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Dear baba,

His Exalensy the commander in chief of the defens foses, CBS, EGH, TWEET, REPORT CARD, KUSEMA NA KUTENDA, STATE HOUSE, GRASS TO GRACER, MUMBASA, DIGITAL...i hope you are doing orait. baba, i am okey. my parents are also orait in Nyamthoi village. but father i have a few issus.

One, larry madowo is now my self appointed aid de camp following me like inzi yawa! i go for preps he is there sleeping on the desk for me-i sleep he drools, i go to the dining hall he is there i chew and he swallows, i go to the dorm he is there sleeping for me, i go to the field he is there kicking the ball for me, i go to the library he is there reading the river between for me, i go for assembly he is there singing the national and school anthem for me, i go to the toilet he is there flashing the water for me! yawa, is larry madowo a pregnant woman and me odowa
??? fadhe, should i ask kimemia or karangi to tell him to take me slowly??

Two, imagine naivas supermarket gave me 200,000 sillings only, to do an advert, which was the budget allocated for bamba tuenti of safaricom. i told them to sambaza me so that i could now have 400,000 sillings credit on my phone-they refused, saying they were giving me cheque! he he he 2 andred thausan sillings only somebody is writing on a cheque yawa he he he analogueeee!

Three, baba, halafu imagine inspector mwala hired me at kona mbaya police steson as a messenger, a messenger! somebody who transits parcels in and out of a police steson yawa! how, the son of the landlord of kenya! the son of the founding fathers and mothers and uncles and aunties and sisters and cousins of kenya!! demoson nyasachiel!! inspekta mwala, save your reputeson, donge??

Four, fadhe, the class teacher gave me homework, i didnt do it because he did not say statework. you cannot give the son of a presdent homework, you give him state duty kata state function and i attend to it donge? i told them to go to hague with their assignments nkt, hoooow?? halafu ati they wanted to punish me eeh, i told the if they mishandled a state property like me KDF will deal with them.

Finally fadhe, there is this girl in highway girls school, or sister school who i saw and fell in love with. can i borrow one of your range rover sports, which you are not using anymore to take her round during outing this saturday?? and ngina said se wants to check check, se is exiting monthly haemoglobin from her reproductive. se wants you to send her money for that. asante.
c/c secretary to the cabinet
c/c state house comptroller
c/c larry madowo
c/c cabinet secretary for youth affairs

Yours adopted son
dot otonglo dot owira
tweet me mr. president tweet me!

25 comments for OTONGOLO boy sends FIRST LETTER to DAD……..UHURU KENYATTA (Mentions LARRY MADOWO)

  1. Hahaha this is just on point!! Has made my afternoon...

  2. 200,000? only.... donge? lolest

  3. yawa Otongolo...hilarious.....daddy must be proud of you

  4. Silly Kadhalika....useless mind!

  5. Yawa tho! Wuod presssdent. But do I say....

  6. kumbe ni mblack hivi?

  7. u av made my day otonglo

  8. kwani kuwa black ni crime tulia, tulia wacha pupa

  9. otonglo theee mos yawa u made my day!

  10. u have made ma evening "otonglo"boy

  11. And that teachr misaddling a state propert yawa, kdf mpo wapi:-) :-) lol

  12. If I were u Otongolo I could have directed all energy in studies coz now u are sure that the president has offered himself to pay ua school fees from where u are up to university.but seeing u in advirtisements,acting with inspector mwala, I dont think it will contribute to answering aquestion in bilogy,phisics or chemistry,so kijana dont let the president down,read hard, What Iam reading above!!! manze !!! ni makelele to, I wish this is acomposition u wrote and is going to be marked by ua English teacher

  13. Mr. Otonglo please concentrate in your education, remember you have become a public figure now, evrybody is watching on you. dont let the president down with petty acting.

  14. You spoil the whole thing when you bring the President's daughter in. Please be sensitive..

  15. hahahaha!for 200000 for bamba twenty donge

  16. otonglo yahwa, l would like to talk to the principal of the school. This is not hillariousand it is as stale as janajana. Can you go back to your life as a student!! for all you know, the term will end with you having done nothing. School fees is assured forget the acting as these things come to an end at some point. You also need the simple mathematics to maage your wealth. You will get lost my dear

  17. Someone advice Master Owira that time moves very fast. As a teacher, I would advice him to quit the public limelight and concentrate on his studies.
    What he has done so far is enough.
    To achieve his dream of becoming a lawyer, he must score mean grade A, and straight A in English, Mathematics, one Science, A humanity etc. No time to "fool" around, please Owira.
    And Larry, this boy is not a celebrity. He is an otherwise needy boy being rescued. As a minor, he needs to be guided not misled.

  18. And please Otonglo boy, fame comes with challenges, listern to these comments above, when you fail your exams, people like Madowo will be nowhere to be seen, the President is helping you make your dreams come true , go for books first, many would wish for a rare chance like this one, may God grant you wisdom

  19. Please play with Otonglo but leave Ngina out of your stupid crafted letters. Some issues are not funny Daily post. Know your limits.

  20. The problem with jaluo yawa, Otongolo young man, Listen and listen carefully!.
    Take the pride slowly otherwise it will embarrass you badly.
    Study hard and remain mamas boy as you were.
    Remain simple so until you get that good paying job after hardwork.
    Remember you have to remain intelligently cool even after you get you first few months salaries coz you might end up being sacked also.
    Don't let your ego let you down.

  21. I see Clifford's signature all over this letter. Stupid man. Larry has been recognised by Otonglo Boy's family and they appreciate what he is doing. Leave President's daughter out of this. Jamaneni, someone tell Clifford to go to the hills.

  22. My! you are kidding! this is not true . Some one needs to take up counselling and guidance for this adolescent before he embarrasess the golden opportunity!
    Let him understand his audience well . ie leave drama to the right club and serious issues to right audience. A joke taken too far easily becomes STALE

  23. your lost my dear. drama fest is over. oh oh oh

  24. Are u sure this was drafted by the boy or just desperate journalism by this newspaper?


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