SHAME: UHURU/ RUTO want their people to be on the PSC list for Principal Secretaries jobs.

Sunday April 14, 2013 - Corruption, favoritism and impunity have yet again dominated the Public Service Commission (PSC) in the vetting and short listing of candidates to be picked for the post of Principal Secretaries.

This was revealed by Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK), a lobby group which threatened to move to court to stop the process if PSC continues to bend the due process in short listing candidates.

According to the COFEK Secretary General Stephen Mutoro, PSC bent the rules when it extended the time for submission of applications for the job to next Wednesday.

Mutoro accused President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto for engineering the extension of time in order to favour and include their unnamed cronies who had not applied by the end of the first deadline.

However, PSC Chairperson on Thursday refuted the allegation saying that her commission was independent and not even the President could influence their decision.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is required by law to pick from the list submitted to him by PSC names to be approved by parliament as Principal Secretaries who replace Permanent Secretaries in the old structure.

COFEK has written to PSC demanding revocation of the re-advertisement of the posts or else they move to court to stop it.


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  1. What is the fight here??? Surely, the vetting will be done above board. The Members of the PSC remains the same and there is nothing wrong in getting those who did not apply before doing so. Surely, this re- advertisement was not done by the PSC at the behest of the President and the Deputy President. Please Consumer whatever, stop bringing problems and suspicions where there is absolutely none.

  2. Prezzo Uhuru n D/PREZZO RUTO,

    hear what the people of Kenya are saying. These shoddy moves are why many of us lost respect for former prezzo kibaki and dismiss him as a Raila project which finally backfired on Kenyans for a good ten years. Respect our will and see your administration flourish.

  3. Propaganda will never end! Why are we not giving these two principals time to work?

  4. Kenyans voted for KANU.What has really changed? The Public Service Commission is a Commission that lives in the dark era. How do you explain the number of times the advert on the Principal Secretaries' position has been re-opened without the Commission following the due process? Has the Commission shortlisted and interviewed the first batch of applicants and failed to get successful candidates?

  5. It is called power u look for the safe person to work with not your opponent who will carry ur power life near.They are not Angels so,it should not be really a bother but the service delivery should be of concern here.

  6. My dear Anonymous, it is the practice, in fact, imperative that any Government committed to serve the People MUST have a Team who will work in harmony in order to succeed in achieving her Development Goals. What is the point of having people whose sole purpose shall be to subvert everything the Government is striving to achieve to fulfill her duty to Kenyans? Have we not seen how this is disruptive and destructive with the just dead Mseto Government where Raila's cardinal role and Mission was to disrupt whatever Kibaki and the Government wanted to achieve? Uhuru and Ruto are perfectly in order to form a reliable Team which will be committed to fully implement the goals of our New Constitution and the Government Development Agenda. And sorry to disappoint you, Anonymous, Kibaki was never, ever a Raila Project. You forget so fast. Long before Raila bolted from KANU where he had taken his LDP with the misguided hope that Moi would name him the KANU Presidential Candidate, NAK had settled on Kibaki and Kijana Wamalwa as the President and Vice President. Let us not twist the truth in this very wonderful Website by advancing lies which help no one. Kibaki had to contend with being contradicted at every turn and it is a miracle and the result of his humble, mature, patient and totally focused mind that he managed to achieve what he did for our beloved Motherland. We shall for ever thank this respected, committed and faithful Servant of our country who have served us with total dedication for half a Century. You display your ignorance of how the Public Service Commission works. It is an Independent Body which appoints people on merit and merit alone and it shall do the same this time round too. It serves whatever Government is in power without fear or favour.

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