SHOCKING: Thieves raid MUTULA KILONZO’s grave to dig out 0.5 MILLION COFFIN

Sunday, 19th May, 2013 - On Friday night, there were disturbing romours in the intelligence circles that some thugs were making a run at Mutula Kilonzo’s half a million coffin.

These romours were confirmed when thieves tried to dig out Mutula’s coffin on Friday night but with little success because of the fortified nature of his grave.

While confirming the incident, Mbooni East OCPD James Baraza said they received intelligence that some robbers wanted to dig out Mutula’s casket and acted on the tip by sending in some police officers to guard the former Senator’s final resting place. 

When the robbers struck on Friday night, employees at Mutula’s ranch realized what was happening and raised the alarm. The robbers ran away but police believe they will come back to give it a try again.

Mbooni OCPD, James Baraza said that they have started investigations as to who is involved in this shocking and daring raid. 

“We received intelligence reports that there were some people planning to raid the Woyani home of the late Mutula and moved with speed to tackle the matter,” he said.

Baraza added that police officers will be there day and night to guard the casket. As we speak, there is very tight security at the late Senator’s home and especially his grave.

If you are worried why thieves are targeting Mutula Kilonzo's casket, then here is why, it is worth half a million shillings and in the black market, it can go for 0.3 milliom.

Mutula passed away mysteriously on April 27th in Maanzoni, Machakos County. 


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  1. Cremation may have served as a funeral for this man due to the fact that makueni people had nothing to do with this pedophile`s life and the sensitivity of this matter. Now people are being harassed because a city guy was a sexual predator and a pedophile? Those police could be doing a better job of security in other parts of the country.

  2. And how much does Nthenya son get from his dad?

  3. Guarding just a grave day n night? Kenyans themselves feel insecure n need services of the police NOT dead bodies n coffins

  4. This tabloid if fond of painting all prominent non kikuyu people in a bad light.You people need to style up,this is the 21st century not the 1st century.

  5. The love for money in this country is just at the highest level

  6. They should investigate the guy who sold the coffin coz that is where they are returned anyway. Me think the coffin has served its purpose and its the turn of somebody to make something out of the guy.

  7. Whatever Mutula did in his life does not give grave raiders the right to steal his body's last room. Police should be investigating about who would be the willing buyer of the coffin,this cannot be the first case,it has come out in the open because Mutula was a prominent Kenyan.

  8. Dear Anonymous,

    If you have nothing to say, why don't you just shut the f***ck up! You seem to have such hatred, even for the dead; the fack remains that Mutula was and will be a state icon even in DEATH so live with it.

  9. True true dat.then again the dead dont require such opulence!

  10. umaskini nayo, people are out to do anything to make money, sasa sio dogs ni jeneza...and anything else....

  11. Surely there must be better ways of making money, if you see money is a coffin then your the laziest person in the world and should be put in a jail for lazy people

  12. The thieves have been watching too much jicho Pevu!

  13. so sad! people ought to style up.

  14. So why did the Makueni people vote for the "city guy" if they have nothing to do with him. Robing the dead is no excuse.

  15. They must have been inspired negatively by John Kibera's story on Jicho Pevu.

  16. Non-sense. Change you heading if the grave was not raised!


  18. I am with these guys . . why let 500,000ks just rot? this is why the economy is going down!

  19. hao tu ni wakikuyu thieves thieves thieves.....

  20. I think it makes sense although i do not support stealing...why use so much money on a dead body????why didn't they use all these money on the living ones and it will add value to their of influence,class and all add up to nonsense.

  21. You dare call those thieves lazy? Somebody digging a grave at 3am 6 feet under is lazy? Dont kill english words bwana

  22. Nonsense. Mutula was buried at his Mbooni home and not at The Ranch where he died. Poronjo.

  23. amazing that police are guarding a corpse while people are being killed in busia and bungoma every night with no protection. MONEY SPEAKS EVEN IF UR DEAD

  24. Its like every tom dick nd harry of akikuyu is a willing buyer willing seller!!!jst like. Frm molestation,rape,dogs nd now dead pple coffins!!u r ashame to kenyans abroad!u need to chnge pipo or else .......

  25. Its true tht kikuyus r ashame to kenyan society,kila kitu mbaya,chafu na ya aibu ni nyinyi ndyo leaders ya wale wengine!!na bado ur trouble makers everywea c wizi,malaya,dogy,rape blah blah... So anonymous go advice ur pipo how to be humans nkt

  26. The great words said by the president on that innaugural live presidential will keep coming back.."that all of us have personal challeges....." whatever the challeeges this guy was going through were far much greater...but sooo deadly because even the spirits won't let him rest easy in his final abode after a very controversial death, a strenous postmortem. No wonder he wanted to recant all that before a church minister but then the personal challenge had an upper hand.

  27. Wezi wa kofin sio kikuyu. Cheki huko eldoret.

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