SHAME: 12 Women ARRESTED while SHOOTING P3RN with a DOG in Mombasa

Friday 10th May 2013 - 11 women and one foreign man have been arrested after they were caught shooting an adult movie with a dog in Nyali Mombasa.

The 12 are said to have been engaging in s3x with a dog while the camera was on.

According to Mombasa Police Boss, the area has been infested with foreigners who come with different motives. Other are said to have come for tour while others come to engage in prostitution. They 12 were caught performing one of most embarrassing sexual crime ever.

The man was capturing the Kenyan ladies on tape as they had s3x with his dog, a German shepherd.  The police boss noted that many ladies have turned into such acts for money.

He confirmed that the camera was confisticated and will be used as evidence. The 12 will be arraigned in court to answer to the charges.


66 comments for SHAME: 12 Women ARRESTED while SHOOTING P3RN with a DOG in Mombasa

  1. jonathan luka

    Pure morons!u can rot in jail for all i care.

  2. is there life let them make money...or give them a well paying job....

  3. The world is coming to an end very soon---

  4. Nkt!Who r we goin to marry oh God?

  5. Wacheni mbwa ikule vitu

  6. I pitty guys who are not yet married. Just watch out to marry! So disgasting.

  7. Desperate situation seeks..................LOL......the same ladies gives in to horny of bitches.....

  8. effects of too much westernization. we as africans abandoned our culture which had strong family values and adopted western life and you can see what we have ended up with. total immorality

  9. bure kabisaa in the name of money .lazy bitches

  10. weuwe!a big woman removing her pant to play sex with a dog

  11. sodoma na gomora Mungu aturehemu!Are these some people's daughters in some corner in kenya??

  12. ni madame wa kina nani hao? Check on police asiwe ni girlfriend wako...yaani kuna wanaume wanashare dame na mbwa???? Its pains soo much...why wud any lady do such??? Ladies kwani mnatakanga nini?? Twambieni may be kuna solution...fungueni roho...

  13. maajabu ya ulimwengu

  14. kenya vile kuna marapist hawa madame wangewatafuta hao marapist wasaidiane kifeelings badala ya kufanya na doggii....its a shame...its only in kenya such things happen...thanks to the person who set them up kwa karao

  15. they should all be jailed including the man at least for 20 yrs each

  16. Hehe they r gd 4 nothing. They should ashamed of themself.

  17. And these are the people some Kenyans are proud having their photos taken with.In which African village was there such shameful acts with innocent animals,and dogs in particular?

  18. Surely how can a woman and a dog be inmates unless this dog was trained.Secondly, these women lack well paid job so whatsthe remaining option? The offered job, so dont blame them.

  19. I think even as fida champions for women rights they should also teach them moral values,I mean having sex with a dog is degrading the dignity of fellow women.Hawa hata shetani anaweza wakataaa.Kufeni makabuli ijae nkt.

  20. It is shoking,our lovely sisters & galfies 2 fucked by dogs,da world has kum 2 an end,we leave 2 da heavens.

  21. It is shoking,our lovely sisters & galfies 2 fucked by dogs,da world has kum 2 an end,we leave 2 da heavens.

  22. wow its such a shame that it has come to this ladies puting more value on money than their being,personally i dnt blame the western culture coz at the end the choice is urs.we rily nid parental guidance

  23. the best punishment for such "beasts" is to name and shame them in public

  24. victor munyao

    hhhmmmmm....our mature ladies its sad news . this is our sisters... god will have mercy on them.

  25. Too bad men i have never realized that my neighbour was doing such shiet man. damn!

  26. the best thing to do is to stay single, you never know what who u think is yours does, it could be more than this!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Dunia imetoboka mahali ni pakubwa hapo.

  28. Any digital cops in Mombasa please upload the videos on the net and shame the 12 bitches....yes, yes...pun intended!

  29. Sure are those ladies normal

  30. Its nt only in kenya that it happens. Ni wazungu kuleta vitu zao huku

  31. they are supposed to be sent to hell kutuharibia jina nkt!

