MSECHU EXPOSES Tusker Project Fame and how they MISTREAT contestants

Sunday, May 19, 2013 - Tusker Project Fame season 4 and All Stars contestant, Msechu, is an angry man after TPF just used them to sell their product and also market EABL which is the main sponsor of the competition.

According to Msechu, TPF fails in nurturing its artists after the competition and you can barely get their support as long as you are outside the academy. Apparently, after eviction he was left stranded in Nairobi because TPF did not pay his fare home.

He asked his brothers in Tanzania to pay his bus fare home. Although he has made it in the music industry and now is one of the most celebrated bongo artist, Msechu claims that TPF choose the wrong people to win the competition.

And to prove his point, he dared anyone to name one winner who is making it in the industry.

There you have it, maybe it is not a talent search after all.


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  1. ass holes did it..corrupt minds after all i think the judges ike boot lickers and may be we can say they pussy wipped since i don see as to why a person like doreen could go on and the best be evicted and the way she had a crocked voice or is it because of her booty? someone answer me that.

  2. im surprised ata fare Ya tz hawa ezi afford

  3. Its just a sham of a marketing thing.

  4. Remember it is the people who voted for the winners through SMS. The Judges had no final say. The whole affair would have been fair if it was left to judges to make a final decision.Nkt!

  5. Why are you talking now?????

  6. very strange ..., that he can dare say that after all the training, free accomondation, fashion and foood..,

  7. I had my doubts. What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. She had nyce legs and a nyce booty

  9. Quite sad........shame EABL and dem judges too!

  10. Haiya, they don't tranport you back home???? This' very disappointing. True, none of the winners are big hits!

  11. Thats crap. After putting you in the limelight, giving you the best teachers to train you and an audience all for free; Any determined artist should be able to make it big! Ameelina is doing well btw..

  12. TPF my ass!! What a shame...

  13. i agree with msechu no winner at tpf has made it in music.looking at doreen had no talent at all......

  14. really!!!!!!

  15. this would not be your words if u made it to the win...all they do is to nurture peoples talents not to give them a life after it.after all "i should teach you how to fish but not to help you fish".Man up least say a big thanks to tusker project fame for who you really are bat the moment.

  16. I regret msechu has taken long to talk. However, one could tell from the beginning. remember valirie kimani or so, she was not a winner at all. Others did much better. the looks I think did it. Remember judge Ians conduct, surely even if you do not agree with someone performance, you do not show and say disgust like Ian did. If he didint like you, then you were out. the last winner was a reknown musician with one of the teachers. in her they were not searching for talent, she was already known, had toured the world, she had already perfected her music career, therefore not a virgin musician. People voted alright, but were we even given the voting patterns.

  17. Well it depends on how he arrived in kenya, kama ulikuja by ur own means then by ur own means u shall return but kama uliletwa thn walifaa kukurudisha..

  18. tpf is a promotion not a talent search.

  19. iam very proud of ameelina..tho she did not win but i know shes a winner, yes its true those tpf winner have not made in music, but who knows maybe they were after 5M then later dug ther head into soil..what a waste of money...

  20. TPF purely promotion .Nothing to do with talent search. Specifically , market reserch indicated that 'Tusker'the trademark brand of EABL was being associated with older generation of 1970s & 80s. Something had to be done to make it more appealing to the youth, to make it it look younger.

    TPF is simply a relaunch of TUSKER BRAND.

    Why not Pilsner Project Fame for example.


  22. hata huyu dame niliona kwa church akiimbicha priaise and woship.niliskiza akiimba mpka nikachangaa huyu jameni ndiye alishida.hana sauti,anaexergerate wimbo,ana maringo.i agree with mcheza si talent search its all abt promotion.hata jina ya huyo dame nilisahau.i recalled her nilipomuona akiimba kwa church kwa citizen tv.

  23. Msechu u should be gratefu atleast TPF 4 brought u to the lime light nani angekujua una exist

  24. 02:27 si ungeuliza 'uimbiche' badala yake, watu wakuchangae pia wewe. why do you insist on spoiling a language?? She is a blessed lady, get that in your head. You don't have to be a soprano to have a good music we have other voices like tenor, alto, bass etc..too bad you consider the sharp/high voices as the only voices that can sing. That's my free lesson to you.

  25. TPF last winner poorest of all

  26. if u get an opportunity, talent search or promotion, u gotta take it nt 4 granted but use the chance to nurture ua career. u cant deny TPF gave u a chance even though they had an interest of promoting EABL products.

  27. werez ruth matete?

  28. How many of you are sure that the story he tells is true yet majority stands still to cast the first stone,you shouldn't believe everything you are told do your own search an then judge farther more we decided the winner not by force but by will .

  29. Msechu you are a star of your own and so many outside there n that's why you made it that far. This is a WORD not a CLASSROOM coz we ain't in a competition with anyone. We are all here to make ourselves better thatn we were/are today. Which you already are!

    Have you ever imagined how much boring the hoods would be if the only birds that "sung the best" sung?

    (Think about it).

    Congratulations n all the very best anyway.

  30. I think once u r taught how to fish,and given a platform,its upto you to get urself up and use the information offered to make the best.If none of the previous winners have used their opportunity to be something,its not TPF's mistake,its their laziness.....just like school,if u dint make sth of it,its not ur parents or teachers mistake rather urs.
    Do sth with urself Msechu,dnt spoil the opportunity for others who are lookn forward to this!!!!!

  31. "AND THE WINNER IS.....RUTH MATE...TEEEEEE!!!!!!". That marked the end of my TFP!. This not a reality show people, its controlled, pre-determined just like WWE Wrestling. Enjoy the show and go home. Don't take anything personal. You will just hurt yourself for NOTHING!

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