British PM DAVID CAMERON embarrasses UHURU KENYATTA by refusing to be photographed with him

Wednesday May 8, 2013 - Unconfirmed reports from the United Kingdom indicate that British Prime Minister David Cameron allegedly refused to be photographed with President Uhuru Kenyatta since he is an International Criminal Court (ICC) indictee.

According to sources, Uhuru was largely ignored by British officials and they made sure that there were no photographs taken when Cameron was meeting President Kenyatta.

It was really an embarrassing situation for Mr Kenyatta, who has just come to power through a rare free and fair election in Kenya, and could not be offered a photo opportunity with the British Prime Minister after he made his first trip to the UK as the President of Republic of Kenya.

Although reports are yet to be confirmed, Uhuru remained in a jovial mood throughout the meeting and later met a large group of Kenyans living in the UK.

Uhuru was invited by the British Government to attend a conference on Somalia.

He left the country on Sunday and he is expected to be back in the country later today.

More details to follow …


301 comments for British PM DAVID CAMERON embarrasses UHURU KENYATTA by refusing to be photographed with him

  1. White pigs its good he never took photo who do they think they? are rotten pies takataka mavi ya kuku . They dont know how we value or President a rundi home we miss him dearly fogothos!!!!!!!!

  2. who needs the photo. wacha fitina.

  3. Omolo Kende

    Bwahahaha ati what? ICC indictee? Which Mzungu in his right senses will want to be photographed with a "criminal" Lol!

  4. whu care's Uhuru is our prezo n we love him as our Prezo let the British keep on praising Raila aka Western project

  5. Akwende huko, Uhuru was elected by Kenyans who are not fools

  6. bullshit!

  7. No way. These are pure unfounded romours. No one will believe in u.

  8. David!! you think you are holy than thaw ,even your name sound an African shame on you ,he will remain the president of kenya your photo with him means nothing ,you might have even disorganized his organs b4 coming back to Kenya

  9. Kwani picha itamsaidia na nini. Let them sort themselves

  10. we dont need the photos we want our prezo safe and sound hizo zingine ni pang'ang'a tupu

  11. ati came to power through a free and fair election - wee admin hujui unalosema...which kenya u living in??

  12. Propaganda ya CORD, this photo shows that he was not ready for an official photo shoot, Kwa hivyo wacheni propaganda, why dont you lie to us that Cameron did not sit in the same meeting as Our President. Cheap politics will take you nowhere.We Love our President. Long Live JUBILEE.

  13. I don't think he was interested either.What for who doesn't know that they met?

  14. kwani akipigwa picha atakufa ... may he fukc out those british asshols

  15. what do you expect if you have been accused,he actually did well not to shake hands with them but rather remained jovial throught the visit,kudos my president,love you big!

  16. ati they refused any photograph to be done...hehehh,,,what of those photos on social media with the UK Pm..pliz spare us the hogwash!!!!!!!!

  17. what do you expect......

  18. picha si lazima. tutahang ama?


  20. It changes nothing, Uhuuru is not a model to pose for your photos Jonnies, He is an Honourable President, for lack of a better word, you are PETTY!!!

  21. Uhuru never invited himself,
    The fact remain he met Cameron and other govt officials .
    He was not sleeping on ghetto.
    He didn't go there to be photographed
    We saw him on TV cordially received so stop propagandas.

  22. David Cameron should know that uhuru is our president whether he likes it or not, kwani picha ni nini uhuru amepigwa picha mingi sana so ya prime minister makes no difference, En he should kno uhuru has not been proved guilty yet.He is behaving like jaluos.

  23. Hata mimi siwezi taka picha na Colonist who killed and raped our people during British Empire Rule. They even buried the likes of Waiyaki Hinga, Kimathi wa Ciuri, and many others. Viva Uhuru Kenyatta

  24. Photos are not relevant, the speech he gave out is enough to show what a prezzo we have........

  25. who is embarrassing who???. its actually them who refused to be photographed with him after the foreign office maintained Uhuru visit is part of essential contact. get your facts rights. am here in london and i know that for a fact

  26. to be taken a photo..? come on get real! he is richer than david cameron, so what will the photo do to him,?huh

  27. Kwa Kamoron cameroon or whatever is Jesus?? to hell with the photo. come back Our beloved president wachana na Majohnny!!!!!

  28. Our dear president should ignore any other invitation from the West. They should now look for us and not the other way round. Shame on you colonial masters.

