PHOTOs of Kiss 100’s CAROLINE MUTOKO's daughter easily operating an iPad

At 2 years my daughter operates my Iphone with ease. She knows where the pictures sit, where her items on Youtube sit and all her apps are about learning – ABCs, counting, numbers, songs, animals, instruments, cars, planes etc. Annoyingly, she also knows how to take the phone off “airplane mode”. I used to think I could save myself some money if she couldn’t access Youtube – but when the phone says “disable or cancel” she chooses disable – I weep. She can’t read, but she knows what gets her what she wants. If your phone isn’t “touch”, she tends to give it back with the words “a not working”. The ipad may be bigger than her little hands, but she doesn’t care –she’s all over it. Nduku's future is digital, technology is her language.

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  1. This girl is just minding her own business and truly she will go far..bless her

  2. bullshit!egocentric braggart!juz another single mother lik all th others,not any special!

  3. buy her hers n b safe

  4. What are we supposed to do and mind you this is an adopted daughter, so no blood relation, wangu anawesa endesha ndege na ako only one year............

  5. We are seeing the daughter being digital. Why doesn't the mother want Uhuru to give other children the opportunity to use the computer at an early age? We should do unto others ...

  6. It is like bragging ur child knows hw to operate a tv remote. Really!!!! In thz age and time? Get a life! Crap

  7. And carol is busy bad mouthing the solar powered laptops that will target poor kids in remote areas. What a hypocrite? Wacha watoto wapate laptop na maziwa. Carol n crew wacheni wivu

  8. i wish she could cum up with smthing constructive to inspire kenyan youth...not her posh lifestyle! does she know how many kenyans r going without a meal whole day???

  9. Wangu anajua kuoperate laptop wacha ipad touch na ni 1 yr 2 months, you are not doing enough as a single mother get a man to help you!

  10. nephew one year, already knows how to deal with all the mentioned gadgets above..more so he is curious with women who dont put on their rings... he keeps checking whether u have it or not....all kids nowadays have gone digital...or rather, most kids nowadays.

  11. This is crap. Report on sensible things. Who needs this pictures. We all have children, and intelligent ones.

  12. wo! Digital generation wish u the best Nduku

  13. where is the ipad i cant see any gutter press

  14. Splendid, but the child doesn't resemble her in any way

  15. amazing little girl

  16. this is just a normal kid doing normal things

  17. Stop being jelous. Style up

  18. My professor once said:Every parent thinks their sons/daughters are the best...This may turn to be an average kid like the mom!

  19. Beautiful.

  20. Awooor this just touched me she is so adorable

  21. she looks like u and am jelous of her hair imagine its longer than mine!

  22. her daughter or adopted one?

  23. anony 17.40 may the lord forgive you

  24. this is just show off. who cares whether she can fly a plane or resurrect a person

  25. The digital generation, my boy 15 months old is a big fan of my samsung duo phone. without being keen he'll always send msgs and keep on calling my phonebook despite locking the phone.

  26. Wats special?or she is a miracle baby?wacha malingo.u suffer frm superiority complex.bure!

  27. i admire this family.very nice. when i grow up i wanna be Carol..ur an inspiration God bless wenye wivu wa....................

  28. where has that one come from????????? Seek medical advice

  29. wacha iphone, mine does android tab, inside out mpaka need for speed hot persuit, na hatupost kwa net...nini hii munapost hapa

  30. Nobody chooses to be a single mother. Several circumstances can lead to that! Its not somebody's liking.

  31. There are others who know 10 times more but their parents do not braggggg!!! Who is the father anyway???

  32. Anonymous 17:40
    Can you mind your own business as the sweet gal is doing.She is more mature than you

  33. singl mothers are peo[ple too and thumbs up to you carol and your daughter wachana na wanaume who cant even afford to buy there kids inner ware ya 20 bob only

  34. Anonymous 2:::which century are you in? your so into yourself flex abit n enjoy your life stop being bitter with are so unhappy

  35. why do pple get pride in abusing others on social medai.That gal is adorableeee...

  36. Caroline Kindly stop this kinda bragging while in the other article you were not comfortable when class 1 kids are said to receive laptops next year from Uhuru......You are egocentric and just want to see your kid being the princess and being worshiped by the other suffering ones. Remember you are a single mother and nothing to brag about......Keep things to yourself.

  37. Anonymous 17:40...kuwa mpole..she just said it as it is.

  38. Congratulations Caroline. She has grown. Forget the haters.

  39. who eva wrote the anonymous txt.shame on u.she chose to be single n i believe she is happi .she is special just as the bible says.kama ulimtaka akakukataa jinyonge coz she is going far .

  40. Am not a hater, but am a woman and I can't stand fake hair. Caroline is naturally beautiful, so I can't understand why can't maintain and wear her "shrubbery". Why is everybody wearing extensions????

