2 Women STRIPPED in Embakasi for attempting to STEAL from a man by spiking him

Thursday, the 20th of June 2013 - Reports indicate that two women have been stripped naked in the Pipeline area of Embakasi in Nairobi after they were caught attempting to steal household goods from a man.

The two women, who are reportedly prostitutes, drugged the man and then attempted to steal things from his house.

Alert neighbors caught the women before they left with the man’s stuff and proceeded to strip them naked.

Sources in the neighborhood say that the women were then paraded naked around the area in an ill-advised attempt at teaching them a lesson.

At the time of posting, police officers had arrived to rescue the women.

More updates to follow.


7 comments for 2 Women STRIPPED in Embakasi for attempting to STEAL from a man by spiking him

  1. ..stealing and striping dont match.

  2. But if it were men. Tyre or stones????????????????????

  3. They were taught a lesson they will never forget!

  4. Wanawake siku hizi na pesa, kwanza wa kiambu, ni shinda tupu. They claim to be clever but they are thieves. I married one for 3 yrs and it was a mistake that I can never forget.

  5. taught a lesson?? they are whores stripping for people is their profession. a better punishment would have been ..... eh kuwaitia police washikwe

  6. wanawake wakikuyu! ppohh! lucifer has company in mount kenya.

  7. Anonymous @01:08 For your information, Embakasi is kamba land.

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