  29. Those people are as stupid as Omollo kende above. Mbwa mwitu

  30. boring cameron...i will take a thohusand pictures with UK if have too coz am a proud kenyan.

  31. So the photographs were supposed to add what value to president UK?Has he ceased to be our president,this Cameron guy and his fellow whites need to know that Kenya elected Uk,not under compassion and/or oppression but out of our own free will,he can not change that fact and whether he takes photos with him or not is neither here nor there,they ended up licking their vomit,they invited him after all,so let em all take a dive in the pacific.

  32. kwani photo ni kuma

  33. god is on your side may be thjose jungus are devil worshipers it doesnt matter whatever enemies use they are deafeated in jesus name we jubillee will tramp over serpients and scorpions in luke 10 19 and they will not harm us

  34. bullshit!!!!!! These whites pigs think they are holier than thou!!!!! they can hung themselves. We elected our president, unlike them who force to be kings and queens!
    You don't need photographs with them my president.......Kenyans are more than happy to take them with you........We don't need these white color people, they need us more.......otherwise they would not have embarrassed themselves by inviting you after they called you a criminal! Welcome back home, where you belong!

  35. whether true or not Uhuru doesn't need a fucking photo with anybody to stamp his leadership. More than 6 million Kenyans already did. Nkt!


  37. Only photos... if at all he was taken the photos with him, will they be the supper our President will take supper? Hiyo ni yao

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. mmmmmh ukweli

  40. Our Prezzo is bigger than the fotos ur talking about. He is above that, he knows why he went there, fotos na huyo racists tutakula supper ama?

  41. Actually the Britons r the actual criminals themselves..they illegally imprisoned, tortured and killed our founding fathers

  42. Hawa ni wasungu sisi waafrica, isitoshe, kwani ICC indictee, aliuwa musungu gani? wakwende uko, Uhuru is our Prezo na atabaki our Prezo wamese wembe.

  43. kwani the photo could have assisted in improving our economy? bure kabisa!!!

  44. They will come apologizing later after this case of ICC is dropped. You just wait and see how God works. They will be shocked. God is on our Presidents side.... let them sit and watch our God's doings.

  45. y do they judge him..they too r nt ritious.nwe Uhuru ni wetu c wao.


  47. kwani yeye ameendea photo ama comfrence.......acheni domo mtu kaa anataka kumphoto angoje leo jomokenyatta amphoto ....mavi ya kuku.

  48. This colonists should know people

  49. For Heaven sake UK remains our beloved Preident Photos for what we dont need them.UK we value you more than where you are invited comeback we mis you

  50. Its bcoc they are ashamed of themseves after all the empty threats. Brandy racists, they are licking their sore wounds

  51. What does the government of Kenya,the president and the Kenya has to do with the photos,whether he agreed or declined he isn't coming back to open a tu na media here they are...nyenyenye......

  52. Go fuck! what fucking photos,who is interested with photos??

  53. And who took a photo with them when they were stealing our land during the mau mau time?Yeah he rememebred what the father did to the colonials..he couldnt for sure


  55. Omolo Kende!mavi ya kuku wewe, paka imekwama kwa mtungi wewe, Criminal ni wewe na mafala wenyu!meza wembe ukitaka. Our beloved President Uhuru is God chosen mjipange tafadhali!!have missed you our beloved President na karibu nyumbani.

  56. they saw it from the father mzee kenyatta.they cant forget the marching orders they received from mzee were sure shots

  57. That's embarrassment indeed.

  58. what matters is that he is our beloved president.who cares about ma picha.

  59. is a photo with Cameroon a clearance to HEAVEN? We care less about that....

  60. let our president come back i even dont no david is his an al-shabaab leader..............

  61. Please Mr President, come home and take photos with the people who elected you. Wachana na vinywa kobe sura kama nyuma ya nyani.

  62. I didn't vote for the gentleman; but he's now our president and we love him. They gotta learn to respect our beloved president!

  63. Our Prezzo started meeting the high and mighty since he was a toddler. No wonder he doesn't get excited by small things.
    let them know "what you resist persists"

  64. wacheni ukabila build the nation

  65. who do they think they are, they just give us a reason to dislike them. Uhuru is our president, period.

  66. what the fuck?

  67. Aurudi home, we already miss im big!! Photo za nini? Tutaweka kwa sahani tukule ama? Come home Mr. President and you can take as many photos you want ok.

