Police kill TERROR SUSPECTS linked to ELGIVA BWIRE who were planning major terror attack in Nairobi.

Sunday May 19, 2013 - Police have this morning killed a suspected terrorist and his wife in Nairobi’s Githurai and 2 grenade and 68 rounds of ammunition recovered.

The police operation that took more than eight hours also left six police officers injured after the terror suspect hurled grenade at them after being cornered by the security agents.

According to the police, the man by the name Felix Nyakanga Otuku who is believed to have connections with Elgiva Oliacha Bwire who is behind bars for detonating a bomb in Nairobi, was planning a major terror attack in the Kenya’s capital.

The police got wind of his ill intention and went to arrest him at his house in Githurai Kimbo last night but he wouldn’t let them.

He resisted arrest and started throwing grenades at the police officers injuring six of them before he was shot dead together with his wife.

The injured officers are in stable condition but the police have begun investigations to unearth the whole plot.


8 comments for Police kill TERROR SUSPECTS linked to ELGIVA BWIRE who were planning major terror attack in Nairobi.

  1. So Bwire can control his terror comrades from inside prison in the very eyes of security? How safe are we now?

  2. kudos police

  3. Eish i am amazed of how quickly the police,the media or you admin can spin such a story before any investigations have be done, i pity our inexprienced and clueless police officers cause their will now follow this misleading story. I will not be suprised if this is not a bait that has been thrown at them by the plotters,(that is if their was even a plot in the first place), unfortunately their have swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

  4. n we thot tht alshabaab r behind this terrorist activities!!nkt

  5. i havent slept enough out of gun shot.anyway cudos to police investigators.how they trailed this pple i cant know.deceased were in our neighbouring plot n could not even suspect such.

  6. CORD

  7. Hou noise noma police Mwende Bungoma

  8. Cogratulations to alkl the officers involved in the great work of dealing with terrorists in Githu. Well done.

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