SHAME at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Kayole - PREGNANT Pastor’s wife BLED to DEATH at casualty

Friday April 19, 2013 - When Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Kayole was opened last year, area residents saw it as blessing, but one year later, the hospital is now being seen as a curse.

Despite its high-tech facilities and equipments, the hospital staff’s reluctance to serve patients is damaging the institution’s good reputation.

Two specific incidents in the last 10 days have left Kenyans in shock. On Monday this week, a pregnant wife of a leading church minister died at a casualty department as the nurses were allegedly “too busy” to attend to her. The poor madam bled to death in the casualty waiting for nurses to assist her.

A few days ago, a top civil servant lost his son in circumstances that he alleges are due to negligence and pride.

Who is in charge of the management at the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital? Kenyans want an explanation on how the hospital is being managed. We are the taxpayers!


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  1. Mama Lucy ako wapi?

  2. i went there and the nurses complained that the nearby residents always came to the hospital late. she said late hours are for emergency only and i was in great pain. somebody help...

  3. The staff responsible shud be charged with negligence

  4. they should know people.been there and they dont attend to people

  5. y where r the nurses? they should be sacked those who r not doing their job.i hve witnessed that cuz some of the nurses just sit down en talk en talk gossips to that hospital

  6. I once went to the hospital and realized it is better to go to a chemist for any help coz all the staff were reluctant.i will not forget how the guy at the registry did to the patients,very harsh.wanakaa nurses and clinical offices of 90s who could even slap patients.nilimwuliza mwingine to show me where washrooms were akajifanya.shame on them.

  7. unacceptable

  8. I lost a friend the same way in the same institution!!!! They need to equip and staff the place or shut the place down!!!!

  9. shame on this donkey

  10. it is true they have the best equipments but the service is poor very unprofessional employers can you imagine i went there very sick and i was send for lab test and all the test were negative. i then decided to go to a another hospital near by and it tested i have both malaria and Typhoid. i could int believe this and i was at mama Lucy three good day and all the doctor is telling me was just take pain killer maybe is just fatic. to my opinion any Kanjo hospital is batter than what i see at mama Lucy my have lost lives with the arrogance of those people. i call the people because they are not savants they save you as if you are an IDP. i think i have the lab test from the two hospitals i visited in fact the difference was two hours

  11. Mama Lucy iko Nairobi East land in kayole kagundo road

  12. This hospital is a living HELL! l took my child there at night and the Dr said he was eating and we shld wait him to finish, after like 2 hours patients started complaining and none came, my husband went took a little liquor and burst into their rooms,Lo they were sleeping, were dis interested, everything here is in a big mess, ITs like there is no supervisor, we finally went to another hospital, it was bad bad

  13. I once visited the Hospital to my shock the lady who was at the phamacy had no idea on how to read the prescriptions on doctor's notes. I was forced to question her whether she was a real phamacists if she could not read the prescriptions.........Let the management explain am kuna waiganjo pia kwa hio hospitali

  14. this is one hospital i'll neva step my foot in again.first of all there's no bench for people to sit on while queuing to register. u have to do it while standing n mind u these r sick pple.from there its so disorganized that u dont even knw u r heading north or south esp at nite. afahdali ata kwenda kwa chemist.

  15. True. I live in kayole and despite the hospital having all the facilities the workers there are pathetic. At the waiting bay you can stay there for more than 4 hours without being attended. The nurses there are sooo lazy, the ladies at the reception/customer care are usually tooo tired to assist until you wonder walirokotua wapi. The authorities should come out and do the necessary. There are so many kenyans looking for jobs' Wavutue wote

  16. An accident victim on kangundo road was taken by a good samaritan and left on a stretcher with broken legs and ribs, the nurse told the victim to first que for a card. Surely, how was he to que with the broken legs?


  18. Was there today na laini ilikuwa huko ni kama ningetibiwa kesho kutwa tis gava hospitals oooh no ,infact ya Umoja shud be shut down shame on them wanafunga 12.30 instead ya five!

  19. Was there two weeks ago at midnight but no one to give the kid assistant. I left the hospital straight to Gertrude's children hospital in muthaiga at that time just to get child's check up. Again when it is raining their main entrance get so flooded where patience walking on foot cannot get access to the hospital. Who manages this?