  68. wacheni panganga wajinga nyinyi tumechoka na hii ufala ya wajaluo na wakikuyu kwani munafikiria MUNGU aliwaweka nyinyi peke yenu kwa hii inchi ,na nyinyi wasapere just because prezo ni kenyatta dont take this country nikama yenu ndio maana munachapwa viboko madame wenu kuua ma huzzy, tama ya pesa, mapoko, walevi na nyinyi wajaluo mulinyimwa prezo juu ya ujinga yenu muko proud na umaskini imejaa kweni kwani simujiulize rao amewafanyia nini. ukimwi iliwafagia mulikua third largest tribe ona sasa mko fourth yote ni juu ya ukedi so nyamazeni nyinyi wote and let your focus be on GOD hatutaishi kwa hii dunia milele

  69. U still dreaming of stolen votes. Si u please get a life.

  70. indictee?????? hah give me a break! the British colonial masters, they killed, maimed, raped... they criminals of social injustices in Kenyans. they are the criminal. our beloved President is Gods chosen and he need not contaminate himself by taking photos with those devils.every Kenyan knows the truth about who the perpetrators of violence are.waache zao

  71. Photos will not add value to our economy, they can as well keep their pride with them we don't need them either.

  72. Uongo. why did he agree to appear on TV with him?

  73. chris okumu wee ni bull shit. who stole what election ass hole.

  74. We Kenyans had instructed him not to take photos with those bullshits who killed, maimed ad destroyed our grand parents lives and those of their siblings. Wee had argued him to clearly articulate Kenya agenda like compensation of Mau mau and push for funding for Somali and not go whining over mikeke, mikate and photos.We will be sending the photo man together with his watermelon for photos and mikeka and mikeka. Our President is beyond cheap issues


  76. they embarrassed themselves first when they invited him. mmmm they know his worth, let them stop pretending them colonialists...

    I long to have a photo with you my prezzo. anytime you need one am available.

  77. A photo of a scion of a freedom fighter and a descendant of a colonialist?It is really worth it?

  78. they dont take photos with thieves,even if he comes in western kenya we won't take photo with him,kikuyu ni kikuyu whether n uk or n kenya.

  79. Shameless white pigs they think they are the God of Africa,they are really gone be ashamed when his charges will be dropped.

  80. That is a lie, I have a photo of the President with Uhuru PM Cameron shaking hands with smiles on their faces .

  81. it doesnt matter he is MY PRESIDENT!!!!!and further more we can do without those whites!!!!

  82. Hey PIG, havent u seen those photos trending all over the news channels worldwide..its President Uhuru with British officials a**hole....they were photographed n the rest is nonsense.

  83. We don't care!!!Uhuru is a king in his country.
    Asipigwe picha na hiyo dolly !!

  84. Propaganda hizo. David begged our President to go there. They cant solve Somalia problem without us (Kenya) else the die if the address from above. Whether indictee or not that's not our problem. Let them say or do what they want. We chose him as our leader. You heard his speech one of the best in the whole world. Shame on you Charles Okumu and Omolo Kende for pointing a finger on our President.
    Welcome home Mr. President we salute you Sir.


  86. Tunammiss already arudi haraka, kwa picha ni chakula

  87. AGAIN PHOTO add NOR any value ,,, but the Truth hurts to them coz they know what they wanted...

  88. Tumemmiss already, arudi haraka aki...kwani picha ni chakula

  89. Tumemmiss already, arudi haraka aki...kwani picha ni chakula

  90. Tumemmiss already, arudi haraka aki...kwani picha ni chakula

  91. Tumemmiss already, arudi haraka aki...kwani picha ni chakula

  92. Tumemmiss already, arudi haraka aki...kwani picha ni chakula

  93. y insult PM Cameron when it's Uhuru who is in their country and speaks their language.the above report might b mere rumour mongering piece.However,it's hypocritical how some fools here insult the PM yet they all die to visit there.some even studied or washed masaani na kufagia uko!

  94. Not taking photographs does not change the fact that he was invited. If the PM really had issues with him, he'd not have invited him in the first place. But if they embarrassed him in there, trust me UK will just wait till he comes back then all biz will go to China.

  95. Omolo Kende

    Anonymous 05:06 Yeye ndio mbwa mwitu amevalia ngozi ya kondoo na anjua nini alifanya PEV. Anonymous 05:07 You have nothing between your ears, yaani unadhani iyo kitu ni kila kitu.Nkt bastardo! Anonymous 05:23 You soo stupid, unaandika hapa matusi za mwizi. Are you sure atafika Kenya safe?