  32. So sad, money can make people do anything, may the good Lord help us

  33. What a shame! Money will never be enough, pls ladies protect your body.

  34. ouchhhh........

  35. any person who have the name of those girl just post the name on the web so the kenyan see what our child are doing

  36. why this heri kulima kikambala upate chapa than this pls hebu show us this vedio iliiwe funzo kwa wale wenye tabia aina hii.kuna kenyan men wala can satisfy hawa dada in all ways they want hapana umbwa.
    huyo mzungu tutachapa yeye kwakweli jinga yeye.

  37. Mwenyezi Mungu atustiri na laana kama hizi za dunia. Watu wamemsahau Mwenyezi Mungu kabisa na wamemfanya shetani rafiki yao. Ooh God guide us n show us the right direction to follow.

  38. its so disgusting how does a dog enter u? stupid ladies.
    doggi inakumwagia aaaaaaagh...

  39. I wonder what Al-Shabaab thinks of this

  40. shame on them

  41. Its so painful! and that mzungu should de made to fk that dogi too.

  42. how they treat their bodies with very little value.Hizo sura zilikuwa ni za wasabere.

  43. this is happening in other parts of the world as well not only in kenya...the fact that some women are going for such acts with canine shows just something is a miss in it lack of men? or is it that men are no good anymore?

  44. Kenyan girls are materialistic,they like money.I hope next time we will hear of them with donkeys.I Wonder whether the will endure it for cheap pay.

  45. so sad vijana mtaoa kina nani?

  46. Funny how you get 1000 comments on a stupid issue like this and zero comments on matters about security and heath care. Africans our priorities are messed up.

  47. For those saying give them a job, know that these are said to be College gals so job for? That which is mate by a dog is called a bitch!

  48. the names are on the net already pliz cops upload the vid clips.this will protect the men to identify them n keep off.

  49. Iyo doggy ilikuwa imevalishwa condom btw?

  50. I have not heard of anything like this in Europe, although I cannot say that there are no perverts to pay to watch bestiality on film. Of course the main responsibility lies with the Swede, who should now experience the hospitality of a Kenyan prison. Kenyan ladies should value love above all, realizing that the love of money is the root of all evil. Perhaps the men teach them not to be serious about love? I thought 83 per cent of them counted themselves as Christian? Were the ancestors who said that school made prostitutes out of their daughters were right?

  51. wat about the men who sleep with chickens and goats who will protect us from them. I m told any functioning men will put his dick in a hole except a snake's if there were no women around!

  52. Ladies!!!. hizo shimo zao ni kama choo yenye haiwezijaa. The question is, do they have boyfriends? That is why you get them giving funny births like the one realized recently in Kenyatta hospital. To hell!!!

  53. ni kama movie ni kama dramer

  54. Let the prison authorities confine them forever. We cannot share with dogs. Dont allow them to defile us in any way. God Forgive us

  55. What i can say is, kenyans have to remove the country these white people soon, otherwise they will bring such bad cultures.

  56. i pity dem all! damn!!!!

  57. We should not judge them

  58. God forbid

  59. otonglo time, now we realize the mess of not having otonglo? u take ua gal to school only to go learn how to suck a dog? i wish i was the judge to their cases, i would hand them direct hunging publicly while they r naked. they will be the 1st to be burned in heaven, and i will make sure that happens coz i know i will be one of Gods bouncers, sitakubali watoroke hata kama wananipatia tip ya sort moja bure.

  60. did the dog stuck after???????

  61. nikama vindeo na ndrama!

  62. I don't really think it's fair to say that Mombasa has been "infected" by foreigners, of course there are many who come for the prostitution but the majority of us mzungus don't support this either. I just don't think it's fair to use such a term and relating us to a disease or an insect, it is not 'westerners' who are the issue... you think it's part of our culture to have sex with dogs?? I'm insulted...

  63. Mwari tinzwirei tsitsi.

  64. Money talks. Women are doing it in Europe too.

  65. God should have mercy on us.

  66. Sasa doggy aki drop sperm yke hapo ushike bol,UTAZAAAA wat?

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