I will NEVER quit for KALONZO MUSYOKA to come back to Parliament - Mwingi Central MP Vows

Wednesday April 17, 2013 - Mwingi Central MP Joe Mutambu has again dismissed reports that he is ready to step down for former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka.

Speaking on Tuesday at his office, Mutambu said he is not ready to step down for anybody and that the people should keep away from hearsay.

“Infact these false claims have disturbed the people in my Constituency. I want to assure them that I will not step down for the former VP in his bid to come back to Parliament,” Mutambu said.

The former VP who is commonly referred as “watermelon” has been begging parliamentarians from Kitui County to step down for him in order for him to return to the 11th Parliament.

All the MPs from the County have refused to step down for him, saying Kalonzo should look for other things to do other than joining Parliament.

Kalonzo was Raila Odinga’s running mate in the last election where they suffered a humiliating defeat to President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.

It is now evident that the former VP may remain jobless for the next five years.


42 comments for I will NEVER quit for KALONZO MUSYOKA to come back to Parliament - Mwingi Central MP Vows

  1. Dont quit bro! tell whoever to go ad jump to lake victoria!

  2. Very funny from dp presdnt 2 a begging mp chance, wipper am sorry 4u

  3. why should you? it would be a betrayal to the people who voted for you. Let the boot lickers in watermelon's camp due it for him

  4. go & plant water melons

  5. let other pple build their career .in any case the guy has e zero score wen it kams to politic

  6. I do not understand what this Kilonzo person thinks of himself..Kenyans owe you nothing and you should not cheat yourself that an mp who sacrificed his time and resources would step down for a loser like Kalonzo.

  7. Tell Kalonzo to amend the constitution apate his own constituency

  8. For the years he has been in parliament, doesn't he find something else worthwhile to do outside parliament, step down for him and tha seat will go Jubilee way.

  9. we are fed up of the same song of kalonzo begging an innocent mp to step down for him dont let yourselve down kalonzo i told you to go and open a church and minister to people but first be deliveredfrom yokes of wichcraft kamuti and watermelon character my brother ooooh

  10. Let that Watermelon guy go n do other things and respect the will of the people of Mwingi Central.

  11. Kwani Parliament has owners. We wakamba we refuse to be subjected to by - elections to fulfil people egos...

  12. He he he... He left the WInning team....Ngilu must be laughing out loud!

  13. Mr water melon,
    P.o Box private Bag
    Tseikuru via Mwingi.

  14. Hahaha..ati begging Kitui MPs? can the watermelon stop dreaming en get down to his shamba...there a lot of weed to work on. also this 'good 4 nothing' muthama who misled kalonzo shd stop referring to him as VP...hiyo ilikwisha on 9th!

  15. Kalooser, pole sana

  16. water melon is the best thing to ever happen in kenya . pitia kati kati tena tuone

  17. pls wiper give,others time to enjoy their fruits of their gd relationship wit their ppl of their constituency,Mutambu dont.

  18. Aliambiwa hakusikia. Mwiba wakujidunga hauambiwi pole.

  19. Pole Wiper. Go to Tseikuru and farm. You were talking of tuokoe kenya hii during campaigns. Mlikuwa mnaiokoa kutoka kwa nani? We want to same Kenya. From what and from whom? You are the worst leader this country has ever seen. Go home!!!!

  20. Former VP speak out kama 'john the baptist'Raila who called you watermelon and you accepted

  21. who will fund the by-election to satisfy selfish interests? why not the govenment spend this money on flood victims or pay maternity fees for poor mothers

  22. Kama mimi ni Mtambo siwezi mwachia. Does he know what Mtambo went through when campaigning. Imagine Melon could not even organize campaigns on his own. Riding on other peoples back. Alipita katikati yao lakini hakupenya round hiiiiii...........

  23. He ran out of jubilee because he wanted to be given the presidency or vice presidency slot.Now he is even begging for an MP slot????ha hahahahahaha




  25. Si alisema akishindwa ataenda nyumbani iwe P O Box Tseikuru??? Imekuwaje tena?


  27. we were told choices have consequences kalozo go and plant water melons

  28. He has nothing to show for the over 25 years he has been in parliament.am wondering what he has to show in the 11th Parliament relax vp and eat humble pie.

  29. How can u make kenyans spend millions in a by-election for selfish reasons what happened to the campaign slogan. KENYA MBELE RAILA & kalonzo nyuma

  30. sally.

  31. It beats the spirit of democracy for former VP to beg to go back to parliament. Kwani lazima awe Bunge for him to serve the country? He has been in politics for more than 35years yet Mwingi North is the least developed. Even in his tenure as VP very little was done in terms of development initiatives, what is he likely to do different this time round? Mr. Joe Mutambu should not be coerced by anybody to step down. Kenyans need fresh young leaders like Joe and not seasoned politicians like Kalonzo. In any case why Mwingi Central? Si aende Mwingi North.

  32. Pole kalonzo. kwali mtaka yote hukosa yote.

  33. Pole kalonzo. kwali mtaka yote hukosa yote.

  34. Pole kalonzo. kweli mtaka yote hukosa yote.

  35. If i heard it right from Kalonzo himself that if defeated would retire to his yatta farm - Too watermelon

  36. For 25yrs in parliament let Kalonzo show any motion he brought in parliament for the benefit of wananchi. Why does Cord believe Kalonzo can do anything now that he didn't do for 25yrs? Kamba community was misled by Muthama, again he want to mislead us. Let watermelon go home.

  37. In case of a by-election, he will be humiliated even more by losing to a Jubilee person....wait and see!!! He should have calculated well before joining Cord.

  38. You mean you cant stand alone and move on with your life ex.vp............ what do you want from 11th parliament !!!!!!!!!!!!!. very suspicious bro.pray,repent and your eyes will see beyond parliament. No mp should sacrifice what he/she aggressively laboured for.we now want to move on.sorry you get stuck in one place for too long.Are you that slow in every way!!!!!!!!!!

  39. kenya mbele. uhuru, ruto, nyuma but raila, kalonzo nyuma zaidi kabisa. you said this in nyayo stadiu. what is happening now.you want kalonzo, mbele and kenya nyuma. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeewe

  40. haha ha Kalonzo Watermelon kabisa

  41. Cord waache mchezo coz silazina Wa lead kila wakati

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