  96. Just wondering where RAILA comes in in this picture saga. That was Uhuru againts Cameron not Raila. Idle minds!

  97. we don wan to see your sharp noses u wazungus jinga.

  98. We don't care ,get back to Kenya lets build our country.


  100. I have so many videos and photos of UK with the melon at UK. Kwani who took them?

  101. Bullshit they can go to hell uncircumcised creatures uhuru is our prezzo whether they like it or not. Hakufanya wazazi wetu wakufe ama wawe viwete during the maumau era like them! i wish i can met them coz they can take mi to hague express coz i can kill all of them without mercy so that they can feel how we usualy feel without our parents.KUBAFU!

  102. Nyinyi akina O's, wen wil u styl n grow up? Beta the thieves rather than free masions. Go to hell u idiot.

  103. Uhuru is not Raila Odinga to take photos with wazungu assholes. He should only take photos with Mau Mau veterans and other black people. Wazungus should go take photos with Raila, their puppet.

  104. just total none sense. tafuteni vitu za kupost kwa web

  105. everybody is running away from Uhuru, whats happening. I wish he would have not stolen elections....."criminal president" " election thief president" " drunkard president"....I mean surely Kenya needs a break from such leaders.....

  106. Uhuru is not a PM like Divid. Uhuru's counterpart in the UK is the queen! David can take all the fotos he need with RAO.

  107. We in the UK will vote Cameron out of power in 2015 and he knows that. Uhuru will still be Kenya's president beyond 2017 and Cameron will be dying to meet President Uhuru after loosing to Labour party in the General election.Take this to the bank

  108. COME ON GUYS he is cameron...n probably has 'cameras on'...he actually needs no more fotos...he's OLD....

  109. Anonymous 06.28, and who tels u it is only O's who are against Uhuru...even mohas, mwangis, kiokos, ...check the map of Kenya and u will see how cord took almost everywhere including Mombasa, and NAI, the way my name is john kimani, grandpa lost land to mzee kenyatta and we were forced to go to stay in isiolo. my cousin has just lost land to ruto in eldoret...ruto grabbed it during post election violence(HOPE U KNOW THAT).....KENYA IS CORDED AND GOD WILL FINALLY DELEVER KENYA FROM ALL THESE DEVILISH ACTS.

  110. Kwani ilikuwa lazima, Uhuru did not beg to go to UK, they invited him. We value him more than David.

  111. Next

  112. Who would like a photo with those pigs, they colonized us stole our land, raped our women and many other evil things. in fact they are devils and we are proud to be AFRICANS.


  114. stop silly rumours.....all in all time will tell the truth...

  115. @ (1st)05:55 the white man is the bigger thief learn your history since you seem very uneducated and brainwashed... who needs a photo from western? kwani ni Mecca?

  116. Who cares the photos..What if Uhuru never solicited a photo with the guy ..unlike some losers would have begged for coz of their inferiority complex.

  117. toeni kelele hapa na mukakule waru na cabbage zenu huko mbali

  118. what is aphoto??? rubish let them stay and hope our prezo once they come he does the same to the individuals!!!!! their time will come,come on!!!


  120. ....i
    thought the same pple had begged our prezzo to attend the
    conference...that time they didnt know that he was an "icc
    indictee?"...just a thot

  121. Essential contact!

  122. IS BRITISH PRIME MINISTER A god,he is a human being like any other,to hell with u and him

  123. aiiiiiiii kwani bica niki?

  124. He had not gone for photos.He was on serious business and he participated all through.The rest is not important.Then The Kenyans there welcomed him and he as very happy to be with them.

  125. I am a Cord Supporter and i am in London and would clearly say this is baseless propaganda. London Evening Post is an activist based newspaper and clearly its allegiance is seen here.

    1. In all official meetings, when leaders meet on the sidelines there are not photos taken by anyone. This is not the first time

    2. The event was not for museveni or uhuru it was for somali president, so definately it was Somali president to be greeted by public.

