Is Classic 105’s MAINA KAGENI in LOVE with KTN’s ANNE KIGUTA? LOOK at this!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013 – For a few years, Classic 105’s Maina Kageni’s sexuality has been a subject of debate because he is rich, good looking and still single?

Well during a recent interview, Maina revealed the reason as to why he is still single and touched a little about his love life. Apparently he fell in love with a young lady who goes by the name Anne, and in his description of Anne she is his leverage of a good woman.

What caught everyone’s eye is how he described her nose - that she had the most perfect nose he has ever seen. On his taste of women, he said he would want a woman who is ambitious, feisty, fun but with focus and direction in her life.

Remember some years back when Maina went public that KTN’s sultry news anchor Anne Kiguta is his best friend and she has changed his life a lot. Could this be the Anne he dreams of? The love of his life?


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  1. That's the mistake girls do to their lovers..instead of them proving to be part of your solutions she becomes part n parcel of your burdens....Thats why men end up closer to the kids more and continue searching for their dream wife even after marriage leading to infidelity...for instance your courting to a girl who is doing fine financially and a stable job but you will be surprised after marriage she is accusing you of not buying Food in the house,forgetting that husband/fiancee is still recovering from a loan he took to buy a land with...even if you tell her a 100 times so long as you are taking 1beer for the road she cant believe...

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  3. Wow! congrats Maina and Anne for the new love:

  4. But didn't you carry a long story on his "coming out" recently?. One thing stands corrected though, Maina is not good looking at all. He's just a kawa little man.

  5. this is not anne kiguta. only fools can be fooled by kenyan post. ridiculous posts!

  6. this is not Ann Kiguta

  7. kudos....if only this is true

  8. Eti Maina want a feisty woman...hehe! Here is da real meaning of feisty...touchy or quarrelsome, ill-tempered; short prepared to stand and fight...lets c if he continue 2 give dos stupid advice 2married women @MITM after amechotwa na gari...Nkt!

  9. Surely Anne Kiguta deserves much better!

  10. Surely Anne Kiguta deserves much better! Its not just about having a rich man... there is more to life than that.

  11. He has yet to see my nose! Congrats anyways.... Gd choice!

  12. maina i am your number 1 fan i wish you all the best ann is just perfect for you usinisahau na hiyo forest cake all the best.

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