MITHIKA LINTURI causing legal jitters after demanding higher SALARIES for MPs – GITHU MUIGAI comes in

Saturday April 20, 2013 - The fate of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission now lies in the hands of the Attorney General Githu Muigai. The SRC has asked the Attorney General to advice Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi to disallow the motion by Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi seeking to oust them from office.

In a letter written to Muigai by the Commission Chair Sarah Serem, the  commission wants the Linturi motion due to be tabled in parliament on Tuesday put on hold until the case filed by Embu County Speaker Justus Mate is heard and determined saying the two have same subject matter.

Linthuri wants Sarah Serem kicked out of office for reducing salaries for MPs almost by other elected leaders

Serem now wants Speaker of National Assembly Justin Muturi to only allow the motion after the High Court delivers its ruling.


12 comments for MITHIKA LINTURI causing legal jitters after demanding higher SALARIES for MPs – GITHU MUIGAI comes in

  1. sham,e on them let them resign....

  2. Hon. Mithika Linturi is right, how is it that SRC reduced the salaries of MPs but increased the salaries of its own commissioners including Sarah Serem herself who was originally earning 350k. It seems Serem is into some MPs-belittling-activism just like her comrades at the CIC, led by one Charles Nyachae who earns even worse ominous salary >1.2m which is even higher than that of the President, the senior most State Officer. I believe SRC is an irrational and illogical commission.

  3. let
    linturi resign then we elect those willing to accept the offer is declining.

  4. Greedy bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We all all Amicus Uhurie has never put Kenya first, wonder how he will deal with this- stand with the President or screw the people by siding with the mpigs? Either way,he doesn't inspire a lot of confidence.

  6. do these guys know that there are many other people who can do their work well with those little salaries. if they succeed to throw Sarah out we gonna recall sooner than they think.

  7. Linturi cannot imagine how hard it will be to be using 1 million a month and the said is slashed to have million it can't sum up for him.It is new era even if the commission is banned another one will be formed to determine their salaries to unless will get another new constitution or will forget the new constitution and live by the old one.

  8. Kilifi
    We are too greedy for money and less for service. You take what you employer has offered or you quit. Who earns enough or will ever? The cap on salaries is always by someone else and not by the employee. In this cae by SRC. If left to the employee, he/she will continue increasing for him or herself to extinction. Parliamentarians start loving your neghbours as your selves.You should be fighting for narrowing of the wide salary margin between the low and upper class, where you belong. First fight for the person earning 5000/= per month. You are earning 100 times more, yet you eat the same ugali which costs the same.

  9. Go to hell ama kauze miraa you are a disgrace to manhood if you feel the salo nikidogo then step down greeeeeeedyy shenzi type.

  10. we are watching you mps. you are not the only ones who can lead this country.

  11. I agree with Hon Linturi,Serem cannot overturn an act of Parliament.She cannot write a circular to change an act of Parliament(though it was selfishly passed)This shows the powers of Parliament.I personally would like the salaries for MPs reduced but I hate the way Kenyans hypocritically condem PMs when they speak about their pay.Lets be realistic guys

  12. Murume, at the time you were applying for this job the salary had already been set and you knew the figures, then why did you go for it? Please stop this crap talk about passing trillion budget.. Do you mean that a cashier who handles billions on behalf of his employer must get a cut with a ratio of the amount receipted? Punguza miti. If u no like the just quit.

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