UHURU/ RUTO name their second batch of CABINET nominees - NGILU and BALALA IN!

Thursday April 25, 2013 - President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto have today unveiled their second batch of their Cabinet secretary nominees, which consisted of technocrats from the corporate world and their close political confidantes.

Below is a list of individuals who have been nominated as Cabinet Secretaries in Uhuru/Ruto administration this Thursday morning.

1. Anne Waiguru                  -                       Ministry of Devolution and Planning.

2. Ambassador Rachael Omamo  -           Ministry of Defence

3. Engineer Samuel Kamau -                    Transport and Infrastructure which will have the Department of Transport Services and the Department of Infrastructure.

4.  Prof Judy Wahungu      -                       Environment, Water and Natural Resource

5. Davis Chirchir                  -                       Energy and Petroleum

6. Najib Balala                      -                       Mining.

7. Prof Jacob Kaimenyi       -                       Education which will have the Department of Education and Department of Science and Technology

8. Charity Ngilu                   -                       Land, Housing and Urban Development

9. Dr Hassan Wario                         -                       Sports, Culture and the Arts

10. Felis Kiptarus Kosgei    -                       Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries under which are the Department of Agriculture, Department of Livestock and Department of Fisheries

11. Adan Mohammed          -                       Industrialization and Enterprise Development

12. Mrs Chepkosgei Kandie                        -           Commerce and Tourism which has the Department of Commerce and Department of Tourism

13. Francis Kimemia          -                      Head of the Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet.

14. Lawrence Lenayapa       –                      State House comptoroller

On Tuesday, Uhuru and Ruto named their first batch of nominees for Cabinet secretaries who consisted of renowned technocrats and diplomats.

Among those who were named is, Ambassador Amina Mohammed to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Henry Rotich to The National Treasury, James Wainaina Macharia to Ministry of Health and Dr Fred Keno Matangi for Information, Communication and Technology (ICT).


121 comments for UHURU/ RUTO name their second batch of CABINET nominees - NGILU and BALALA IN!

  1. ni cabinet ya wagikuyu na wakalenjin then wameweka ngilu na balala 2 political rejects

  2. Aaaiii, but our Deputy President assured us their were no politicians?? ... And what about the rejects??


  4. This is a good cabinet, Mr. President. The bigger task lies ahead.

  5. This list has alot of kalenjins bana there are 42 tribes in kenya and am sure you can get technocrats from these communities. Ruto wacha ukabila.

  6. Good work Mr. President and your deputy. You have done great work and we believe that the nominated cabinet will deliver to Kenya's and our Nation is going to move forward. Congrats

  7. Disappointed with Ngilu as the nominee for lands. She promotes nepotism and can keep her hands away from public property. Hope parliament rejects her.

  8. Good .i think the cabine looks fairly good though i dong think that Ngilu can perform

  9. The deputy president yesterday promised that the only politicians in parliament would be him and the president. How could he say that and undo it in a couple of hours...I believe Charity Ngilu and Najib Balala are politicians.Somebody correct me if my understanding is wrong..

  10. 1. shackles of doom.
    2. mismatch of qualifications.i say a banker now a doctor. a lawyer now an army officer. dentists now teachers? KIMEMIA RETAINED? .ngilu the scandolous water minister? ridiculus UHURU please stop playing with kenyans

  11. Ruto should know that Balala and Ngilu are politician

  12. men n women at work now,hakuna machezoo

  13. A very brilliant idea i commend the president

  14. Ruto said there will be no politician in their government yet ngilu with her tainted past and balala.Back to KANU error of marginalisation where is the rest of kenyans i can only see 4 faces of kenya.For sure this gov will be worse than eem 0 one we knew.They cant fit to digital they claim to be.

  15. Forgive me but I don't see the face of Kenya in these appointments. I hope this does not set a trend in other appointments.

  16. they are ex politicians!!

