UHURU KENYATTA is the richest president in Africa - Sh 150 BILLION fortune

Monday April 15, 2013 - President Uhuru Kenyatta is the richest President in Africa with estimated fortune of Sh 150 billion, Forbes Magazine has indicated.

Although it not clear on the ownership of some of the assets of the Kenyatta family, it is certain that President Uhuru is very wealthy individually. Wealthy enough to be Africa's richest President, because anyway, of the 25 individuals above him in Forbes 2011 list, none was a President.

Financial experts have placed Kenyatta's family wealth at over KSh 150 billion. Uhuru’s fortunes extend from owning vast estates of land, banking, real estate, insurance, manufacturing and five star hotels.

He also owns a number of international schools including Peponi and Brookhouse and of course the Heritage Hotels Ltd, through which they own at least 6 of the country's prime tourist hotels including Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha.

Working with the above, Uhuru Kenyatta is easily Africa's richest President. His close competitor is Equatorial Guinea President, Teodoro Obiang Nguema.

Some estimates have put his wealth at around Sh 50 billion, but others term it a gross exaggeration.


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  1. No wonder he thinks spending 200b on class one laptops falls in the 'needs' category.

  2. after all that his dad grabbed, what do u expect? to be a church mouse? withuot a cent?

  3. Wow this guy!

  4. Forbes Magazine. Give us a break. We know you are only used for certain purposes.

  5. Nowanda dropin a dime for this dude is no issue! Selected president!

  6. Grabbed wealth?even if he owned the whole world,he doesnt put food on my table neither does he give air to breath.xcuse us!

  7. Brookhouse ni wa wahindi..hizi rumors nazo ni mingi

  8. He s quoted as saying he running to work for Kenyans..and not wazungu....Brooke hse school and Peponi caters for wazungus children .....I guess business is business ...nothing personal

  9. Was he not the same guy that said he is working for Kenyans and not wazungu during the campaign ....peponi and Brokeside caters for wazungu.....I guess business is business ..nothing personal

  10. I hope on completion of his term, slums will be no more in Kenya.

  11. ......Soo what he has chum..that thje bottom line....if u can't beat them ??

  12. He won't steal from public confers then.............he is contented

  13. This is Gutter press, Richest Please...check Angola's president

  14. Ofcoz that is all wat his father grabbed.wacheni kuwekelea Mungu lawama asizozstahili.

  15. Whao is good to hear that but must try to do something in the house of God either by building church or mosque

  16. Trial to help d poor! people are sufèry of food

  17. of course some of the money was actually aquired illegaly

  18. what is he doing with all this if kenyans still sleep on hungry stomachs?
    or will he just die and leave all this for his son and make Kenya a monarch?!

  19. you are lying

  20. Haha! Wacheni wivu! Mnawashwa? Dats his wealth n his family alone.concentrate on wat he's gonna do 4 kenya. Hata awe rais he also has his own issues too. Mtaishi kutegemea sirkal mpaka lini? He's building kenya n his own. Lyf too. Dis man is soo caring ..i luv him soo much ..all da goods He does cannot be shown evwy day ..avoid judging pls.

  21. Hata muongee uhuru ni wa mungu! Mtaongea usiku mtalala. Conc on wat he's gonna do 4 kenya. GOD BLESS HIS EXCELLENCY.

  22. Thank u hebu tell them

  23. God bless our dear president

  24. the more wealth you have,the more mouths to feed, the bible says.


  26. The more power you have the greater the responsibility,he is my president

  27. Wow I will be lyk him also

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