Do you think this should be BREAKING NEWS?

CCK will now regulate the speed at which News anchors/presenters say their names. This is after numerous complaints from the public on what they hear. Samples listed below:

Lami Mandondo - Larry Madowo

Woodwork Amimo – Uduak Amimo

Simiti Viazi Mahindra – Smirti Vidhyati

Laura Waru dengu – Laura Walubengo

Dennis Owns a he goat – Dennis Onsarigo

Rita ti Itina - Rita Tinina

Rama nyani - Ramanyang

John stole makasi – Johnstone Mwakazi

Suruali mutoe - Swaleh Mdoe

Nikaze tena - Kanze Dena

Gunia ya unga - Eunia Amunga

Peter Oh Yeah - Peter Oyier

Maini ya kigeni - Maina Kageni

Nashariki kwenye Pombe - Mashirima Kapombe

Raila ati atia - Ruhila Adatia

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38 comments for Do you think this should be BREAKING NEWS?

  1. Crazy kenyans

  2. na hio nimesikia sema ingine nicheke

  3. dead

  4. yeah - breaking news!! eheheheheheh... ati Surali mutoe? heheheheh

  5. hahahahahahaah who come up with that>

  6. murder was the case..

  7. This is so hilarious!!!

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahaha l always wonder y they dont have common names but Laura Waru Ndengu hilarious

  9. nikaze tena

  10. Mbona kuonea Larry Madowo Wangu and the he has good pronunciation

  11. ngunia ya unga haha

  12. hahahaaa this just made my evening....crazy kenyans indeed!!


  14. hahaha...crazy kenyans..

  15. hakahahahakkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuh I am under my bed!

  16. Jamii la Mohammed - Jamila Mohammed

  17. To be sincere i din't know Smirti Vidhyati_SMITI VIDIATHI

  18. Kabisa, waende polepole kama Moha......Ni mimi wenu mpekuzi mzimulizi Mo-ha-me-d A-li, K-T-N, Na-I-RO-BIIIIII!!!!

  19. Nicely done, eti rita ti itina!! ooh my God.

  20. useless Larry Mandondo...Jaluo Jeuri!!!Ask Otongolo Boy

  21. Hehehehehehe.....Nice one

  22. Hiyo ni kali

  23. Simiti na mandathi

  24. hahahahahahahaha ni kali sana ati mashariki kwenye pombe hahah

  25. what about 'milking star magua'-wlkinsta nyagua

  26. hahahaa .........crazy kenyans

  27. Hehee... creativity at its best!

  28. On a serious note a lady anchor who has now moved from NTV to KTN and reviews news papers in the morning would twang in a way that you hardly could hear her name or what she was saying.One morning I sent an sms complaining.Today you can hear the name and what she is saying after abandoning that unnecessary twanging.They should all listen to Julie Gichuru.She can twang if she wanted to do so but she knows the viewers have to hear what you are saying and not straining to hear what you are saying.

  29. SSome years back we had a news reader on the radio by the name Agao Potroba but we used to hear a Gang of Robbers

  30. hehehehehehehehehhehe...................just made my afternooon, ati nikaze tena!!!!

  31. Ati dennis owns a he goat, ahahahaha

  32. mambo mbolea-mambo mbotela

  33. Adm haki stop them they may take pipo to bad thinking upon their names.

  34. He.he creativity at its best.

  35. Denis owns a he goat has made my day

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