  17. ng'ang'a- kisumu

    no politicians? what are ngilu and balala doing? dital kweli? umetulet down

  18. Politicians are professionals too.If u didn't vote jubilee why should someone complain of exclusion.U can't ve ua cake n eat it.Kudos Rais na Makamu wake.In fact the remaining too should still go jubilee strongholds.

  19. Najib balala did an exemplary job when he was tourism minister, his expertise are needed in forming a better kenya, but ngilu hapana!!! ngilu should not be in the cabinet,,, Anyway what is done is done, either way the list is here so lets live with it and pray to God that the chosen ones do their work well

  20. It truly reflects the proportion of those who voted jubilee. How do you expect to be rewarded when you rejected us in the ballot

  21. now that they have been appointed now lets work to the prosperity of this nation

  22. Mr. Prozo you have eroded the good strides earlier made by including Ngilu & Balaaaaa in your cabinet.
    Seems the 2 slots remaining are reversed for MA DVD or Kimunya or Kutunyi or makuro or mugatana aka mukatianaji.
    Davies chirchir is corrupt guy, Reachel Omamo left Kenya High commission in France under a cloud!!! Wonder why nominated???
    Pls consider the likes of Vimal shah, Martin Odour, PLO Lumumba, James Mwangi,Ngetich invent the political rejects are re-re-re-rejected by parliament.

  23. I thought Ruto's Slogan was kusema nakutenda! Has he done what he said yesterday??... We voted for you trusting that you'll be true to us but looks like Laptops and Healthcare plans will end up like the infamous free education. BTW are you planning to include Ongeri and Kimunya in the two remaining positions?

  24. Good but will ngilu & balala pass thru the parl screening?? lets wait en see

  25. Heko na pongezi kwa Uhuru na Ruto. Kenyan who are complaining should be genuine for once. Ngilu and Balala apart from being politians are also experts in their own field. Kikuyus are only four and and the total cabinet secretaries are 18!

  26. What a funny cabinet! And you talk of a non tribal government! God have mercy on Kenya. If you can't beat them, join them. A M E N.

  27. I Love u guys but it is disappointing ,on the regional balance,we know u had to give your supporters but ,5 kales,4 k out of 16 not interesting.pls work out this especially if there will be rejects due to past corruption cases,already one is a suspect.I do not want to be shouted to by my colleagues ,it is tiring and humiliating.I am one of your die hard but pls also work on your side.

  28. Uhuruto wamemaliza ngilu..kwanza nominating her as a politician en worse still giving her lands ministry..kenyans wont see the crucial xpected reforms in land matters cos lazima atii amri ya BOSS! she cant deliver on this..i can bet

  29. Jubilee are lucky they have numbers in Parliament...otherwise, Balala na Ngilu wangetupiliwa nje!

  30. waaaah ok hii ndio kenya

  31. i can see the national presentation our leaders talked about

  32. a big miss! nothing to celebrate!

  33. Ngilu does not foot the bill

  34. why are some of you so ignorant? this is a commendable job from his excellency....more to come...alot of expectations CORD sycophats will not get satisfied

  35. Where is the regional balance here ?

  36. Remember there's a vetting team!!!!

  37. I think it is only time that will tell. Everyone needs to be given a chance.

  38. Surely, kikuyus and kalenjins only

  39. where is the national outlook in this? shackle of doom at his best

  40. now lets leave it to the vetting committee

  41. In this Era and age i thought the president would be sensitive enough to understand the mind of Kenyans and break culture of negative ethnicity but from the list he did not even consider what is required by the constitution e.g Regional Balance. This is quiet disheartening.

  42. Pongezi to the President and his deputy. This is a good piece of work.

  43. when u wokeup 2day u did not see kenya wacha kuchochea

  44. No bad!

  45. Not bad!

  46. This is so ridiculous.The president and his Deputy r playing with kenyans` minds.No politicians in the cabinet-yet the electorates rejects Ngilu and Balala are in.Are they not in jubilee?Are they not politicians?Ruto should aplogise for fooling us.We do not see any tangible change from the past.Let them proceede and respect their ` kusema na Kutenda`.

