SHAME: Nairobi PASTOR and late gospel artist’s HUSBAND now a WOMANISER

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - Word on the street has it that a renowned pastor who was also a husband to a late gospel artist has now become a womanizer and has often been caught red handed either having illicit affairs or lying to rich women that he will marry them.

The pastor who is now married and has a church in Nairobi has abandoned it after church members left en masse due to his mischieve. He has now moved to Tanzania where he has started a church.

Former church elders have now warned Tanzanians not to fall prey to his wit and not to join his church in Mwanza.


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  2. i heard this some few months ago, n it is alleged that the man is the late Angela Chibalonza's hubby.

  3. Angela Chibalonzas husband.Used to be my neighbor in Miller Estate Nairobi west na tabia zake zilikua tu mbaya hivyo


  5. si nasikia yeye ndio aliorganiza Angela akufe....

  6. wachristo ni watu wazina kutoka zamani, Mutula and the churchmen behave the same way.that is why they want to become Guy bishops . Jesus where are you?

  7. we love angela chibalonza.uyo bwana amelaaniwa.

  8. kama wife alidedi mnataka afanye?

  9. he is human! he should be forgiven not condemed ..there is a rm for improvement

  10. Even if the wife died that is bending too low na wanaspoil injili let them quit.

  11. please lets respect the memory of Angela and stop bad comments.let God judge the husband

  12. forgive us father

  13. If has to sleep around with women he should stop lying to people. he can get them by other means not the church. and people, open your eyes! what is it about pastors marrying you or making you get kids? read the word of God and be informed!

  14. waaaaaaaaah,GOD AV MERCY

  15. kaa wife alidedi aoe mwingine badala ya kuhanya

  16. Is it true that e married angela's siz gloria muliro? where is the truth but judge not for we will also be judged.

  17. ameoa already hiyo tu ni weakness he needs to overcome

  18. ana fikiria kuma tu???????

  19. what? enyewe God needs to come back now for his real flock. dunia iliisha kitambo. is this a pastor?

  20. Hao wanawake wenye wanavaa vibaya church ndio chanzo

  21. this is a great dissapointment to the church and the gospel

  22. free advice bwana angela .... u have 2 reveal everything 4 xt sake somehow convinced u organixed angela's death may b that is wt is haunting u...and wat u said was mere propagada ...shame on ur dead walking body...may ur spirit be tormented a minute after the other...

  23. He should just get married and settle, that is allowed and not to fool around and spoil the good name of the late singer

  24. The man IS married and still hanyaing! He cheated on Angela with a congregant and is now cheating on his second wife. What a shame!

  25. I think their should be a page on FB sayin "Mulika pastor wako" n shame this pastors for using God's name badly and takin advantage of the christians...

  26. if it is a woman what would be the out come? Could it be that the hubby died and so----- whacha zenu sin is sin

  27. Pastors r the most sex hungry people you'll ever meet. Let him enjoy while he can. If I were him would be doing in group s3x

  28. Dont judge or condem him, just pray 4 him

  29. Fear God coz he punishes sin

  30. Manze we need Godz manufestation.and plz dont judge rem God is the only ultimate judge of our soul.

  31. manze never jugge da pastor kila mtu amecari mzigo wake xo...........

  32. He needs deliverance, mapepo ya umalaya imtoke. Then, n only then, can he settle in marriage.

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