    Uhuru was personally invited by Cameroon and they discussed through phone and met and that the truth of the matter. The others is baseless activitism

  126. wakenya mtaelevuka lini...matusi yanini...did uhuru told u that david cameron refused to take a photo wt him? hizi ni propaganda za daily post...plz daily post i wld urge u to be professional hizi gossip zenu r too cheap,,they even make uhuru lk cheap instead of diplomatic..he is a man of class bt mnamwangusha in real

  127. Shame to them, He is our prezzo n he will never go there again. furthermore they means nothing to kenyans. Our president come home we need u back you hv alot to accomplish n ICC case is over bt wanashindwa how to go about it.


  129. aki riala alisindwa na mdogo wake from the former gvt, HIS EXCELENCY PRESIDENT UHURU MUIGAI KENYATTA kwani alikuwa amelala

  130. What will they do when he is acquitted?Have they compensated Muthaura? double faced pretenders.They say you are innocent until proven guilty yet because it is not one of them they do not accord him the same dignity.

    That is why Chavez of Venezuela was my hero for staring them in the face and telling to go to hell.

  131. Stupid Kenyans whose brain is just above of a (ZOkwe) Chimpanzee !Why did Uhuru accepted to fly to Bwana Zake in United Kingdom? Bona alilete makende hapa Uk London? Kwani Uhuru alikuwa na Nyege za Kufilwa? Let the Chimp be enjoyed by his Masters! Uhuruto are two very humiliated sub-humans !Why photo with a chimpanzee ?

  132. i didnt know THE PRESIDENT had gone for a photo session, if that is not the case then he must have accomplished the main agenda. photos or no photos the PRESIDENT got an invitation by David and he honoured so he is a honourable person

    hizi zingine ni side shows

  133. Uhuru was not photographed with Cameron but other presidents were. When tests were done it was found that Uhuru's blood had not increased but that of the others had decreased.

  134. i bet you all this comments are from are just so narrow.its a fact this your president is a fact i wish k=time ya kumuarrest ingekua imefika wamushone cell with pleasure.nkt nkt.foolish you


  136. wht does chameleon oh sorry camerron have to do with our president ,he is just a prime minister like our X vitendawili ,,, UHURU never entertain bullshit ,, rem in TANZANIA he refused to step juu ya mkeka ,

  137. the same british guys killed our peolple raped and stole our land they are more criminals than any one on earth

  138. what value does a photograph add to our president and especially with this white wasp

  139. ndiyo hiyo

  140. You showed us a photo of Uhuru and Cameron in your yesterday's edition moreover, you showed us a photograph of Uhuru being given a red carpet welcome! how comes today you report that cameron refused to have a photo session with Uhuru?

  141. Us here in Britain we don't give a fuck whether PM Cameron was photographed with president Uhuru or not, the fact remain that the PM invited His Excellency after saying there will be consequences if UHURUTO was elected by Kenyans but, who is eating their humble pie now and who is having the last laugh, I guess you know who!!!

  142. The britons are the worst criminals, they enslaved our grandfathers and mothers and brutalised us through torture and killings. No wonder they are going to pay billions to the mau mau. Who needs a photo session with such people?????

  143. waacheeni ujinga, kwani picha ni chakula eti ukikosa pigwa na hizo ngurue utakufa na jaa, ambia hayo makameron hatutaki kuona hizo mboro zao..

  144. bloody lies...get ua f****g facts right before peddling romours..nkt

  145. Us here in Britain we don't give a fuck whether PM Cameron was photographed with president Uhuru or not, the fact remain that the PM invited His Excellency after saying there will be consequences if UHURUTO was elected by Kenyans but, who is eating their humble pie now and who is having the last laugh, I guess you know who!!!

  146. Us here in Britain we don't give a fuck whether PM Cameron was photographed with president Uhuru or not, the fact remain that the PM invited His Excellency after saying there will be consequences if UHURUTO was elected by Kenyans but, who is eating their humble pie now and who is having the last laugh, I guess you know who!!!

  147. who gives a fuck about a mere photo

  148. The idea of just inviting UK to the UK is enough. We need no photos. They desperately need Kenya,

  149. Dave was just right, a sign of matured democracy and respect of the victims of 2007/2008 PEV.No need of taking official photo with a suspect of grave human crimes who bought and stole position he's proud of. The War to liberate Kenyans from the hyenas from the hills is still on course. This is a political battle that shall be won in the true, fair and democratic political battle field.

  150. I have tried to keep my silence on comments made by some of these mzungu ass lickers but then I decided to just spit it out anyway.... not that it will make any difference in their attitudes....

