Friday, April 19, 2013 – Comedian and Eric Omondi’s brother Fred Omondi has been exposed for being a womanizer and that is not all he has more coming via an expose courtesy of Nairobi Exposed.

After we reached out for the comedian to come out and give us his reaction to this story to no avail we finally decide to release the story as damaging as it is. now over to you Fred to jitetea to the public in whichever medium you wanna. poooof here is how it went.

*id witheld*

hi i would like to alert all the ladies out threre to be alert from this comedian called fred omondi brother to erick omondi he has been going around fucking women aimlessley without protection. he impregnated me and has refused to admit i dont want him to take care of it i can do it myself but he wont admit to it i want to his place recently in kileleshwa at four in the morning after efforts of getting to him became unfruitful. this boy had the guts to send me out of thie house through his cousin maleek who is also a fellow artist in the music industry. when i asked why am being kicked out, a random woman came from the room and simply said she was fucking the comedian and he dint want interfearnce. fred is usually seen mostly in the company of maleek,mc jose of i club and abunch of other comedians. i recently tested positive so i urge anyone who slept with this comedian to get tested he is not all you think. all they do is fuck women each and every night after thier event and spend money on women. Fred i told you i will expose you in Nairobi Exposed soonest. you can find out form other women. i am dying slowly. please hide my id.

pls publish it today i wil appreciate

17 hours ago

Damn.u in the right place. So tell me how sure can we be that fred is responsible. Does he know you are exposing him

no he does not know and i only want him to read it here please dnt reaveal my identity i thot ur confidential


Be the judge could this be true or just a vendetta been settled!


99 comments for EXPOSED: Fred OMONDI ……. Totally SHOCKING!! …..SHAME, SHAME!

  1. I think this woman is just a psycho....

  2. so you people want to finish all the omondis! who has not done wrong and i think exposing someone's HIV status is illegal unless he has agrred

  3. why ask for her name to be hidden yet she went to fred's house in the morning and they know her,,,so hide the name for us or for Fred?Shauri yako, si ni wewe ulimpea bila protection...

  4. Exposd! Kuna ka ukweli kadogo. Otherwise... Lisemwalo, lipo.

  5. She could have told us the time love was hot not at this time she being dumped

  6. sasa pia mimi ni dame lakini huyu dame sialifungua miguu mwenyewe,jus becoz alikataliwa anataka kuharibia mtu jina.he didnt rape u,ulipeleka nanga mwenyewe

  7. Too Sad weka Condom Mpangoni

  8. Don't take her seriously, she is just a jilted lover.

  9. crap,,ukikataliwa kubali

  10. u sound stupid. The authenticity of such a story can only b verified if u disclosed ua identity. If u gave him bila cd, how many mo av u given? u got ua +ve status elsewea u biach! acha kuharibia freddie

  11. opportunist....mtoto mchaina...

  12. sounds to me like a real bitch trying to blackmail omondi. He should ignore her. She is probably bipolar/psychotic.

  13. All Nai chics are stupid and shameless! this one is just their envoy! "Na vile hujiona wanjanja?? hata kama unaoshanga pu**y na sabuni gani, Ukimwi itawaangamiza mkikimbilia pesa! IDIOTS!"

  14. Dont tell us go ahead to tell him bcz by telling us it will be gossip but telling him will be private and helpful


  16. Ajiwekee Condom Pangoni.

  17. kuna kaukweli kidogo.anywei kila mtu na msalaba wake.

  18. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS...use protection. Be conservative. Uphold High Moral Standards. Safeguard your life, just cause you didn't pay or work for it doesn't mean you can use your body the way you, see fit. There's always consequences.

    Some evil people are out to spread it, so he/she dies with a large group.
    So sorry about your status. Live positively & God will be with you every step of the way.

    People should learn from this.

