EXPOSED: Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) offering FAKE EXAMS and FAKE CERTIFICATES

Friday May 3, 2013 - The Kenyan DAILY POST has learnt that Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) has been offering fake exams and certificates to their students in all its campuses in Kenya.

According to a student who spoke to the DAILY POST on condition of anonymity, the most affected campus is Rongai which is examining students from a ghost examination body called Institute of General Management (IGM) based in UK, according to our research.

The DAILY POST tried tracing the address through the so called there website and it brought us a Studio Shifting Company in UK. Unlike other other examination bodies like ICM and ABE whose websites are clear to the point, the IGM exam body doesn’t exist.

When we tried to get facts from the college administration, we were intimidated by lectures and the college administration, vindicating our earlier findings that the college is offering fake exams and certificates.

We thereby came into a conclusion that the college has been taking advantage of parents and students’ knowledge about international bodies, since most of them don't know about them and most believe the college offers legitimate credentials.

We want to warn students and parents countrywide to review colleges before they enroll to any college in Kenya particularly NIBS.

Can the College Administration clear the mess before we force it to shut its doors!


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  1. Haiya!!!!!!!!

  2. what...!!!??
    Daily post take action

  3. i had an incident with the said college once and i concluded they are in mess which they need to sort out.the said exams is charged exorbitantly and one is offered no receipt except the banking sleep. the management need to come clean.

  4. Woi, almost took my siblings the one situated at Ruiru. Thanks God.

  5. hehehehe nowanda the administrators are being sucked wakitetea haki ya wanafunzi eti comps application ulipe 12k

  6. These commericial colleges have been capitalizing on people's ignorance. Agreed. But I have searched IGM website and found it. On that one, you are lying! Here is the link

  7. Ghai phava!

  8. Cheap colleges in the end are expensive..MAss Communication degree from in association with JKUAt/KU/Maseno/Moi. Go and register to the actual university than using this colleges.

  9. Kindly avoid making such allegations without have done your homework.

  10. we undastand that media has got its freedom but it is not thr for yu to abuse it by tarnishing other pipo name with so called updates whr even u dnt have a far as i knw NIBS is an institution that has its own values it has been here for many years now many students has come here qualifyn and get jobs. NIBS is a registered institution wth relevant ministy of higher learning MOHEST NIBS is a center of KNEC,KASNEB ABE ABMA,ICM AND CITY AND GUILDS NIBS has no rezon to steal frm its community so daily post if u think you can b smat then u hav failed. style up daily post


  12. what.i have studied in nibs and i can stand and say that its one of the best institutions in has the best resources,staff and everything.

  13. If I were you I would pull down this story like yesterday. You are fucked. Before you kill people's businesses do research idiot. I am sure you are the kawaida broke bloggers who cannot even afford a court fine.

  14. I appeal to the government to close this collage immediately CON MEN

  15. every dog has its day.So this is the reason why lecturers leave NIBS ruiru at a very high rate.CHE/CUE should look in to this very seriouly.

  16. They have indicated on their website that their examining bodies are KNEC, ICM & ABE so i don't get where IGM has come from...

  17. am a NIBS student and they have announced to us about the defamatory story on your website. i have been here doing my diploma in IT for two years and this is the first am hearing of them offering fake certificates. have you contacted the administration ?have you gone to verify the story? what proof do you have? i have gone through the ruiru campus brochures and that course does not exist! employers will no not hire me because of this story and i am going to close you down

  18. my friend, as you follow professional codes of ethics in writing.
    i wish to be your teacher,
    1. i would cane you
    2 i would withdraw your certificates
    3. i would excommunicate you from online journalism.
    4. i would send you to court
    coz you have published an article with a great magnitude from a less informed point.
    Kenyans have a right to information but not just information but the truth.
    i bet you do more research before you make any other publication. AM
    a concerned parent and an academic online researcher, IGM exist my friend and not a hoax

  19. this story is a lie the institute do exist

  20. I always listen about them in an fm radio station, I am shocked.I will check coz I wanted to join.

  21. Would you Please Confirm your information before you post it,We do not offer Exams from the said Examination(IGM)

  22. Please wacha kuspoil jina la shule. The institute is there!!!. Daily post be srious.

  23. This is a very bold and serious defamation. NIBS is a credible institution n fyi soon its bcoming a university!

  24. Hahahaha! ni ya ukuyu.ukuyu na pesa!

  25. STOP spreading stupid rumors, kenyans respect this institution VERY much. Its owned by a very hardworking lady who is above board in her dealings. It has competent staff who have produced very competitive young graduates in all cadres of economy. PLEASE, lets desist from practicing journal hooliganism in name of writing stories. Personal differences should be sorted in separate forums without dragging along hardworking kenyans. I would urge KENYANS and NIBS Community to ignore this post.

