We are ready to work with President UHURU and his deputy RUTO – Nyanza CORD leaders says

Sunday April 14, 2013 - Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) leaders from Nyanza region have said they are more than ready to work with President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto for the sake of development in the region.

The leaders led by former Mugirango MP Mr Omingo Magara said most of the residents in Nyanza have moved on after a humiliating loss in the last poll, and stressed that they were pursuing avenues that would see the perceived CORD stronghold benefit from Uhuru/Ruto’s Presidency.

Magara also defended his move of forming a post election pact with Jubilee government saying that was the only way after losing the election.

“We supported CORD Presidential candidate Raila Odinga, but unfortunately we did not make it. As a party we resolved to find a way to serve and be in government,” Magara said.
Magara said President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are young and energetic enough to serve the country with the support of all Kenyans.

Similar sentiments were echoed by CORD leader in Kisumu, George Weda who said residents of Kisumu are more than ready to work with the jubilee government.

Mr Weda said even CORD parliamentarians from the region have revealed to him that they want to join the Jubilee Government for the sake of development in the region.


10 comments for We are ready to work with President UHURU and his deputy RUTO – Nyanza CORD leaders says

  1. Great!

  2. Apparently because they have no other option

  3. Daily Post is TNA propaganda tool

  4. Wise decision guys. At least for the first time change from a different person who is not ua own will be witnessed in western. Juz trust Uhuruto who for sure were God's choice n c how things will move in your region. Congrats guys.

  5. The begining of the end for Ojingaism

  6. Nyanza has always played opposition politics hence the under development. Unfortunately RAO even after getting nusu mkate did not help the region to develop..he kept looking and complaining at what he did not have (the other half loaf) and did nothing with the half he did not. These leaders are able to see beyond RAO bravo to them!! As MOI used to say 'siasa mbaya maisha mbaya'...i just hope UHURUTO govt. will be more accommodating and all signs are there that they will...but RAO must stop misleading Nyanza.

  7. Nyanza poeple are lacking nothing that UhuruRuto will bring to them.It is just their laziness,they like white collar jobs.Nyanza has lot of resources which can sustain them without looking for help. Let them forcust a head and build their counties.


  8. Rigz sundu meru

  9. Well said deliver luos from ojingaism great men!

  10. the begining of a new dispensation in nyanza

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