Police chiefs visit Busia following GANG ATTACKS that have left many DEAD

Thursday, the 2nd of May 2013 - The Kenyan DAILY POST has learnt that a contingent of senior police officers is today visiting the Busia and Bungoma Counties to try and get to the bottom of attacks that have left 2 people dead and scores of others injured.

On Wednesday morning an attack on Akabait Village, Busia County left two people dead and 20 others injured. The attack came just two days after an attack on Kibabii, Kikwechi and Mukwa villages left more than a hundred people injured.

Senior CID officers are said to be in the two counties today investigating what led to the attacks and it’s expected that some arrests will be made.

A probe team composed of the Deputy Inspector General of Police Grace Kaindi, Deputy Inspector General for Administration Police Samuel Arachi and the Director of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Ndegwa Muhoro is understood to be looking into the situation.

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula has called for the security apparatus in the County to be overhauled.

Western Police boss Alfred Ombaba has however assured residents that his charges have the situation under control.


6 comments for Police chiefs visit Busia following GANG ATTACKS that have left many DEAD

  1. The click that always goes for the aftermath survey while another attack goes on in another place tonight, then they'll make another trip and the story goes on!

  2. These morons will never realize that they are supposed to prevent crime. They have never been on top of their game. Reporting crimes after the fact, and launching investigations that never bear results. Investigations dont bring lives back. Mediocrity of the highest order.

  3. I think once in a certain camp you must take oath to spill human blood, and retreating will spill your own.

  4. surel ymr. ombaba yuo are a big let down because you are not simply in charge .am sure you are a bunch of those incompetent futty officers who do nothing unless people die on the ground.do you have to wait for your bosses in order to work only to open your mouth and say the situation has been controlled.where were you before the situation escalated to that nursty level.your negligence will bounce back to you during your lifetime in one way or another .

  5. wameanza kulipa madeni na watu. shame them.

  6. sometimes i wonder why can someone lead a group of gangs to go and terrorist your neighbors.sometimes back it happened to our Kijiji.those who knew Kijiji were being left nje and the rest who wanakijiji don know ndio wanaingia.so wanakijiji wakajua the pple behind that and they report them to the chief.nakwambia chief aliwaita one by one akawaonya na akawambia wanakijiji amesema if they continue wanakijiji will take law in their own hands.from that time hakujawahi sikika those kind of thing and its now 10yrs.so watu wa busia na bungoma wahalifu mko nawao mumo kijijini msiwaogope.give out the information to the authority

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