    Don’t you find it not only ironic but also hypocritical that Obama, Cameron, Israel and its military allies all put such a great emphasis on opposing the development and use of WMD’s and Chemical and Biological Warfare and yet so openly use them on such a vast scale when they go to war?

    What gives the US, UK, France Germany, NATO and Israel the exclusive right to fight non existent terrorism in far away countries when they are the instigators of those militia/terrorist that they fund and arm?

    What gives them the right to carry out air strikes “At will” in any country which is clearly in breach of that countries sovereignty?

    Why are these aggressors not taken to the International Criminal Court of Justice on charges of using Weapons of Mass Destruction on at least five breaches of the Geneva Convention?

    Why are they not charged with mass genocide and in particular Israel itself who so profoundly rammed the holocaust down our throats?


    Time the white ass lickers woke up to some reality!!

  151. At least our president met Mr Hague so no more Hague for him lol


  153. Anonymous 8:13; be careful when using 'we'. It is you and who? How many were you when you were posting your comment?

  154. What is in a photo, he didn't leave Kenya to go to be taken photographs, issues first hata kila ofisi iko na picha yake what is the need of another photo. if he was a criminal they didn't need invite him for the meeting. Kenya is great by itself colonialism was over kitambo and they should put that in mind, they can stay where they are and we are good enough to settle our goals, si hata walishindwa na al shabaab sasa ndio wanaona wata saidia wasomali. shida ya waafrika ni yao na wata weza kuji tatulia

  155. mavi ya kuku wewe whom do u think u r?

  156. You guys don't seem to get it. If it indeed happened then Uhuru must have been informed of the arrangements earlier and both parties must have agreed on it. Otherwise there would have been fury huko huko tu. Lets see if Uhuru makes any statement in relation to that.

  157. Arudi! Ata sithani alikua amelipia Otongolo school fees kabla ya hizo matrip na shule zinafunguliwa. Rudi Haraka ulipe shule wachana na upuzi wa mapicha!!!!! Picha kitu gani........Nyenyenyenye.....

  158. Thats great.After all only stupid Africans would like to dine with a white man because their empty brains tell them that god is white and they become more of human beings when they shake hands/dine with a white or pink man.BRAVO Mr.PRESIDENT

  159. Those white pigs are not our God just a photo we don't need them anywhere in our life God is with our Uhuru

  160. Wth or wthout pictures Uhuru n wetu ,4th president of kenya period,who invited who?

  161. I think the whole article is not accurate. Was there a photo session with other leaders and Uhuru was excluded?

  162. I don't see any sense for President taking photos with junior.

  163. Uhuru's mission to the UK had nothing to do with taking pictures or not taking pictures with David Cameron. It was all about Somalia & Uhuru accomplished that. All these discussions about him having being ignored by this person or that person/group of people really does not matter. I don't think it matters one iota to Uhuru

  164. Another crap,

  165. Picha,picha,picha....let those who treasure photos keep up with them.....keep your status MR PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA

  166. they could have arrested him, if they are brave enough. This Omolo Kende, we ni makende tu as your name suggests. and by the way, hiyo makende imekatwa. take that nonsense to Alai's propaganda site, that is where people of your kind take their big mouths and black long sleeved dicks

  167. They are still smarting from what we did to them in March, 9-0 is not a minor defeat, they are still licking their silly sore behinds, give them time they will beg us 4 4givness just as they begged our Prezzo when they realize we are no longer their colony

  168. I am sure there was suppose to be consequences if Uhuru was elected as president or are these the consequences they meant refusing to be photographed with president Kenyatta, what a joke!! anyway we can handle that because #YOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Uhuru refused to kowtow to the mbeberu like you know who

  170. kwani wabeberu think there are no cameras in Kenya?

  171. Uhuru refused to kowtow to the mbeberu like you know who

  172. Mr. David Cameron and Obama will come to visit Kisumu and Larger Nyanza to assess Fish Production, Mineral Deposits and Oil deposits and Commercialisation of Cane Farming, Mombasa, Malindi and other coastal areas to evaluate on Port Expansion, Minerals in Kwale and Fish Industry Investment, In Western Towns you can evaluate on SugarCane production and commercialisation of minerals, Turkana and Lamu/Malindi there are enormous oil reserves, tell Tullow and BP to bid, they would be given concession to start there, Ukambani area has Coal of over $100 Billion ready for commercialisation. Tourism needs expansion.

