Uhuru Kenyatta comes to OTONGOLO boy’s RESCUE …… Education sponsorship

Thursday, May 02, 2013 - Last week, a form two student from Highway Secondary School impressed President Uhuru Kenyatta and delegates at Statehouse Mombasa with his narrative piece Otongolo Time.

His story was later on featured by NTV and touched many Kenyan hearts. Celebrities came out in large numbers to help him clear his fees and Uhuru also came to his rescue paying his school fees through University.

Following a visit to Statehouse, Presidential Press Service made the following update:

President Uhuru Kenyatta has offered full education sponsorship to Daniel Owira, the form two Highway Secondary School student who moved the audience to tears during the Kenya National Drama Festival State concert in Mombasa.

Speaking when he meet Daniel at State House Nairobi today, President Kenyatta said he will pay for his school fees up to and including the university level.

The President said he will be monitoring closely the education progress of the Highway Secondary School student.
“You are now one of my sons. Make sure you give me your report form every end of the term,” President Kenyatta said.

Saying he will move Daniel out of the slums and enroll him as a boarder in his current school, the Head of State urged Daniel to aim at developing his acting talents as he pursues his education.

Said the President: “As I educate you, make sure you do well but do not stop your theatrical work and co-curricular activities.”

The President also assured Daniel’s mother Ms Rose Owiyo that he will revive and revitalize her business. President Kenyatta added that he will support Daniel’s elder sister Susan who works as a volunteer assisting
girls in the slums.

After the meeting, President Kenyatta conducted Daniel on a tour of State House.

Below are some photos from the visit:


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  1. God bless you Mr.president!

  2. God bless you Mr. President

  3. Mr President I knew u will do wonders welcome to kisumu please we want to meet u sir

  4. Why are people not commenting on this one? Imagine if the young man was a Kikuyu...............pages and pages. This is truly my President. God bless Uhuru

  5. Thats the way forward,CONGRATULATIONS MR PRESIDENT

  6. Digital President for sure.....

  7. I envy Daniel. Now he will also get visits from his strangers by the title 'relatives'. They will think the president gave the family alot of otongolos for them to share.

  8. well done Mr.P thats the Kenyan spirit

  9. Ratchboy K-Rooz Peet

    Uhuru Kenyatta......u are a real gentleman.

  10. May God bless you our digital prezzo for this gesture nad u omera yawa dont let him down.

  11. Hongera preso and let the same spirit continue for i have faith you have positively changed/touched the heart and life of Daniel and many others

  12. To God be the glory

  13. What a humble gesture of love and solidarity with all shown by our Prezzo Uhuru Kenyatta. May God bless President Uhuru and his in-coming Cabinet to embrace this gesture of love. President Uhuru you have broken the record as a Kenyan President to invite and share with the low profile Citizen in State House. Your Father did such a gesture by allocating a Piece of Land to a poor man. Keep on our Dear President, May God Bless your Presidency.

  14. Jealous bt Godly jelous!!Wish i could get ajob with aCPA k.bt seems hard without adegree.Atleast ur now connected!!

  15. Thats now a real president!

  16. what a president in a africa

  17. penuel nyagaka bonuke

    Big THANK YOU son of JOMO ;walk the talk.

  18. Am so liking this Prezo, otongloo u r going places boy!

  19. May God bless you Mr.President

  20. Oooh! I adore this prezo!

  21. This is the Spirit Mr President. I will also adopt and sponsor one needy, deserving child.

  22. I am very humbled by the gesture. 10 years for you Mr. Prezzo as you really have a good heart. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

  23. This is a very good move from the preident, God bless you President Uhuru

  24. Thats Cool Mr.President.I wish all able kenyans can educate one needy student each now that Mr. P has shown the way

  25. thats gud mr president..

  26. Asante Rais wetu. To give is not on the bases of how much one has but it comes from the heart. You are a God chosen anointed leader. You are down to earth. Owira yawa soma bila mchezo usiaibisha Prezzo.

  27. Truly u have done a great favour to Dan God wl reward you.

  28. A mans' gift opens for Him doors

  29. good job Mr President. God bless you so much..

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