Nominated Senator NAISULA LESUUDA acts on DANDORA RAPE

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - On Monday evening, Kiss TV’s Dennis Okara brought the heart breaking story on how a gang of armed and violent teenagers aged between 14 and 17 years old gang rape girls in Dandora.

The story has now become a matter of national interest and former KBC reporter and nominated Senator Naisula Lesuuda now says that she will be picking up on the story and acting upon it.

Just from a KEWOPA executive meeting and one of the issues we discussed is the Dandora Gang rape, we are picking it up.


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  1. Mrembo wa William

  2. Gd work Naisula. Am very proud of you.

  3. ok dea honestly I hope this the best wak u wil do I am a man but raping is a thing whch is soo in human plz let nobody critizes this.

  4. This is great. something need to be done, haraka sana. where OCPD wa huko ni nani ama OCS, Something also ned to be done on Ongata Rongai, Touts, makanga who mistreat women and young ladies at Ongata Rongai stage one at Tumaini supermarket. It has become dangerous to board a matatu their in the evening, and some other time during the day. These makanga snatch women purse and runs away. Pick pocketing is another thing. Do something Mheshimiwa. Where is OCS Ongata Rongai. I think he or she is compromised ama ?

  5. Better do it faster

  6. Wewe 21.19 why do u scoop so low to be a headless village gossiper?


  8. little mind is affected by little things!!

  9. Kwanza alipe tax payers money. Hii ndio kazi yake kushugulikia uma sio hitchhikeing. She can do alot with her feet on the ground and some wisdom upstairs not running after "goodies" like a village kid.
    Wht is an mp supposed to do on an international trip if not oil "deputy" organs. MY MOTTO: NEVER PUT YOURSELF IN A SITUATION YOU WILL HAVE TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF.

  10. anon 05;11 wacha tamaa....tafuta yako!!

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