The Government denies that it had a hand in SAITOTI and OJODE’s death in the HELICOPTER CRASH.

Saturday April 20, 2013 - The Government has come out strongly to deny allegations that it had a hand in the death of former Internal Security Minister George Saitoti, his Assistant Orwa Ojode, their body guards and the two pilots who perished in the last year ill-fated helicopter crash in Ngong forest.

Speaking from his office yesterday, Government spokesman Muthui Kariuki downplayed the ongoing rumours that the death of the two Ministers could have had something to do with the drug trafficking racket in the country which some of the senior Government officials are involved in.

Muthui also rubbished the expose on KTN by Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu dubbed Ghururi ya Saitoti and Death in Ten Minutes that revealed foul play in the death of the Ministers as total fabrication.

He cautioned those still talking about the issue that they were late since the inquiry report into the death of the Ministers had been handed over to the former President Kibaki, and that whoever had any information regarding Saitoti’s death would have given it to Kalpana Rawal Commission of inquiry.

Kalpana Rawal handed the report to former President Kibaki yesterday.


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  1. Danganyeni nyanya zenu....kenyans aint stupid anymore even a kid who watched that can understand what went on...even the kalpana rawal comision thing downplayed the nation...kwendeni uko nkt!

  2. ..thats a ploy , let the media do its work as long as they work within thea limits..kenyans want to know the true story..if media is going to save this country,we are ready to go that particular way...leetay

  3. Yesterday was the defense minister Prof. Saitoti and his assistant, tomorrow it will be you. so stop that child play of denying the truth and do something before that something catches up with you.

  4. You think kenyans are that foolish to listen to your baseless defence? Any way Mr. Kariuki, endelea na kazi yako usipoteze mkate wa kila siku. But note we are tired of listening to your non sense. Find a more convincing way of putting it.

  5. This spoksman is paid to cheat kenyans.only a fool can buy to his so called 'truth of the matter'.

  6. Saitoti and his assistant Ojode were very senior government officials. This means that if such could be done to them for serving Kenyans deligently, What are you trying to tell kenyans here and the truth is as clear as day and night? Tomorrow it could be you. Do something about it Yawa!

  7. Ok then, please tell us who killed Ouko, Bishop Muge, JM Kariuki, Tom Mboya etc...

  8. Muthui Stops the analogue era theories . Spare that cheap defense for your bosses and not Kenyans.
    Anyway we didn’t expect you own up- BURE KABISA!!!

  9. its too late to erase what we know. if you hide the truth ,we have other ways to know it. shame on you govt.

  10. U can only run a way from the hands of man but u will never run a way from God's wrath.......I promise!God will one day catch u evil ones......Olee wenyu coz u r planting seeds which will b havested by ua children&ua children childrens.i pitty u so much....enjoy while it still last.

  11. Dont want comment on the issue; I have no facts; but wish to comment on Muthui Kariuki. For a Gov spokesman he has the wrong face, he is not suave and his delivery is clumsy: he is not an oral communicator. In fact the moment you see him you prepare do disbelieve anything he is gonna say. Mutua was no better; he looked and sounded like a joke. Gov needs to identify a very good communicator, preferably a woman. The same problem is with the police spokesperson. Only the army had what it takes, at least they came close.

  12. siasa mbaya, maisha mbaya...let the media save us from this bad politics land, kenyans want to knw the truth, stop the dirty play

  13. Peace is what they will luck in their entire lifes....the angle of peace will NEVER step on their door step.

  14. was the report for kibaki or for kenyans....why do you think kenyans are fools....we will believe what has been said since your government has said nothing.

  15. even orwa said reffered to alis's revelation as rubbish,,n wea is he now?

  16. A naked truth is better than a well dressed lie.Rawal is a cheat. why is it that everything being precided over by our judges ends up in total cheating.I pray God to punish the killers of Saitoti with Rawal included.

  17. to the best of my knowledge kibiku area is a helicopter blackspot

  18. Assassins defending themselves....what a crap,we know the truth....nyenye hatutaki

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