  19. Msiba wakujitia mwenyewe hauna kilia, kamua mwenyewe

  20. This is nonsense and propaganda. Her claims are outrageous! if Omondi is evil as she claim, she is also evil because she goes around sleeping with me aimlessly without protection. This sounds like the story of a jilted lover out there to spread gossips about the EX

  21. U have the freedom of expression,go on girl,take him to standard and nation newspaper,he enjoyed it but doesn't want to take responsibility,the damage is made but he's got to pay it anyway. what took u to him na vile ni sura mbaya na ni mfupi pia?

  22. So he spent money on u??wat does that make you?shutup & do something constructive with ur life

  23. She sounds like a woman scorned,and we all know how that saying goes

  24. Wenye kufyekwa ovyo ovyo wanalia sasa.Kwani alikulazimu umpanulie.Grow up na uwache kuivaiva ovyo ovyo kama kuku.

  25. This anonymous lady/whore could be in for a rude shock if Fred decide to take the case to court. She is liable for an offense and could be sentenced to death for knowingly infecting one with HIV

  26. so u wonna hide ur name ndo uambukize wengine???? bona ulimpanulia bila protection? that how u wl infect others,,,, go to hell

  27. The 'girl' who cried wolf? You become a famous athlete, politician, celebrity, comedian etc and girls will be on you like flies on s***t. You get dumped, you think public will sympathize with your laments. Take it to a shrink and please live healthy this is more stress to you than the accused.

  28. It is the responsibility of everyone to take care of himself. I dont think sex between two concenting adults is a crime. the only problem would be if he is raping people. If the story above is true the lady can also be a suspect for infecting fred, si they had not been tested before. Anyway even the author of the story may be the most immoral.


  30. There is nothing new or alarming about the whole story. It is what we hear each n every day n therefore adds no value or brings no impact.

  31. There is a two side of the coin so the story might be true n also not true. but lets hear it from freds perspective then maybe we can know from there

  32. Hey guys. leave Omondi alone. Since he's got the money girls will swarm over him like bees. All of them want a share of his wealth that is why they want to be shagged raw. I do not encourage raw sex but why would you blame Omondi alone. Blame the whores who allow him to fuck them without a condom. This is just a despised girl, you never know how many of them will come out of woods.

  33. next time tumia condom.i dont blame the omondi's coz u were pined down.chic u fucked up.

  34. fucking is the order of days if one goes down in it he has problem , thp mupango ndio muhimu shida yako kaa hukujali mupango

  35. It was not by force you had an agreement , as it has been said by many , weka condom mpangoni . And ladies please don't be swayed by celebrity status of men and open your legs to any celeb thinking you will be the only one in his life.

  36. While everyone is blaming either this lady or Fred, why dont we slam the irresponsible online publications such as Nairobi Exposed and The Kenya Post whose sole intention is to injure people's reputations without credible evidence. Shame on these irresponsible pseudo "journalists"

  37. Ladies please choose men carefully. Usually we women get attracted to rich, famous men who have money but at the end of the day it is not all that is hyped up to be. Such men tend to use women and dump them. Go for a man who is serious, focused and disciplined.....hard to find but worth looking for rather than wasting your time and having yourself misused and abused.

  38. Shame on disgusted by him...his lifestyle is only for a short while....just a matter of time. take heart my sister

  39. poor English ukimwi ni kama malaria, Fred dinyana kabisaa

  40. The several ladies opened wide while smiling all the way while they had fun with Fred. If the two disagree on 'pricing' etc, it is not in public interest to know what transpires between the lovebirds turned enemies....

  41. infct this omondi family nkt they took my first love away from me ati coz of money and fame nkt to hell with ur cheap mean things thnks for this post

  42. ukimwi doesnt choose its us who walk into it. CD ni 10 bob na unaringa!! swim in it and take self control

  43. Thiz foolish girls! And she must be a college girl, ndio siku hizi they go around infecting people and counting. Wewe ni bure kabaisa!! So you infected Fred, shenzi wewe!

  44. Whoever you are, you sound even more bitter than the girl who wrote in... If you fell for a Nairobi girl and she played you poker, don't blame her - blame yourself... In simple language, that makes you one of the so called 'IDIOTS'... and please, quit with the shrubs - what is 'wanjanja'? Seriously...