  47. I hate to write this but no face of Kenya here. its a 50/50 govt, 4 Kikuyus and 4 Kalenjins. so what regional balance is this? so other tribes have no good CV profiles? I am totally disappointed

  48. hii ni swag

  49. Good job Mr. president. Kenya is now ready to move forward.

  50. i goog start hope ngilu will do better than in water

  51. For me, I have no beef with anyone. Even if I had, These two gentlemen are being watched by our katiba and they know. We should not mind our opinon so much untill we forget we have a costitution in place which no one is using as a tool of attack. Some by now are already against the grain of the constitution as they make their opinion known.

  52. This is politics. You reap what you sow. Its now harvest time. Dont expect harvest where you did not sow. There's no time to lament, guys should fold up their sleeves and give us results. however, only 2 women? Very disappointing!

  53. Ruto said that the only politicians is him and Mr president how come Ngilu and Balala ? Hii nikusema na kutenda ?

  54. GREAT..JUST VERY GREAT....our president and deputy, cool Cabinet members!...

  55. Some face of Kenya this is, with a cabinet filled with Kikuyus and Kalenjins! The promises have already started being broken with impunity! What a joke!

  56. Give is a break. Why did they keep us in suspense if this is the list they was gonna come up with? It's purely tribal and not on merit. I'm done. The more things change the more they remain the same...

  57. Never ending story in a digital version.

  58. spare kenyan mr. president, this is not a coalition govenment to go for 50, 50 portfolio balancing. shameful to us kikuyu. that is why most tribes hate us. macharia


  60. people be serious this cabinet is well balanced, 4 kikuyus,4 kales, 1 meru, 1 luhya, 1 jack, 1 waria, 1 kisii etc, but look at kenya population the ratio is not bad.

  61. Wacheni hatred towards presso and dp. the cabinets is only 18.no way you can take 42 tribes to fit into 18. remember also friends who fought with you(ngilu,balala).You want them left out, why??prezo cannot choose anybody to satisfy us luos,everybody has his stronghold you cannot deny them a chance and yet they voted for you?atleast he has touched every big tribe, what else do u want.For me am not kikuyu nor kale nor meru but they have done good regional balance.

  62. to have been a politician is not a crime balala qualifies to be a cabinet secretary what crime has he committed or only having been a Cord opponent

  63. Friends............Perhaps the best cabinet EVER in KENYA! Lets give it a chance: UhuruTO are right, and in my view, what they did, no one can do or has done since independence.....

  64. people should now kalenjins not like other tribes there are so many other sub tribes in there

  65. kenyas lets 4get abaut politics and accept the jubilee government and back 2 our jobs

  66. Not as we expected!!!

  67. Stop looking at tribe but the resume.

  68. people should now that even kibaki did not sack sally kosgey in his first cabinet appointment. there must be kimemia for some time for handover purpose after all he is one with all government secrets from all ministries

  69. She's Prof. Judy Wakhungu not Wahungu

  70. Where do you see kikuyu and kales only? I see Kenyans.

  71. How can you hope to be rewarded only to score in your own goal? Prezzo and depa re rewarding trusted leutenants who can perform and deliver their pledges. This is good work of them and they should keep the same burning. No activists in govt. This is not the grand coalition but a national govt with structures and levels of authority.Kudos prezzo and depa!

  72. There are actual players, spectattors, hawkers and passers by. Which group do you belong to?

  73. U talk of regional balance yet u did not vote for jubilee? You people have been abusing the president and his deputy on social media and now u claim u want a cabinet post? Ngojeeni that looser of yours to form his shadow cabinet, that is wea u people of Nyanza and western belongs! Nyanza is lucky atleast u have two!

  74. anonymous @03:47 at 2 women ? look at the list again
    1. Amina mohamed- woman
    2.anne waiguru- woman
    3. judy wahungu- woman
    4. charity Ngilu- woman
    5.chepkosgei kandie-Woman
    this so far equal to 35 Percent i.e 5/14x100%

  75. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Kweli Kenya ina wenyewe. Surely? This is unfortunate, rediculous, unimaginable, and unacceptable. Kwani kulikoni?