  26. I used to be in NIBS Ongata Rongai Campus , it is owned by a lady called Racheal not by Liz Wanyoike , Racheal is sister to Liz, she sold the Brand/Name to her Sister(Only Ongata Rongai) who had earlier mismanaged another college in town, the college is poorly mismanaged, i can even confirm some lectures who i even know them by their names who are selling certificate from IGM, ICM , ABE ,ABMA and internal(NIBS) to the students, i really pitty those students

  27. This story is serious and needs thorough investigation. I bet someone should be in court soon, either Daily Post or NIBS Management. If left unchallenged, then a dangerous precedent will have been set. And where, does Daily Post summon all the confidence to post this kind of information? I think they should record more than one statement in light of the same. NIBS Management shouldn't sit back and wait for this one to fade off, it has a serious implication on their students prospective clients.

  28. I used to NIBS (Ongata Rongai), the Campus is owned by brown lady called Racheal but Liz Wanyoike, Racheal is sister to Liz who sold the brand/Name to her sister, how had earlier mismanaged another college in Town(Uchumi Hse), Nibs (Rongai) is poorly managed, They do offer IGM , I can even confirm that some lecturers who i know the by their names who are giving out fake certificate from ICM, IGM, ABE, ABMA and Internal, i really pitty those students

  29. i love nibs. the college is very good. wacha siasa.

  30. My GREAT concern has been numerous diplomas thrown at students and in particular a diploma in law. Where can a course like diploma in law offered in most of these colleges leads you?That includes Inoorero University, Sometimes parents will be misguided that after the diploma, one can pursue a degree. However by the time a parent is through with paying the diploma they are financially exhausted. The relevant institutions in the government are not helpful. The parents should consult and do research before enrolling their children in some of these colleges. Can anyone out there volunteer to review some of these courses on offer? Some one need to save our children's future.

  31. thanks for revealling coz i was ready to enroll for ba class next week. umetufungua macho

  32. @Patrickonline.. we know u r one of the culprits in this scandal so u can defend the institution to the tooth! The fact is these r just some revelations that hav come to confirm most fears that hav been there 4 a long tyme..what is Institute of General Management? that name itself sounds senseless even b4 u search! The commercial mindset of this institution has brot nightmares to many unsuspecting students/parents especially with the state-of -the -art adverts that they use in the media.

  33. Wachenihizo zawana!!! Kwani hamyui IGM body!!! have u checked your info?

  34. theres a high possibility of truth in this..many graduates from this college tarmarc 4 so long cos those certs r suspected everywhere u present them.

  35. been to that school thika road campus studying tours, travel and business dated my galileo lecturer and he too wanted to sell me an ICM certificate!. That school is fake!





  37. Daily post, can you go forward and bring out many other fake colleges in Nairobi,some of them offers up to masters degree like the one that am working with

  38. Can you stop spreading unfounded rumors, you should do your research before publishing such a story. Probably its one of nibs competitors trying to spread bad rumors and this is what we call malice. whoever is behind this should be ashamed of him/herself. Nibs is a credible college and it produces fully baked graduates. I would recommend this college to anyone, anytime.

  39. He has started propagating cheap propaganda. The said website for IGM is available and it truly shows that it's a college. I think he should do his investigations thoroughly before posting craps and shits!



  42. Fact NIBS offers exams from unrecognised bodies like ICM, IGM and ABMA. Fact, its also offers exams from reputable bodies. KNEC, KASNEB, ABE. It offers the inferior exams to unqualified students. FACT so long as you have money you get admitted. FACT, Liz sleeps with her male employees, one who is now a county report and formally with a kikuyu radio station. And another one who has a college near nibs town Both are younger than his sons

  43. This is to the General Public: Nibs has cut a niche for herself as a center of excellence in academics. It is accredited by MOHEST. It is a center for KASNEB, KNEC,ABE, ABMA, ICM and City and guilds.It has also been authorized by the council of legal Education to offer a diploma in law. The writer of this column should Have contacted the Management for clarification.
    To verify this information visit the following websites:,, and MOHEST.

  44. Am surprised how one person can cause confusion to Kenyan, most likely due to a few coins. I can attest that NIBS is committed to academic excellence and more importantly to their slogan of "developing skills and competence". As a researcher I can only describe the author as a "good for nothing". Even if it was a hypothesis (tentative answer) then I would have expected more sense.

    To the potential students,guardian and the general public, get facts right before you conclude. Every market has a mad person remember.

