Is this happening in Mombasa? ……. LADIES in Night Clubs

The 21st century generation seems to have thrown all caution and the respectable ways that the forefathers fought so hard to see their children grow up with are no longer there.

In Mombasa at some night clubs this is what goes down.


25 comments for Is this happening in Mombasa? ……. LADIES in Night Clubs

  1. i wish GOD did not see this!!!!

  2. This is true very true.

  3. My God. Where is our moral standing?

  4. The wrath of God should befall them

  5. Stop this shit befor it spoil the already spoilt youth. we will have no where to go through. The government should regulate such things and hope press should not even highligh it.

  6. May God forgive them

  7. AIDs will always be a heavy investment to our Government

  8. this is madness

  9. very bad n such clubs should be shut down..

  10. This is all very good. We should all be proud to belong to such a free and open society where people are allowed to have as much fun as they want anytime, anywhere. I wish I was there to fuck these beautiful women.

  11. sodom!!!!!!!!!

  12. this is immorality God forbid

  13. Try Jesus girls! He died and shed his blood at Calvary hill to redeem these dear souls from eternal hell...the road you are traveling is very very slippery but it is not too late for you. Jesus loves you!!

  14. oh God

  15. there,s a better life girls

  16. The thing about all this is that some of these girls and guys are our children or our children's close friends...lets stop the hypocrisy, quit condemning them, counsel them instead, let them know right from wrong.

  17. oooh yes..

  18. This what civilization brought to us we were better off when we used to live in the dark continent, am sure the western world is happy seeing what damage they have done to our African cultures.

  19. May God have mercy on you that you may come back to your awareness so as to escape God's wrath to sinners.

  20. When u see such it reminds how Satan is real. Before I was saved Iwould applaud this. But now I know it better that they are candidates for the good gospel. Jesus can cleanse them and redeem them. Come over to Jesus.

  21. So Sorry

  22. Its nothing with western culture!its all to with age and the group up here are just passing through a period and time will come when they will have no time for the above,am sure many if not all,are living under their parents roof.

  23. this is bullshit n may God forgive u

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