  76. Mr. President and your deputy keep to your word or else we loose trust on you. You said no politicians. Are you saying Ngilu and Balala are not politicians?

  77. bravo! only performers and those who cant fail you not comedians

  78. oooooooh i voted for jubilee lakini am not happy with appointments ni kale na okuyo waaaa where are we heading 5 years ni kidogo sana itafika afadhali hata raila serikal


  79. We voted you in trusting that you will change from the past regime by adhering to your promises, just look at your list again do you Mr. President/Vice President
    see something wrong.

  80. obama wanna bees thats what i can say about the two guys

  81. Move on Mr. President and your Deputy, This is all about meeting your Jubilee promises to all Kenya's. We didn't tell you what we want but you told us what your party will offer us and we chose Jubilee, therefore we will not tell you how you will fulfill your promises you know better together with your Deputy. Congratulations!

  82. It depends on how you invested..profits are redistributed according to your percentage in capital raising.

  83. I know why there are too many laments from the CORD side, you cant eat your cake and have it, you didnt elect the govenment so how then do you want to see Othis, Othat, Othere, Othen....dhaaah! there is the balance diet of kenya.!!! do your ratios mathematics....about 6m Kikuyus....out of the 40Mili...that approximately 21% halooooooo.

    Kudos to the prezo and depa...you cant satisfy this african NIGGAZ

  84. kudos to the prez and deputy prezz eqaulity in cabinet slots proffesiolism and naming friends who stood by ur jubilee team ngilu did tramendous work at minstry of health years back balala still a prominet person in kenya region balance they should work for what they want they never voted for us the still never in terms that they lost and their candidates are normal raiya kkkk kenya kenya kenya kenya face of kenya

  85. That is why there is vetting. For all those that think that some specific appointees for the cabinet psoitions are not fit to hold offices, you have an opportunity to present your cases to the relevant vetting organs. As for me, i have no evidence to the contrary

  86. Brovo prezzo

  87. is this the face of Kenya? Western haijapata hata one slot coz huyu Prof. Judy Wakhungu is a Kikuyu who was married in Luyhaland but now divorced.

  88. Remember that "Mboys" will still be "Mboys" if you expected UHURUTO to change the game plan that all "Mboys" loved and enyoyed you are all joking and think twice. The show as just began keep glued to the telly and listen more.

  89. We are 42 tribes, That means maybe we could have 42 ministries to represent regional balance.....Its just a thot.

  90. Not very bad but questionable. Are Ngilu and Balala not politicians?

  91. Hold your horses people. All nominees are open to public and vetting committee scrutiny. Please forward you issues tribal, political or otherwise to these organs. For all I know there are 42 tribes but the katiba says max is 22. Tu-do nini sasa??? LET WORK BEGIN!!!!

  92. Well put Anonymous 4.14

  93. Wangechi
    Uhuru and Ruto are politicians not academicians. Where do you expect thier politics to be when you question Ngilu's appointment. very happy with the appoints - kudos ithe wa Ngina


  95. This is digital bt how did Ngilu & Balala came in and yet they are politicians.

  96. sawa Kenyan what did u expect? Ngilu and balala are ex-politicians.and we should all continue with what we do best and leave RAO to comment as usual after all he was the winner on 4th march.

  97. for its agood start people should hold their horses,vetting is the real test and people should forward their grievances.IF its matters of regional balances the we change constitution to have 42posts.

  98. Good work mr prezo & Dpt prezo even jesus ws dng gud wrk bt very few ws happy,so move ahead sir

  99. My Dear Kenyans, Why dwell so much on tribe? This team is yet to be vetted and we are already judging them by where they come from? The President and his Deputy have done us proud. Let us focus on their credentials and not what part of Kenya they come from. Kikuyus, Kalenjins, Luhya,Kamba,luo,and the rest in that list happen to be all Kenyans. Non is from TZ, UG, etc. Great Work!!

