Tuesday, March 12, 2013 – She is rarely seen in the public limelight but the humble soft spoken Kenyan first lady Margaret Wanjiru Kenyatta is not new to the cameras.

Born to former Director Of State Controlled Kenya Railways Corporation Njuguna Gakuo, Margaret went to the prestigious St. Andrews School in Molo, she met her husband Uhuru Kenyatta, who is her best friend in Mombasa and later on tied the knot at Holy Family Basilica in Nairobi in 1989.

According to her friends, she is a noble and simple woman who loves keeping her life normal despite the fact that she is married to the son of the first President of Kenya who is now the President. On a normal day, Margaret would be seen enjoying a cup of coffee at social places in Nairobi.

She is a mother of two sons namely, Jaba and Jomo and one daughter named Ngina. She was also seen recently at The Hague where she accompanied her husband who is the new President elect of Kenya with her son Jomo.


62 comments for Unveiling UHURU KENYATTA’s wife ….. Mama MARGARET WANJIRU KENYATTA

  1. l love her humility and smiles,u are an encouragement to us ladies. Bravo our first lady

  2. And great woman behind this successful man. Indeed, humility pays. As the good says - the humblest shall be exalted. God bless the first family, God bless Kenya. Spare us lord from the proud and power hungry leaders

  3. i have never seen a first lady who cannot speak in public with confidence. ohh my!

  4. wonderful family :)

  5. This is crap!!! I thot u r unveilling something big.

  6. How old is she?

  7. Unlike the other Lady who thought she would be at the house on the Hill. She once kicked shoppers out of a shopping mall so she could shop all by her self.

  8. Saimz Muiruri

    One great woman... He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.

  9. Edwin muchoki 'silly who cares '..no wonder you will never be a president to have a first lady who'll be appreciated and loved by all...just keep your DC Att to your self

  10. who cares they are not going to bring food to my table.big thiefs shindwe

  11. this lady is great and economically more viable than the large ship. we will at least save some kamongo

  12. A real african beauty!

  13. She looks MUCH OLDER than he is!! whatever u say, she cannot speak in public, just smile..oh My!!

  14. Who knows her year of birth.its not indicated anywhere,or might she be older than UK?

  15. Stephen omondi andeye

    Honesty i like her humility.let us give her time.she cud indirectly play amajor role 4 the betterment of
    this country n more importantly bridge the gap between the kikuyus and luos

  16. whatever hurting comments are made don't listen. you are a great women.Bravo on.

  17. It is encouraging to see you look so composed despite the numerous eyes staring at you whenever you appear in public. May all go well with you and your family!!

  18. woderful famly

  19. woderful famly

  20. You are always so elegant! May all Kenyan women emulate you!

    God bless you and your family. I pray for you daily.

  21. i love this lady

  22. Yes, though I was opposite to all that was going on at the inaugurtion, she is just one special lady that I liked, beautiful and composed, and humble of course. God bless her.

  23. Whatever Margaret is, she appears humble. She's beautiful for her age.

  24. I love her so very much...she's my role model.

  25. The fact that she will not color her hair of ware a wig, makes her very unique among first ladies. Pure beauty !. More power to you lady.........

  26. Great Woman.. you did good UK. Kenya we have OUR Michelle O.

  27. Humility is the word. Keep it there Margaret you will be miserable otherwise. Do look out for our lovely turkana women. They took care of our first president . They tend to be isolated. Be assuring to them that their children are safe in your hands and they will get quality education that will enable them make them have choices in life. Reach out to them and the rendille and jemps too. You will discover that life gets very fulfilled. Ran away from the greedy, the trivial and the selfish. God bless you as you become the best role model in the country and it could be Africa , why not?!

  28. Margaret, as you carry out your wifely and first lady duties, I know you have the ICC issue nagging at core of your soul. But let me assure you and the many friends of your family that the rise of Kenyatta to the presidency could only happen by a miracle, and by a similar miracle the cases will vanish into nothingness. God bless Kenya.