  45. The available recognized accrediting examination body is Institute of General Management & Finance (IGMF) at and is different from what Daily Post claims to be fake and that goes as Institute of General Management (IGM) at The latter is no-existent.


  47. I now know i am in the right college. Ihii itikagiria mutunda utari matunda mahiga.

  48. Please be honest.This place sells fake stuff is the story.Period.

  49. The school is accredited institutions, i have been a parent, and i considered taking my son there after confirming from all the relevant authority, NIBS is one of the best colleges in kenya, and many who have attended the school knows.

    Kindly save your name and your proffession

  50. A lecturer from NIBS

    Hie All
    ...............Lets be in a classroom a little bit. Defamation refers to publication of a false statement regarding another person without lawful justification thereby lowering his reputation, make him be shunned,avoided or ridiculed by a right thinking member of the society. For a defamatory case to be sustained in a court of law, one has to prove four things: the statement was defamatory, meaning it should have had a negative effect on the reputation of the plaintiff, referred to the plaintiff, was published which means communicated to a third party, and most importantly the statement made was false.............
    That is a Law class at NIBS. The same is taught at all NIBS campuses. IS THE INFORMATION FAKE?
    Please let Daily post get facts as I feel bad when they underrate academic transformation at NIBS. The lecturers are experienced, qualified, dedicated, committed as well as professional. All curriculum are approved and strictly followed.

  51. save us the crap, i am an alumni of the institution,took up a hospitality career and am now workin in a highly reputable government parastatal which anyone would die to work for.whoever is spreading this should style up.

  52. The IGM is a legitimate professional body in existence for about 15 years. How is it that the gutter press never allow the truth to get in the way of a lie

  53. Such a rubbish story. I qualified from IGM and got a good job. So kindly desist from telling lies trying to undermine my qualifications

  54. How is it that people always jump to conclusions if an organisation doesn't fit their perceived notion of what it should be. I qualified from IGM and I got a great job with an NGO so kindly desist from spreading false witness

  55. Why is it that students who fail exams always blasme the examining body or the college

  56. NIBS is one of the leading colleges in Kenya and I graduated from there with a Diploma from IGM 3 years ago and subsequently was admitted into the final year of a degree programme in Malaysia where I am currently employed in a senior capacity HRM by an international hotel group. Kindly do not attempt to undermine my professional qualification writing a lot of rubbish. I am a proud graduate of NIBS and IGM and I hold full Membership of IGM (MIGM) this past 3 years

  57. Paper never refuses ink and sensational lies sell newspapers

  58. Judas got 30 pieces of silver

  59. Some people who call themselves journalists choose to use this profession as armor behind which to conduct psychological warfare. Could be NIBS didn't place enough advertising with these bozos

  60. Rogue reporting.People trust journalists about as much as they trust politicians

  61. First of all, let me point out that we have a police force that has neither said they need the help of the usual speculators nor that they are unable to finalize the investigations. Mutula’s family has great lawyers who I am sure will get to the bottom of the matter if there was any foul play.

    The craze of turning things against one personality who has been attacked over and over by the social media and the internet, yet she has managed to keep her head high and ignore all her haters is a little too low. I may be biased and angry at these posts circulating about Caroline Mutoko but if anyone is wise, the posts are coming from the same people who originate every other attack against Caroline.

    Now I am not saying that I know where Caroline was or whether or not there was anything between Mutula and herself but I believe that it is not the work of any individual to interfere with ongoing investigations and circulate speculations to turning anyone’s name in a matter that has not been concluded and is still under investigation.

    I have never met Caroline Mutoko personally and I have not even talked to her on any medium at any capacity but I have a reason to believe she is human and that her feelings are being taken for a serious ride at this moment. Before you hit share on the next article cursing and accusing her of anything at this point, put yourself in her shoes. Stop being used to spread other people’s selfish agendas to trash Carol’s name. She has been a great part of our society and she plays a role that many of us can never afford to play.

    I have watched Caroline on inspirational talks and to be honest, she is one person I really admire. Next time you want to point fingers at the way she does her things or accuse her on anything that you are not sure, remember she is among the very few if not the only Kenyan whose name has been placed on a paper advert seeking for an employee with her skills – back when Kiss FM was starting, they placed an ad on the press asking “Are you better than Caroline Mutoko?” Clearly, they did not find anyone above her, they found her.

    Do not be mixed with other people’s hate of her success, appreciate her and do not support haters! Be positive.

  62. Here are some tips shared on dealing with criticism:

    1. Realize that the bigger you become, the more you will be prone to receiving criticism. Don’t be alarmed by this.

    2. Then, realize that it’s usually not your problem, but instead, it’s usually a problem with the person who is criticizing you.

