PHOTOs!! A collection of HUDDAH MONROE’s finest that made her what she is

Monday, May 27, 2013 – Kenya’s controversial socialite Huddah Monroe is representing Kenya at the Diamond House of Big Brother Africa – The Chase. Looking at her past drama you can bet she will impress fans across Africa giving Kenya a better chance to scoop the $ 300,000 grand prize.

If you have no idea who Huddah Monroe is, below is a collection of controversial photos she has personally released in the past:


36 comments for PHOTOs!! A collection of HUDDAH MONROE’s finest that made her what she is

  1. Bullshit.

  2. okey we will wait for the nudes!

  3. Haaaa RAO and Ruto.. yikes!

  4. haiya

  5. kumbe she has wangeci syndrome...

  6. we seriously need to pray for our children .this is just young gal who us been watching kimkardashian en thinks she can be one (ok )heheheee

  7. What the Fu*U&^^%$#

  8. heeeeeeeeehe! mungu wangu

  9. Rubbishy piece of S**T!!!

  10. god remewmber your children,they have forgotten your existance

  11. Woooooowi! mangaa kabisa

  12. fine a**

  13. Only in my insanity would I approve this,, oh i forgot have never been sane,, even animals grow hairs nkt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. its not a wonder for her and what she got coming at BBA will not be a wonder

  15. ni kapoko nini?

  16. it seems being immoral is the new swag...i beta be mshamba 4 the rest of ma life...

  17. Ata baba ana nyemelea? I thought mo1 alifinya hio makende

  18. Rao na Ruto washabomoa vitu...

  19. i dont see anything controversial about those photos

  20. aka ni kapoko si siry

  21. Why are people calling her a hoe when they be googling the same photo's on the internet every single day...y'all like this shit

  22. democracy, one day it will be allow to dogs to get married to our gals in kenya, it's democracy. freedom of relationship

  23. Did You say She's Only 21>
    Men! She has seen Many Dicks!

  24. wow!! n our big men are the ones to be photographed holding when you hear accidents on highways, guess not why!!!

  25. Wat do i expect from a socialite

  26. were u with her wen she was the many Dicks ur r so stupid. Hata akiona kuna shida gani. WIVU

  27. If we are so desperate to win 300K USD, and if sex is what it takes to win the price? then you better take girls who had sex with dogs coz they are more crazy than this cheap bitch.

  28. very hot n sexy to b sincere.... why lie, shes juz too sincere n open about her feelings and her real self unlike many pretenders who pretend to be angels.
    carry on gal. we salute u

  29. Yeah!! I wud love to spank that a**!!!

  30. I am pretty sure the name callers are just being their normal selves - hypocrites

  31. Lahaula dadangu! Umetoka pande gani ya kenya?

  32. truly speaking, huddah is a whore! bt 4 the rich n mighty

  33. ooh!!! yes"thats what it takes to be there.

  34. Big brother should begin inviting contestants from among others; Pornhub, Redtube, Booty rides,Yobt Tv etc.When did this girl break her virginity?

  35. she luks wow n i would like to smashh that a.....

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