All those KILLINGS in Bungoma and Busia are POLITICAL .... Now KIMAIYO REVEALS

Monday, the 6th of May 2013 - The Inspector-General of police David Kimaiyo has said that initial investigations on the bloody attacks in Bungoma and Busia counties have pointed to the possibility that they were motivated by politics.

According to Kimaiyo, the 19 people currently in police custody in connection to the attacks have pointed fingers to politicians;

“We want them to tell us who is commanding them. Preliminary reports indicate attacks could be orchestrated by politicians,” said the police I.G.

Last week Kimaiyo dispatched a group of high-ranking officers to the two counties to lead investigations into the killings. Among those who went are his two deputies Samuel Arachi and Grace Kaindi as well as CID director Ndegwa Muhoro.

Western Kenya has generally stayed violence free since the 1980s and 1990s when gangs like Angola Musumbiji, Sabaot Land Defence Force and February Eighteen Revolution Army terrorized villagers.

The recent attacks that have led to the deaths of eight people have been reminiscent of those past attacks. Villagers have reported that the attacks were carried out by groups of 15 or 30 men armed with crude weapons.

Police have not been able to pin a motive on the attacks since the attackers only seem interested in spilling blood. .

Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka and Senator Moses Wetang’ula have both called on the police to get to the bottom of the killings.

During the Labour Day celebrations last week, County Commissioner Jamleck Baruga is reported to have blamed the attacks on political figures saying people were asked who they voted for before they were slashed.


15 comments for All those KILLINGS in Bungoma and Busia are POLITICAL .... Now KIMAIYO REVEALS

  1. CORD Politicians!!!

  2. It doesnt matter the motivation, if they are criminal acts the police should arrest the perpetrators.. it is not important to tell us why people were killed


  4. Killing people based on political affiliation? Upuzi gani huu? A living case of the devil on the lose !

  5. He should give the exact names as they shall be named by the suspects#no monkey business

  6. I bet anything the election loosers are furnishing these to show that the Government is not in control. is time the Government stop using kids groove on these goons and deal ruthlessly to teach them there is Authority in the country otherwise they may have all the rotten tricks being unleased on innocent people.

  7. Scapegoats!Kibaki created jobless Nation...gangs everywhere...what do u expect?

  8. Its Jubilee politicians led by Eugene and MaDVD. they failed to deliver the Western vote.....

  9. Whether or not they are political is not what we want to hear fom the IG but action. You should be acting on those findings and not mere talk. You talk too much!!!!!

  10. it just proves how human life has become valueless among those guys.May God punish them n those politicians behind everythn.

  11. Omolo Kende

    Ni works za Jubi-thieves. Ata nikiwaona kwa TV nakuwa mgonjwa nkt!

  12. stupid odm politicians.

  13. Mr Kimaiyo,a crime is still a crime regardless of who commit the crime this strange animal you are calling politician is just a cover to hide whilst people get killed;you know much better than everyone else please dont make wananchi read to you your job requirements

  14. wafinywe makathari mpaka waseme ukweli. Kimaiyo should not behave like a toothless bulldog, afanye kazi bila woga.

  15. So bw IG, doest it mean if its political theres nothing u can do? R those politicians small gods or ghosts that u cant arrest en prosecute them? pls stop giving kenyans vague excuses 4 your failures...its time that the reformed police force developed TEETH to bite...not saluting the so called evil politicians!!

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