70 year old LYNCHED over WITCHCRAFT in Kisii

Tuesday 4th June 2013 - A 70-year old woman was yesterday lynched by angry residents in Kisii after she was accused of bewitching a young man in the village.

The woman is said to have cast an evil spell on the man making him have a miserable life. Sources said that despite his age of 30, the man showed no interest to women and did not progress in life, a factor that was caused by the evil woman.

Fed up with her behaviours, the angry villagers stormed her house in the evening and demanded to ransack it. She refused saying that she had not stolen from anyone and that they did not have a right to check her house.

They accused her of witchcraft and mentioned a number of cases she was involved in. They claimed that she had been behind a series of deaths that occurred in the village including that of her own husband.

They frog marched her to the nearest trading center for all to see before lynching her.

The area’s Assistant Chief who confirmed the incident condemned it terming it inhuman. He wondered how one could be killed without any solid evidence. He promised to take legal action on all those who took part in the exercise.


12 comments for 70 year old LYNCHED over WITCHCRAFT in Kisii

  1. kenyans,kenyans...stop this.come on!!Nkt!

  2. an who has proof an to what extent could they be partners in the same coz i dont cant swallow tha you know if u r not the same

  3. Yes wanastahili hivyo how do thei know kuna mungu

  4. I have no any mercy to a witchcraft, let them pay dearly for the pain they've caused others.

  5. How do you tell someone is a witch, it is not visible in somebody, why are these people not taken to a court of law to defend themselves? What can make somebody not to call you a witch if you cross with them?

  6. ingekua ni jamaa ya jubi angekuwa kortini

  7. seriously wakisii,ujinga mmejaa nayo?mnafikiria mtajazeeka siku moja?

  8. When will these barbaric acts end in Kisii? The Kisii pride themselves with being an advanced community, but keep on killing innocent people on such flimsy grounds. Is the government existing to arrest all the criminals involved in the lynching and charge them with murder?

  9. They could have rather Lynched this Idiot anonymous 07:08 bcoz I believe witchcraft iz practised by omier CURSED Society.

  10. And where are these people burning 'wachawi' si mkuje kwetu Kebirigo - Nyamira county mchome wale wametusumbua mpaka kwetu sasa kunaitwa 'grave yard'? tis Kebirigo people wanajido eti wameokoka they can't choma witches. please IM looking for those who burn them mcome niwaonyeshe mwenye mtanisaidia kuchoma tafadhali. WACHAWI na WAGANGA, CHOMA WOTE KABISA if you know them.

  11. fellow kenyans, believe me witchcraft is there as well as witches and they have become too much in kisii. I myself got married to a family which practices witchcraft, my mother in-law being one of them, she killed my little baby girl at the age of 2yrs, they all turned against me coz I didnt want to join their club am very bitter about these acts. Once more I have no mercy with witches let them be burned and feel the pain am feeling for loosing my little angel.

  12. Ksii,kisii,kisii,for how long will you remain primitive in our nation of Kenya,Kenya is maturing but you people you are stacked at primitive stage,Why kisi we don't goons any more in this nation,This is bastard act,very cruel,phlag
    meted,jackass and among other,kisii,kisii,kisii!please change,please change,the court will not spare you,please change kisii people,......change.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI for how long will you remain uncivilized?

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