  63. Yes but Judas had the decency to go out and hang himself. Whoever you are, go and do thou in like manner

  64. When The New York Times Jersey edition published my article, I thought I had reached some great new heights amongst my fellow journalists. What I had unknowngly reached was being published in a newspaper with a long history of printing lies and doing everything in its power to influence events and encourage the destruction of others through its news columns. There are many factors at play in the decline of newspapers, but I think one factor is the general disenchantment with the product—the news—often tends to turn out to be false.

  65. Lots of people are annoyed by all the lies in newspapers and magazines. They make up things about people and give them a bad reputation. For example, the newspaper “Expressen” wrote that the actor Mikael Persbrandt was treated for alcohol problems in a special home when he wasn't. What is the reason for newspapers to lie?

    Newspapers are making money when people buy their news. If nothing dramatic is printed, they will lose money because then no one wants to buy them. That's why they make up lies, they need to sell their newspapers and earn money.

  66. The only thing missing from this silly piece is journalistic ethics

  67. Karma exists even for newspapers and it exists big time. This piece is bad karma

  68. Assalamualaikum. Knowledge is only through study. NIBS is a college of excellence offering only the best kind of courses through the finest course providers. I am proud to say that I am also an alumni of IGMF living and working in the UK I know the excellent value of an IGMF professional qualification in my workplace. I will pray for you. Allah alone will overcome the people behind this smear story. Lying is haraam. "Confound not truth with falsehood ...." (Holy Quran 2:42)

  69. a great research must be done for pr oval but if true action should be taken to it.parent have pain in paying the fees. as well as colleges in around Nairobi city

  70. It is easy to buy Likes on Facebook

  71. Agree. It bad to peoples to write smear story when no basis in fact

  72. No byline from newspaper so no one person take ownership of story. Wh ever write this story should be taken out and stoned

  73. every alumni is anonymous and the "teacher" says hie.....fake much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. am a student and wen it becomes a university al go back i got three jobs two from banks b4 i even finished my diploma abe nibs is the best try getting a job at bar-clays coz i turned it down

  75. that story is absolutly trueeee kam 2 rongai campus mjioneeeee.tunavumilia tuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. you are making me scared and wanted to enrol this september now who is saying the truth.

  77. worried reader

    many colleges and institutions have erupted whose background is even not known. But due to lack of chances in public institutions, many people have opted for the newly coming up institutions where some offer education at affordable fees without knowledge of the outcome. Who registers this institutions and what step have they taken to ensure that the institution offers the correct education?

  78. Fuck you r sweet..sugar mammy.

  79. Siasa!,siasa nkt..why cant you behave maturely n jus go to court? If its true

  80. lies go to hell NIBS is a genuine institution so u guys luk 4 cowards to lie to am a student there and they dont offer any body like that so fuck your mouth b4 openning it out wit LIESSSSSSS AND RUBBISHHHHHH

  81. daily post please do ur assignment well why write lies institute of general management exists stop cheating people NIBS should take u to court for defamation too bad...

  82. this is a lie.av been a student at nibs and i know how it works.this complain comes from one ill minded person with some personal issues.

  83. stop this crap ad annoying statements about nibs

  84. I wonder why some people with chicken minds desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on this Institution. Is it that you have facts? or either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness. The malice and spite will have a lifelong effects on the organisation and i wonder once again what you will gain out of it. I treat this as vendetta..a prolonged and bitter feud, rivalry, contention, or the likes of desperation. I urge all readers to treat the posting as a rumour- an idle, small talk and news mongering about the affairs of NIBS. Lies fade , Truth lasts forever. Be honest to God and other people while reporting..

  85. Alert!! Beware of that sugar mummy .... Liz, shes spreading HIV, since a victim!!!

  86. Ma sugar mammy ni watmu hata kuliko ma poko wa jiji na venye wana ukedi kama wote..Liz come baby come,mwaaaaaaa....... luv yah

  87. ako wapi uyo liz anipe utamu kuruka

  88. i doubt this much, i graduated from nibs in 2013 and hold a very great position in an office,this is mere crap! i think it is all about small minds en simple minds anyway, its no cause of alarm.

  89. this is true as it appears this institution is offering fake diploma and cetificate where on earth can you be adimited to pursue a diploma with a D+ , AM A STUDENT there ed one of us graduated with a distinction with seven unit un done.there is a poorly educated administrator who sleeps with the principal and can do anything in this institution ,many lecturers are diploma holders .PLEASE TO PROSPECTIVE STUDENT CHECK ANOTHER COLLEGE BEFORE THINKING OF NIBS

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