They say hips do not lie and now that media houses are using curvaceous news anchors to attract their viewers, below is a list of top ten most curvaceous women in the limelight.

1.       KTN’s Linda Ogutu

2.      Easy FM’s Sheila Mwanyigha

3.      Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua

4.      Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli

5.      Citizen TV’s Sarah Hassan (Tahidi High)

6.      Citizen TV’s Celina (Mother in law)

7.      Singer Avril

8.     Singer Marya

9.      Actress Mumbi Maina

10.  Socialite Vera Sikida


68 comments for Celebs with great HIPS ….. LINDA OGUTU, LILLIAN MULI, JANET MBUGUA TOP 10

  1. crap!!

  2. wee lakini za Ogutu ni excess....

  3. Haki hio picha ya kwanza!!!!! Men if you taste that,u cant wash for a month to retain the taste!!

  4. linda oguttu marry me!!

  5. Crackhead, kuna oja ma hips deadly n fresh ni vile tu they are not xposed to cameras n lighting

  6. they are only highlighted cause they are in the limelight. Kenyan women have hips!

  7. The above is no match for kiss tv msalame! Ill do anything in this world to even have a dig!

  8. let them do their craft meticulously.

  9. silicone hips not natural shindwe kabisa?all crap


  11. Dig deeper! There are lots many hipilious than those :bytheway the difference is the same!

  12. Na Jane Ngoiri ameacwa wapi

  13. this is not a discussion for adults!wacheni utoto!!

  14. What of Grace Msalame?

  15. Mbele iko sawaaaaa! inataka 2 oil lubricant kiasi.

  16. It cannot be complete bila Huddah Monroe

  17. im not impressed

  18. but for janet mbugua??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i doubt!!!!!!!!!!

  19. same pussies

  20. toa lilian muli weka grace musalame.

  21. Za Linda Ogutu zinakaa kama manyama zimefungiliwa ....very un propotional..........si pussy zao huwa zinanuka imagine kama ameshinda aki sweat...pussy inakuwa suffocated...........and the smell

  22. Ziko fake...sio natural especially za Linda Ogutu na za Janet Mbugua..........FAKE

  23. za rubadiri nazo,whenever she is reporting am always chumaaaa

  24. hakuna mwenye anashinda manzi yangu hata mseme mara ngapi

  25. Wengine wana ma-hips wengine ni ma c-hips zimefungiwa? watoe zionjwe!

  26. enyewe kuna vile

  27. vera sidika pathetic

  28. mbona dem wangu waliona kinyongo hawakunishow niwaletee her phot,walai ange lead

  29. Hahaha...eti top 10.Na zangu je?????? na saa hizo hata situmiangi hata ma E-pills

  30. for Shila mwanyigah I believe it natural lakini wengine hakuna kitu.tena Kenyan women have hips the natural one for that matter sio hips buster oriented like the ones displayed above.wa kwende uko

  31. Lol....wait n c them wen naked....una lost, pap

  32. When you "do it", you do not "do" the hips, you do "that" and you will be surprised you don't even remember the hips when you are "inside". A woman is a woman with or without hips!

  33. Sera and Vera all the way

  34. OGUTU AKO SAWA wacheni panganga

  35. Who cares,my wife is far much better than all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. nafasho nayo cute gud looking

  37. my wife's beats all of them.

  38. Hizo hipss za linda na matago ni poa tu kaa anatake shower poa or else maze utakimpia akitoa tu hiyo slip utashuka apetite iendee the whole month

  39. Endeni Kenya poly ifshe wasn't transfered

  40. wah vera sidika na mumbi maina eish

  41. Crap! Vera sidika has STINKY PUSSY! Ask me how l know...(wink). Btw Vera is a call girl

  42. Anybody should realise that Linda's hips are not natural, the rest are. Infact one is growing bigger than the other, she has to be worried about that.

  43. Mavi tupu.

  44. ogutu n janet mbuguas r fake..all the others kudos..if i was in the limelight i would be topping..huh

  45. I wish we got more interested in love than conflict and incidences like the attack of westgate Mall could be no more.

  46. Come and see mine then be the judge

  47. i love victoria rubadiri all thz is crap


  49. China hips...I bet if they called my mother She would beat all of them plus other kenyan women.wangekuwa least ten.utamu wa maku is hips.

  50. hip dont define any ones character.my wife got some too na siringi.

  51. seriously at this time this are not the posts to be sending out.

  52. yes Rubadiri. ako na hips poa

  53. Kweli all of you are shameless and childish...focus!!

  54. you are all rotten minded...tafuteni kazi ya kufanya

  55. Guys looking 4 gals.....beware; Most Nairobian gals av installed fake booties. Say I do b4 confirming dat n u'll divorce next day or, wail 4da rest of ur life. I was lucky to import one with a natural booty dat wld make those ladies above sack the docs who installed their.....

  56. Linda Oguttu anigawe tu!!! WAH! Those hips are DAMN HOT!!

  57. Linda Oguttu anigawe tu!!! WAH! Those hips are DAMN HOT!!

  58. Iddle minds people. Crap

  59. Za Janet Mbugua ni fake!!! saa zingine ako very flat, ama inakwanga camera trick?? Kama hana hana, na si mbaya. she has nothing to impress ni ma exajo tu.

  60. Celina anipatie tu shoti moja i will be the happiest guy,pliz Celine nitafute

  61. only liinda ogutu and grace msalame have natural hips the REST from Lilian Muli Down Silicon injections and padded spongy pants, be real women wacheni kufake!

  62. Most fakers are women from Central hawana shape

  63. wanaume wakenya wamerogwa mwanamke ni tabia si urembo na hips fake,they are all gold diggers just look at them all after the cash,men think twice she can never be your wife look at them they are dead inside in real life ni wapita njia.

  64. This is nonsence.what luring posts and comments from people who fear God?Refrain

  65. waaa i am just laughing hard my ribs ghosh.zenye zanifurahisha ni za grace msalame PERIOD!!

  66. Za linda e yawa.

  67. Some comments just leave you wondering what someone is thinking. Whether they are natural or not is none of your business.

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