 u touched my heart, plz get back to me on

  160. in bet her hubby aint a kisii...she needs one to romp her a** hard

  161. she a b**ch for that matter....f**ck around baibe

  162. the fucking thing...she dogging her hubby...bitch

  163. welcome to the wild baibe....tukukung'ute kama miwa

  164. i hear she not only dirty upstare ....hata mwili, shower ni zii, she stinks ...maperfume nazo

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  166. Well said here.doesnt matter wat others say.abuse is abuse n never wasnt meant to b n im sure u tried ur best.a woman decision to get married is usually real but divorse cones afta circumstances unavoidable.stay well gal wish u well all shall b well u r a role model to many save ur life u r a star;a sistter,a dota,a mum,a pal colleque etc n impottant to many .live ur life n let the world do its justice.

  167. Damn can someone abuse u physically,gone are the days when their was increased cases of physical abuse.....go gal u deserve the best!

  168. Guys chase bi**ches 4 a single or 2 sewage holes they claim to own. Chics chase pigs for 1 small turning gay officially. Muli uv made me loose hope on marriage.if muli can't who can?!...nkt...

  169. Iwonder y u men r sympathising with this lady ! she is not a wife at material.she is more a prostitute than adaulterer

  170. Lilian please do not accept abuse. Leave him and do not go back.

    On another note, anyone noticed that she looks pregnant? i see a baby bump and a change in style of clothes. No more form fitting.
    Flared dresses ever since the baby bump : )

  171. Lillian you hv talent u r not a ball 2 be kicked, that man will regret bt for ur own gd, run nd neva luk back, he's an idiot wanaume niwengi bt neva 4get to pray nd u'll be shown the ryt path!

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  175. Leave Lillian alone. Livge your own lives.

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