  100. For those who want regional balance pole, the cabinet cannot fit 42 members,Please kenyans, when will you ever be satisfied with anything...the price we pay for democracy!! people not thinking beyond tomorrow.

  101. I am surprised by the comments did you know that in there many dialects in North Rift among the Kalenjins and this is also true in Mount Kenya. So some names may sound similar but the bearers are from different dialects that make 52 tribes i n Kenya. I am also bemused by those who argue about the unsuitability of some people because of not being professionals in certain fields. Many hospitals employ CEOs who are managers and not medics. The health docket requires a professional who will help deal with issues which relate also to finances. We would for instance want to see the issues of NHIF addressed soberly so that this scheme can achieve universal insurance cover. We must also see how issues relating to free medical care for maternity and other services work out. This requires someone who is a real manager per excellence. Let us give the technocrats an opportunity. Kudos to his excellency and his deputy for a well done job.

  102. good work mr prezoo, human being will never be satisfied, let us move on. so many thing waiting and time is running.

  103. Excellent list. Now let them start the work that they know best: misappropriation of public funds!

  104. Does it mean that there is no qualified mijikenda for the cabinet Secretariat? eeeeh! eeeeeeeeeeh! no regional balance kabisa.

  105. I know nobody is perfect so i wont blame prezo and deputy for now. But surely, why put Ngilu knowing her corrupt deals with the Aids kitty, giving contracts to her kinsmen ( including daughter) money when in Health Ministry, and also Boreholes money while at Ministry of Water? I appeal to the vetting committee to reject this woman and her nepotism.

  106. what a bad start!!!Where does this digital govt think other 40+ faces of kenya will go? A lot of faith lost i wonder how this country is expected to grow with many pples feeling excluded.They could have done better than this.Its a big shame for the 2 leaders with rhetoric of uniting kenyans how????????

  107. Anyway, this was expected.its not a surprise.SHACKLES OF DOOM in kenya.


  108. Anyway, this was expected.its not a surprise.SHACKLES OF DOOM in kenya.


  109. RUTO said there was no politician in cabinet and now you saw them .He added that there were no dissagrement,can i be convinced that there was no dissagrement.kiatu cha mfinya kweli ikizidi ndugu we toa.we never rejected u as CORD.Taste the way kalonzo did n after five years,we know your position.you can only get it from this side. kirui

  110. You know there're people who can never satisfy!even if UK and his makamu did put 2 kiyuks,2 kales,4 Luos,4 Kambas etc,believe you me!,some people would be here still moaning and bwaling,please spare Mr President and his deputy peace of mind and let them rule and move the country on wards.

  111. let them face the vetting. I hope Charity will make it because??? They have tried anyway as they have tried to keep their sycophants away. hakina Kimunya and the likes

  112. To those complaining. you expected 42 names just to satisfy your tribe. These are leaders of our country kenya and will serve all of us. Tuache kuongeo kikabila please.

  113. diferrent monkeys, same forest. lets keep on watching

  114. Ngilu and Balala should be in the cabinet.. next time please sow then reap...mlitaka jaluo wapewe na hawakupigia Uhuru Kura...i like the way Uhuruto wame-ignore cordeshians....congratulations.....dont i just love the duo?

  115. lol..I saw it coming

  116. Ngilu's NARC and Balala's RC parties contributed to the Jubilee manifesto. They should therefore be part and parcel of its implementation. Every team needs a few veterans who can stand as mother/father figures to inspire the green horns. Performance also depends on the environment in which one is working. Congratulations to those who made the cut to the cabinet nominations!

  117. Good work Uhuruto, dont worry about the hullabaloo of unsatisfied democrats its healthy for a growing nation, coz u cannot please everyone what matters is that the interest of Kenyans at large is put first. God bless you and continue to shower u with His wisdom to run our country well.

    Mkenya Damu

  118. Lets move on to develop Kenya

  119. Remember Kenyatta, ruto, Balala, Charity were Jubilee vision carriers. Why should Charity and Balala be left behind in implementing the manifesto. Wacheni pang'ang'a oooh.

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