UHURU KENYATTA’s guards harassing Kenyans….ALAI and KTN’s MOHAMMED ALI

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 – Many Kenyans have been complaining of harassment from some people posing as police officers in plain clothes and taking from them their cell phones if found using them along Uhuru Highway.

According to KTN’s investigative journalist Mohammed Ali and Robert Alai who came face to face with the fake Presidential guards, they may be criminals and below is their conversation via twitter:

Robert Alai @RobertAlai
ALERT: Presidential guards are all over Uhuru Highway acting as Traffic Officers. They are snatching phones and insurance stickers.

Robert Alai @RobertAlai
@UKenyatta's guards on Uhuru Highway targeting those speaking on phone. Mostly females and men looking like they know nothing about the law
Mohammed Ali @MohaJichoPevu

@RobertAlai ndugu those are not presidential guards, they are criminals. We just saved a woman na wakatoka mbio when we approached them
Robert Alai @RobertAlai

@MohaJichoPevu They tried to arrest me for allegedly speaking on phone. I demanded their IDs and asked why they were not in uniform.

@RobertAlai these same people are targeting people in CBD carrying brown envelopes & anything that seems to have. They force you into cars
Mohammed Ali @MohaJichoPevu

@RobertAlai ok. Something is wrong here hope the relevant authorities concerned will take action

Robert Alai @RobertAlai
I talked to the traffic officers around Kenyatta Avenue/Uhuru Highway round about and they told me that those are Presidential guards.
@MohaJichoPevu I informed some police inspector at Central about this. I will be seeing the deputy OCPD later.

@MohaJichoPevu When I insisted on knowing their station, they pretended that they were going to bring back-up then they ran away.

@RobertAlai they did all that crap on me and my lady last wknd when i identified my self they got tongue tied n wishing me safe journey


13 comments for UHURU KENYATTA’s guards harassing Kenyans….ALAI and KTN’s MOHAMMED ALI

  1. So every thug in streets is related to uhuru?this is primitive

  2. For me the most shocking thing about this story is that someone like Alai actually has a 'lady'.

  3. today a guy claiming to be a police in civilian arrested me along uhuru high way near intercontinental for dropping a passanger. So this story must be true.

  4. The title is very misleading.why call thugs presidential guards.hii ni hate speech

  5. I have also been harassed by these people. They most definitely have a Kikuyu accent. Truth be told, crime has risen threefold in the recent weeks. Na bado tuna 10 more years to go...#killthecockroaches

  6. am also shocked.. But i still think he's an ugly looking 40year old virgin

  7. be mindful about other pple welfare

  8. Please provide statistics on the rise in crime before running your mouth. I imagine your community is full of angels..rubbish. you are a disgusting hatemonger

  9. Alai????????????? kumbe uko na a lady kudooooooooz

  10. Does it necessarily mean that every thug with a Kikuyu ascent is related to president Uhuru or is a presidential guard?? Its a nice piece of warning but its title is misleading!!

  11. Chuki nayo?ama ni primitivity

  12. For God's sake, these police should stop harrasing people. Sometimes before the swearing in i saw a man handcuffed on a tree on Uhuru highway just because he was being told to go the other side of the street when Uhuru was going to Machakos.He refused and was handcuffed. I have never seen pedestrians being asked to cross the road because the President is about to pass. Can these holigans in the name of Security style up.They should know that there is a new consititution.

  13. i met one today,introduced himself as bodyguard and invited me for lunch at state house.thanks dear God i was 2 busy 4 that

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