  45. Always use protection so lady thats your business so mind it!

  46. lol he was my neighbor got kicked out of the place coz of the late night parties and the many visitors used to bump into these chics on the stairs in the morning looked like they were in uni or started working recently and the way he told them they were not chips fungas coz they were being dropped by him. The chics were always different and the gatemen were always ordered not to let any of them in unless they were in his car. That chic made her bed let her lay in it.

  47. Hope you are not out to destroy the life of this young artist please.

  48. what is wrong about boys fucking willing girls?

  49. Another miguna (jilted lover)

  50. so what are you sayin,that u got it from him,if u r reasonable,u shld b advising other chics to always use condoms..clearly u r a jilted bitch...

  51. Sleeping with you!!

  52. Thats sounds terrifying,chics style up

  53. Move on!

  54. This is True.

  55. kama ulikataliwa dnt expose others afta being used

  56. enda kamwambie ukienda kwake hukutwambia na uwache kaseshe hata labda ni wewe ulimpelekea ukimwi nktest!!!!

  57. this is nonsense gal! why should u plead for the secure of your name? ua such a bitch gal if u cant kip your ass closed leave mens names clean. wewe ni malaya sana

  58. If you it was a private affair when you had good time, for Heaven's sake, it should have remained so even after break-up. Otherwise am sorry for your status but you could also be the one spreading the thing around. How could you not use cd yourself. Live positively but stop looking for sympathy 'votes.

  59. jilted lady.

  60. Gals who chase after the so called celebs should know that a dick has never been a celeb! In Kenya a celeb can be anybody body and for good or for worse! Watch out who you sleep with! Kwa nini hukufanya hesabu kama Jimmy Gathu?

  61. ive heard some stories about this even before the post and as they say lisemwalo lipo..there is no smoke without fire,ladies be cautious sleeping aimelessly with these men

  62. gold digga!!!

  63. may u be forgiven if hiyo story ni right

  64. ujinga ni poko kuanz kudevelop feelings

  65. Prof Mwamaka
    u planted alone,ungeombwa na kijana maskini hungempea,u choce monied u harvest alone.........n how old are you? vergie is a sacred thing,you should have kept it safe for your husband,now see.....warega Ngai ndurega ngoma!Young ladies get saved and live for Jesus and He will secure for you some good men for husbands otherwise akina freddie watawatumia bibaya to your disgrace....bure kabisa blurry wanja kihii-aka marekia!Hata Jimmy Gathus 'fanya hio hesabu' cant help you?

  66. dont you people judge you dont know anything

  67. Ladies beware hii kupeana ati coz ni celeb mtaingia kw shimo ham wes toka

  68. hahahaha

  69. She has spoke out for you ladies to be aware, if you r hurt go for a test first may be u r also a victim & just want to convince yourself.

  70. I would like to know more from the other side before concluding on the issue.The woman also is to blame for her status.

  71. Was she raped?

  72. kama umetemwa kaa kando...!! its now my turn..!!! but mie nakula na CD...!!! :P

  73. op ur reading all this comments innocent lady coz thats what u think ur.
    who told u all ladies are after him... did he raped u?
    after rejection u think ur smart n when u were opening ur legs no one knew. swallow ur stupidity and live by your own guilt n stop giving excuses!!! Malaya wewe

  74. i think the guy knows his status and since gals are obsessed with celebrities,that's why he sleeps with them without caring,as he doesnt want to die alone.

  75. hahahahahahahaha ukweli ndio hio jaluo toto jinga

  76. wow crazy..

  77. dont kill someone career by expoxing ur gossips pliz spare us ur shit

  78. Jeses Omondi's you will kill alot of chiks take care gals Even the brother is the same cas.

  79. foolish girl, si ulikuwa unataka bila protection? you didnt agree that the outcome wil be his responsibility, now that things are not good you want to spoil for the boy, no marriage comes easy, you thought pregnancy was a marriage certificate?