  41. Surely every mother thinks her daughter is a genius. Many more can talk good english at 2 yrs, but they don't boast around!!

  42. Most kids easily operate this gadgets . nothing new


  44. why is it that most people are bitter with others for no reason? 85% of the people commenting here are bitter with life,very unhappy. it shows from their comments....happiness comes from within you and what you comment here shows what fills your hear and soul most....guys wazz up.

  45. u are bragging to achild whom her parent went to bed .ndio akazaliwa, u hv never carried ababy for 9months>u should be ashamed of this coz when u go to bed with aman it goes amiss,that is y u opted to adoption,and u are busy bragging on internet

  46. Keep it up my dia

  47. Walk her through this life. A mother is the most important person in one's life en you chose to be her mother when she had none. Well-done Carol

  48. its not jealousy but why this article, many kids countrywide can do more at her age and yet again many could do if they had the chances she had. Is the writer trying to woe Mutoko by giving her space in this media? tumia njaro zngine hizi za kuku achana nazo.

  49. keep it up Caroline take care of your sweet angel, haters go hang uaself what's wrong when someone praises her own kid,being a single mum is a choice and not a curse in the society.

  50. Haters, your jealous will transfer your blessings to Carol and the beautiful Angel.
    Mind your business like the beautiful little girl is showing you by exaple.

  51. i love that kid, wish it were the same with her mommy...

  52. So what if the kid was adopted! She is getting the best kind of life most of the people commenting filth here could only dream of! Kudos Caro for being the best Mom this little gal could ever want! Keep on bragging and fuck the haters! They have nothing going on in their filthy and depressed lives and all that brings a little glimmer of hope is to hate on a perfectly normal Mum! Fuck you Haters!

  53. SO WHAT?

  54. Good work Carol for the taking care of the kid. But please keep your kid off this publicity. People can be bad

  55. Good work Carol for the taking care of the kid. But please keep your kid off this publicity. People can be bad

  56. Good Caro, leave haters alone. If you can take care of this girl as your own, you are doing a good job.

  57. Carol! kua mpole! We can stand your superiority airs! but when you rub it in by bragging about your 2yr old daughter's ability to play with an "iPad",while a lot of Kenyans can not afford a phone which cost more than 2k,is the height of pride and self importance that you should spare us please! Let our President provide our poor children with free Laptops,it is the only way they shall get introduced to technology at 6yrs or more unlike your lucky daughter who cant stand a phone that has no touch pad!

  58. Soo?? Caroline Mutoko thinks she is the Kim Kardashian of Africa????? "Following the Mutoko's"

  59. I think there is too much hate on daily post.Guess i have better things to do with my time than reading it in the future.May be the editors might want to keep it cleaner.And the level of intellect in the discourse and comments is a bit too low.Kindly too,those of you contributors who are not well endowed in the cerebral section,please be so kind as not to comment on the daily post.It is much better for yourselves and the nation at large to keep your comments to yourselves than feed us with the hate,guys.But again as the saying goes,you cant fix stupid.
    Now that we have that out the way,hate me.

  60. wonderful.Bravo you baibe.

  61. Mutuko is only being true to her narcissistic personality with this display,nothing new here.She was the spolit brat and her adopted child is being trained the same way she was, another narcissistic personality in the making. Puh!

  62. ati adopted?? so not even her's from her womb? Is carol Mutoko too posh to be pregnant? Thats one lucky little gal, she will grow up in real comfort and wealth, but Carol should think of giving her a bro or sis, and this time azae and she will earn my respects.

  63. Carol my son is 2yrs too and can do more than dat,he knew how to operate my ipad wen he was 1 year n a half so its not a big deal,,,can you talk about something more sensible and helpful to kenyans...NKT

  64. Dat doesnt kam from u my dear it comes from the kids dad or mum blood not urs pleese

  65. So what are we expected to do with this info? Is this helping us in anyway. Carol called pple simplistic and idlers a few weeks ago and by posting such things she is proving to be the same. Pliz give us information that will help us be more enlightened not bragging, besides whats so unusual with a kid touching an Iphone? Style up carol, you're better than this.

  66. gosh i dindt know the kid is adopted,any way maybe she cant have kids lets not judge her,

  67. Whether adopted or real to me it doesn't matter she is getting what she could have not have gotten in life.... for those idiots talking of adopted nah nah biological come thru the mouth or either c or pu? Caro thumbs up and say hi to your daughter wenye wivu wajinyonge she is her mummy and you cant change that!

  68. mature up carol !!!!!

  69. My dear its a personal decision in life and follow ua heart. I would advice for a private life as in pple can discouraging yet they hav do ideal of ur decisions.

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