    Mr. Cameroon and others, these regions are welcoming you with open arms, they are not related to kikuyu tribe and are within the ethnic dominance of CORD ethnic affiliated tribes. Your goverment can invest directly or indirectly through multinational firms. People there are psyched up for growth and development. We have governors from Joho, Nanok, Malombe and a host of many governors..
    Dont be bothered by Kenyatta presidency, resources for development are in opposition ethnic tribes and they have the ultimate decision

    Karibuni kwa majimbo yetu

  173. And so what?? We lacking oxygen today in Kenya??. Did you then Daily Post photoshop what you printed jana?. Whatever, kneeling to foreigners is so gone. Karibu home kesho Uhuru, Presi wetu.

  174. So what does that mean? Uhuru Kenyatta is the president of republic of Kenya and this all that matters. As per the photos, what purpose do they serve? May be Cameroon can save them for his protege RAO, now he has been claiming that he also have a government. What need to be done is that we mind our own business and let white people mind theirs. Why did they have to go to London for the conference?White people do not like it when a black man has a mind of his own. Why not take the conference to Peking or Calcutta.

  175. So what does that mean? Uhuru Kenyatta is the president of republic of Kenya and this all that matters. As per the photos, what purpose do they serve? May be Cameroon can save them for his protege RAO, now he has been claiming that he also have a government. What need to be done is that we mind our own business and let white people mind theirs. Why did they have to go to London for the conference?White people do not like it when a black man has a mind of his own. Why not take the conference to Peking or Calcutta.

  176. Kyuks r mad bana,it shws dat uk is a prezo 4 kyuks only,photo is jst the beginin there is mre 2 kam,u did wel david cameron

  177. they invite him and then REFUSE TO TAKE A PHOTO WITH HIM!!! ABSOLUTE IDIOTS! and they actually think there any better lol they can dream on!

  178. Wacheni matusi central versus nyanza.Na ndio wasichana wa central wanatorokea ma O's .Ni nini hamjawapea?you had better research on that.

  179. r this white people think they r Gods favourite or what?

  180. Gadaffi would have been alive if he had not given a 100M $ to british p.m. cameron.
    Cameron made sure Gadaffi is dead so that he doesnt pay back t debt - t case is on. Isnt he a murderer?

  181. Cameron killed Gadaffi to shut t 100million dollar campaign money debt but t court is on his neck for not only Gadaffis case but for a 95yr old millionaire woman whom he used to fuck to raise his campaign money

  182. photo with the PM? MY FOOT...

  183. I think we miss the point! Was the prezo going there for a photo session?

  184. further more white people like him dont take shower they are very dirty.Jealousy for our president

  185. yeah yeah yeah yeah, its what the brits do cover their own backs

  186. The Normal Question Remains ?Why did Uhuru have to go to England? Uhuru and his baboon Advisors are silly Monkeys! Why was the Somali Conference held in London and not in Nairobi! Uhuru Kenyatta and his silly ,stupid (nigger Advisors) lacks Common-Sense ! Niggers will be exploited by White (Masters) for many many years hence all Niggers thinks with their( Dicks)Why did Uhuru bought a Container of Viagra in London?
    Shame on you Kenya niggers your President was Enjoyed as a fool and Just take the Humiliation! Uhuru deserves More Humiliation and Ruto!Give them Viagra!

  187. president wenu fala uhuru no one wants to take a phone with this bloody criminal hahahahah uchungu wa nini

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  190. Wewe ni mzungu?



  193. democratically elected or,rigged election. all this are nonsense coz he is now the president of the republic of Kenya and will remain so for five years unless GOD decides otherwise, so please spare us some space coz we have a president in place.

  194. there so many scenery that UK wld have taken fotoz here in kenya....was UK in uk for foto session? come on guys considering his background foto album yake isha njaa

  195. This is the other way round;Who in his right senses will be happy to take a photograph with an offspring of colonialism after what their fore fathers did to freedom fighters? Especially from Central Kenya from where the President hails.The President is not a stooge of the imperialists.

  196. ni mbica tukuria kana tuguikia ikumbi.......bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

  197. So what if that Cameron guy didn't want photos?It is not like we asked His Excellency to come back with photos Of him with Britain PM, failure to which he will cease being our President. What is wrong with these people.What doesn't they understand in the statement"INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY".And they are supposed to be the learned ones.

  198. Who cares? Cameron is a gay-loving abortionist.

  199. They should come for their refugees in Karen

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