  80. Poor girl! Seek Salvation from Jesus Christ and your life will change.

  81. stupid stupid girl u were not forced to sleep with the dude and seeing that u agreed to sleep with him without a condom means u usually sleep with other guys without a cd so u r probably the one that is infecting other guys. n why ru so pissed off if ur claiming u can cater for the kid who is probably not fred's kid since u dont use a cd why follow up the dude jus let him be....n he is an adult he can fuck whoever whenever he likes even a 3 some too and the money he can spend too cz he earned it....stupid idiot!!! ps with ur stupidity someone shud tel u to go hosi n start taking ur meds ati dying slowly shows jus how very idiotic ur

  82. When things are good,enjoy them just as u did.when they are bad,stop stop saying what u uaself has brought or participated.

  83. i think its true since how come this woman knows all his guys who hung out with him

  84. just trying too hard to digest ya idiotic post without succes, i case you have failed terribly being a kenyan not withstanding for we are used to this sought of things w3hen thing dont favour you as a lady...kwenda huko !know that to some of us omondis are arole model n however much you struggle to soil his name you wont succed.....endelee kupanua mapaja bila protection by the time you realize you will be headed to lang'ata.repent and ask for Lords mercy that you beset frree n free in deed

  85. just trying too hard to digest ya idiotic post without succes, i case you have failed terribly being a kenyan not withstanding for we are used to this sought of things w3hen thing dont favour you as a lady...kwenda huko !know that to some of us omondis are arole model n however much you struggle to soil his name you wont succed.....endelee kupanua mapaja bila protection by the time you realize you will be headed to lang'ata.repent and ask for Lords mercy that you beset frree n free in deed

  86. i can c jealousy in ua heart,ow come u neva xposed this till u were thrown out @ his house.if he fucked u bila protection,whose pussy was this?was it not uaz?then who allowed the unprotected fuck?was it not u?
    i believe u r not or was neva gud enuf thats y u were thrown out,men dont dump sweet pussies just lyk that.

  87. So, why ask for her identity to be protected while at the same time expose Fred? Bullshit!! Wakati alikuwa anajipeleka kudinywa, alituambia?

  88. i think she is mad.

  89. this gal ia just mad or something she just want to mess with this dudes cv...

  90. It might be truth or false so do not take it lightly.....just be careful...uki freak bila sock no digddy ume trip.

  91. whoever these men r,clear ur names get tested n let ur results be public.Dear lady y dnt u just come out in public n show ur face maybe someone might recognize u n put all dis to rest if its true.

  92. this lady is not serious, when you were feeling good you dint publish anything after being dumped you shout like a frog inside water, show yourself and prove it otherwise shut up the way you were when he was lungula you

  93. Nthing is xo terrible to behold as a scornd women..I cn undrstnd wat shes goin thru...she soundz....Fake or she s psyco...ul get ovr it lady..ther r plnty of men around..n to av hiv isnt saying ur goin to die the nxt minute not unles u kil yself ba sprding it...use protection alwys.

  94. am not pertubed coz pipo wil 4reva try to put u down with mere rumours...whoeva u r gyal get a lyf pliiiiiiiiiiz coz ol u do iz u suck n u mek Kenyans sick of ua unripe attempts 2 bring freddie down

  95. that is what happens to everyone who refuses to live for God & lives for the devil. The devil never shoots blancs dont mess with him. The only hope in this lyf is to live for God and live for him alone.

  96. that is what happens to everyone who refuses to live for God & lives for the devil. The devil never shoots blancs dont mess with him. The only hope in this lyf is to live for God and live for him alone.

  97. Stupid bitch tryn to tint a public figure! Wa u raped? Fuck to hell wid ur aids. W r not strangers to Fredie. He z a str8t man going far than ur 4th generation will even drm off. Die,die,die today whore.

  98. We are all sinners stop victimizing her! Rem the day when disciples of jesus brought a woman got in adultery,what did jesur said!!!?

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