  20. one thing is kuna alot of old wamama there, who talk to people very rude. let young people work, they need job and am sure they will do job. let those old wamama go home. another thing wa employee these young vijana. siku si kazi ni kwa vijana.

  21. This should not be referred to a hospital , if you want you patient to die, take him there, na kama you have a whole day to waste with your pain, go to Mama Lucy hospital. Pathetic

  22. All what has been commented above is true. let the Goverment do something.

  23. not only this hospital even others hospitals esp government hosp......&
    private ones pple loose lives everyday.

  24. May be we change the name from mama lucy to kayole hospital. the name they gave the hospital is not a good one.

  25. There is no single motivated medic ,negligence nayo God help us.

  26. Mam kilucy's hos is not a hospitals, it place where they can aasist you to die if you wish to.For those who stil want to livestop visiting that death hole.

  27. i think Nairobi senator visited the hospital and found that all these romours were not true,we should appreciate the services provided to us not critises because at least they do something,Eastlands learn to appreciate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Free Mortality..... TAYOR

  29. But honestly, no one has forced you to go tho this hospital. You are free to get the services else where.

  30. I am a nurse just angry reading this comment. My own brother died here less than a month ago. I work outside the country in a country where nurses command the highest respect over 90% of people in the community. Any nurse who reads this working at the hospital, remember you take care of human beings, people with a conscious and God will demand accountability how you treated his people. Be the change.

  31. i think all you assholes should go and spend a day working there before yapping about anything. staff numbers are grossly low, how do you expect one person to split themselves into 4 and see all your 4 patients at the same time?

  32. the staff is grossly low, the doctors there are overworked, one doctor works upto 36 straight hours especially at the casualty, with no rest since eastlands is the heart of all manner of crimes in nbi, the doctor ends up doing so much if you work 36 hours being called names by people from eastlands who expect tv kind of service ,the kind they see on greys anatomy and more staff is required

  33. I was there yesterday at A & E and I can tell you they seem to be too busy to notice people who are almost dying; I saw a lady who arrived while alert; she sat at the benches until she was unconscious and they were just insisting people should be queuing! And the cashier? too arrogant, listening to music from her phone; not ready to get your before the music is over; doesnt seem aware that the patient is in critical condition and you need the file to facilitate treatment! And the file seems to be a must regardless of the patient's condition!

  34. stupid hospital

  35. Reckless, don't Care attitude with nurses, doctors and staff. They sh'd know there's a just God in heaven and nothing will go unpunished. The pain and tears n neglecting patients to death. There is no difference in what these guys do and what murderers does! . Health career is a call, filled with, love, patient, kindness, empathy and tender care. Get other careers instead of going to work daily to heap a curse after a curse upon yourselves!!!

  36. I went for an ultrasound and guess what,they told me that I should go have an abortion because I am 22 years and too young to give birth. I laughed off. I got dizzy and fainted because of the heat,24hrs later,i started bleeding. My baby was aborted

  37. let us be appreciative for once.not all workers misbehave, some r good others r pathetic and shuld be expelled eg some nurses who vaccinate kids, lady at the cashier; she is soo pathetic and rude asking patient to produce 10bob or get drugs elsewhere if they think they have much. and some doctor who sees patient like they are too stupid even they cant answer any enquiringly u make.

  38. Someone help my wife coz I am miles away working a,d she is bleeding and pregnant ready to deliver and doctors according to wat she told me last is they are ignoring her coz she did not come wit her admittion book..pliiiz help ma during this institution

  39. I beg ti differ.the facility serves the rudest society in nairobi,eastlanders!a pple who u can never satisfy .everyone who walks in expects to be treated with emergency as if its a private hospital!style up eastlanders.nurses and doctors are human beings who can only do as much,instead of whinning u shud match to city hall demanding for additional staff.lastly,learn to appreciate for the few of us who have been treated nicely and professionaly.long live mama lucy.

  40. Hail mama lucy hospital,its a godsend

  41. Has mama lucy has some improvement on maternity ward?an answer please

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