ERIC OMONDI defends his brother (FRED) against the ROMOUR that he is HIV Positive

There was this bad romour that has been doing rounds on social media since Friday that Fred Omondi impregnated a lady who has now turned to be HIV positive. Read the full expose here>>>> 



After we reached out for the comedian to come out and give us his reaction to this story to no avail we finally decide to release the story as damaging as it is. now over to you Fred to jitetea to the public in whichever medium you wanna. poooof here is how it went.

*id witheld*

hi i would like to alert all the ladies out threre to be alert from this comedian called fred omondi brother to erick omondi he has been going around fucking women aimlessley without protection. he impregnated me and has refused to admit i dont want him to take care of it i can do it myself but he wont admit to it i want to his place recently in kileleshwa at four in the morning after efforts of getting to him became unfruitful. this boy had the guts to send me out of thie house through his cousin maleek who is also a fellow artist in the music industry. when i asked why am being kicked out, a random woman came from the room and simply said she was fucking the comedian and he dint want interfearnce. fred is usually seen mostly in the company of maleek,mc jose of i club and abunch of other comedians. i recently tested positive so i urge anyone who slept with this comedian to get tested he is not all you think. all they do is fuck women each and every night after thier event and spend money on women. Fred i told you i will expose you in Nairobi Exposed soonest. you can find out form other women. i am dying slowly. please hide my id.

pls publish it today i wil appreciate

17 hours ago

Damn.u in the right place. So tell me how sure can we be that fred is responsible. Does he know you are exposing him

no he does not know and i only want him to read it here please dnt reaveal my identity i thot ur confidential

Eric took to face book to defend his brother and dismiss the romours … Here is what he had to say

Hey if you are the one trying to ati destroy my small brother (Fred Omondi's) is why you will not succeed...that young man is highly favoured of God and any weapon set against him will not prevail. 

Earlier on, Fred Omondi had posted this.

I want to put an end to this roumour going round. Nothing like that ever happened and its high time people respect each persons income talent and husstle. For all my fans and friends who know and are with me through this i say thank you and i humbly rest my case.

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  1. As long as you slept with him willingly, you shld stop complaining. Why didnt u use protection? I dont think he raped you.

  2. Chances are that this lady is lying after being jilted. Women do that to tarnish ones name just to avoid another woman getting involved with the same man. If indeed she is positive, why not face the guy and tell him that or maybe the lady got it from someone else. The vengence of a woman!!

  3. People should respect others hustles,dnt kill peoples careers God will punish u,Omondi take heart bro.


  5. u should know ppl ??????? in short lala na mpango kama una dip,dip? stick to 1 partner stay real ladies r funny n bad ppl if jilted can really miss u up n can put u down ask SAMSON wa bible

  6. you deserve it gal

  7. Whatever you are saying lady is alie n if you are HIVpositive means you are the one who wants to infect him, ave known fred for long n whatever you are saying is abig lie, try somewhere n not on him ,u are mistaken

  8. Big bro protecting small bro we understand their is something we dont know and i know what it is.............

  9. N how sure are you that he is the one who infected u? besides he didn't rape u so u were equally irresponsible .u kud hav used a cd or u r bitter cos he dumped you??

  10. What about Erick Omondi going for an HIV test and posting results here. This would set matters to rest.

  11. Ati you engage in sex with someone nyama kwa nyama na hamjapimwa??? Crazy, or may be love for money.

  12. Why do u want ur Id to confsticated yet if it's true he knew who she threw out

  13. dat lady is a fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  14. shidako mama,kama hakutaki acha kumhate

  15. Jipange mama, a man is ment to serve ad go alikuhelp now ur spoiling his picture jisort tumeona wengi type yako...ur not de first how sure are we dat de pregnancy is his????

  16. did u tell us the time u went to him ? , were u forced ? , the stop tarnishing his name.

  17. That wat Yu wanted mama nani so don't spoi fredys name��

  18. I think your not rape ma dear take heart coz his negative God will not allow a small talented man like Fred to be positive sawa nkt

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