HUDDAH MONROE is just 21 years old……Kenyans REACTION on Twitter

Did you know that controversial socialite Huddah Monroe is just 21 years of age.

Well the news did not go down Kenyans’ throat very well because many thought she was much older.

Below is a collection of tweets on her age:

Hearing that Huddah "is" 21 just got a bunch of dudes worried about past relations with minors.

Huddah 21, Wanyama 21, Rudisha 21, now add eight years....

I believe Huddah is only 21. Inches wide.

HUDDAH is 21 on #BBATheChase but 23 on the Drum Magazine .in short she is young

Huddah is 21, I will also wake up in a new Bugatti tomorrow morning since we're just saying things that don't make sense.

Huddah is 21 Oooh God i'm 12 people had my First Wet Dream Yesterday night.

Huddah has been 21 for the last 5 years...

Huddah 21?So ndio akue established socialite alianza ka ako form 1 huko?ok

If Huddah is 21 then old mutual is jus mutual....

I swear Huddah was 21 three yrs ago..kwani we grew older n sh stuck at '21' needs to tell us hw sh did that

Huddah is 21..accept and move on....

If huddah is 21 real then its IEBC who count years!!!

If #Huddah is 21 years then I'm kedo 14 years!

Huddah is 21 Because She Uses The Chinese Calendar Where A Year Has 32 Months...

Huddah confused her weight with her age

If huddah is at 21 then alai is busy on the mud trying to make cars

If Huddah is 21 I believe Mariga when he claims to be 23

Huddah is 21 yrs, Oliech 23..then Kibaki must be 30 !

If Huddah is 21, then the Motorola C116 is still the ish."

Huddah is 21??????? Am sure her p*#$y has 30+ years experience.”
Kama Huddah ako 21 basi kila mtu apewa laptop


5 comments for HUDDAH MONROE is just 21 years old……Kenyans REACTION on Twitter

  1. she can be even 16 for all i care

  2. nice BUTT.

  3. useless butt stop lying to kenyans

  4. 21 for her means a Stinking Slut/Whore, that's what she is....

  5. Damn if that chick is 21 then i must be methuselah or something....she looks way older than my elder sister so you can imagine

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