Woman STRIPPED UNCLAD after she was caught in bed with another woman’s husband along Jogoo Road

Thursday 25th April 2013 - Transport was disrupted for hours along Jogoo Road after a mob crowded to witness a woman who had been beaten and stripped naked by another woman after she was caught in bed with her husband.

The wife is said to have ambushed the two at the house after she returned from work unexpectedly. Apparently her husband had pretended to be feeling unwell only for him to remain at home that day.

One of the neighbours allegedly alerted her after seeing the lover entering the house. She locked the two from inside and waited for the wife to return.

Drama ensued after the enraged wife arrived and found them romping in their matrimonial bed. She took their clothes and dragged the woman outside. With the help of other women they vowed to teach her a lesson to not to mess with other women’s marriages. They gave her a dog’s beating and dragged her by the roadside along Jogoo road.

Passersby crowded to witness the free drama as others laughed and humiliated her.

What a shame!


25 comments for Woman STRIPPED UNCLAD after she was caught in bed with another woman’s husband along Jogoo Road

  1. unfair

  2. Men sometimes u r very idle, can you count how many men r following this lady? May b your wife is with another man u never know. shame on them. Endeni kazi

  3. Pray tell...what happened to the man? It takes 2 to tangle


  5. this is crazy

  6. Lesson to others!!

  7. Silly woman going to another woman's bed. Serves her right

  8. shameful uuffff!

  9. And where was the bed partner? Why her only? Come on!!!

  10. No, its not a lesson to others. Those who engage in so called 'teaching her a lesson' are only after personal gains; to have a view of a naked women, humiliate her and get a kick doing so. Sadist, i would say so. Are they trying to say that they have never done anything wrong? Geez...

  11. isaw adude on ngong road same situation tuko kwa jam we saw adude run nude holding his shoes and klads then he goes behind a big flower and dresses up

  12. this is fake it is such an old photo seen it on the net months ago .

  13. this is against the law of nature.matrimonial bed?dragging a fellow woman naked.?did the children see this drama?

  14. y do i feel all de comentors at this page r women?

  15. what about the,man ..he brought the woman in thier matrimonial bed in the first place,..if the man is screwing outside his wife must ask herself why and this wont stop ...it means hers is better than his wifes..idle men stand by and watch as if they are innocent,this is the problem of all niggas we are all hypocrates....get the man chop it off..

  16. Such a pity for the lady who was stripped naked and shamed. Take heart that with willpower you will overcome the shame and move on. My sympathies too for the woman whose husband brought another woman to her matrimonial bed. And more pity because in spite of all of this, you will still sleep with the same man and tomorrow he will up his game and sleep with many others but it won't be so easy catching him. So how many women do you intend to beat?

  17. y is it always when these things happen only ladies are blamed? before they get together there is an agreement for both and i think the man should be punished most for being stupid and allowing a stranger into their home

  18. Its a silly thing to see men in numbers following a naked woman.Kenyan are soooo iddle!

  19. This man is simply looking for HIV/AIDs or he is already positive spreading the disease. God save the wife from being infected.

  20. this one may never mess with her husband again, but is she going to tie the man with a rope? or will she employ the neighbour full time as a tracker? the problem is her husband. this woman didnt invite herself. this is very stupid of women stripping one of their own. once you see one woman's naked body you have seen all; so what was seen was all the women who were there. NAKED! SHAME!

  21. Jesus said and who ever knows that he is clean be the first to throw the stone.

    Let us pray to be forgiven.

  22. The errant woman was rightly humiliated for not respecting another woman's matrimonial bed. However, the punishment for the husband is still pending. What are the plans to discipline this man - whose sins are 'greater' - inviting the errant woman and .......... and .............. IT IS DISRESPECT OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE FOR ONE'S FEELINGS [Immorality]. I am waiting to hear about the wife's or mob's punishment for the husband

  23. rolling on another woman's bed is fun especially if it has ever happened to u....the wife shuld do it with another man's hubby tena kwa bed yake ndo ako kauchungu kaishe......sounds silly but it works....this is 4rom the horses mouth.....i 4gave my hubby n the lady after doing xo....now am free n will do it agen if i find out he's cheating on me..

  24. this is fake look it up it has a different story all together

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