  29. Margaret, as you carry out your wifely and first lady duties, I know you have the ICC issue nagging at core of your soul. But let me assure you and the many friends of your family that the rise of Kenyatta to the presidency could only happen by a miracle, and by a similar miracle the trumped up charges and cases will vanish into nothingness. God bless Kenya, God bless Uhuru family.

  30. Am happy to know something little about u pliz keep it that way remember ur place forget the pace of which people want u to change, after all u got married to a man not a nation. God bless u my president and ur family

  31. I do not agree with the choice of her husband, but she is a breath of fresh air, no slapping, slapping, fighting in public, etc. She needs just simple public speaking training, it is all about training. She will grow into her role. I like her keeping a low profile... good way to let the snakes, and opportunist come out(and they will).

  32. some of u reasons like kids,what were u people expecting to be relieved.thumb high for u first lady,u are a role model to us and we salute u for the position that u are having right now.God bless u,ur family and most of all GOD BLESS KENYA:keep the fire burning

  33. We luv u mama

  34. Who knows probably she may be older than her husband.

  35. We love u mama. U r wonderful

  36. you are wonderful. you are excellent. You are the one, most suitable to our president your family and this country. God has qualified u. enjoy yourself in it. Let no one intimidate you with public speaking thing. You are best the way you are. we love you and pray for u the way you are. You are humble, beautiful and lovely. i love u always. You are great. I thank God for you. you make perfect face of Kenya with our president. Thank u for the way u are serving Kenya. You are best Kenya could get as first lady. glory to God.

  37. We love you Maggie. You are our role model. Keep it up. We are praying for you and our President. Be blessed.

  38. How many first ladies have you seen?

  39. Then you must be blind!

  40. Lovly woman

  41. You are also very silly. Big for nothing!

  42. No one talks about her age!

  43. Lovely natural ,humble may the Lord be with you as you carry your duties mama,i love you

  44. our mama is an original African woman,no wigs or weaves,keep it up dear sis,for age, its just a number,what matters is you as a person.

  45. I love Margaret Kenyatta.Very Humble and Down to Earth.Cheers.

  46. Very Good Lady

  47. Silly what does the age of Margaret Kenyatta matter to anyone she has served the President well bore him three beautiful children what else would a man wish. Bravo Maggie God guide you and be with your family just practice confidence

  48. I just adore Margaret Kenyatta mum well done

  49. I think she is a great lady down to earth with humility. SHE IS MY ROLE MODEL.

  50. WE REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU MAMA. let them say whatever they want to. after all a mouth is for talking nevertheless we highly appreciate your efforts in making life bearable for we wamama wa Kenya.

  51. Whatever impression she gives you, we ought to accord her the regards due to her by virtue of being the president's wife. We don't choose mothers. But everyone appreciates their own mum. Fact is, she is the first lady of Kenya, today. God bless her and bless our country. I am proud of her. How many ladies in this country will acquire that status! All leadership comes from on high remember!

  52. What do u care abt her age? She is a great woman and she did not apply 2 b the first lady. Her white short hair and her personality is none of your business haters! Maggie is a humble woman who's the best example 4 all women. Bravo 2 our beautiful mama!

  53. wash! kwani was uhuru hursling with life at that time?

  54. For those who dont know, she is 50 years now.

  55. Lets give her the respect she deserves..She is the First lady!

  56. Lets give her the respect she deserves..She is the First Lady!!

  57. muchoki ur an old fool,u dare insult a humble First Margret and the way he doesn't participate in politics,lke ur name suggest u luk manners

  58. U luk woow mum.congrats...

  59. I just love this family....God bless them.....

  60. Maggie you are adorable. Wow mother, wow wife,wow first lady. For those bothered by her age,dont expect her to dye her hair any time soon so that she can look younger. She is a real African woman not ready to use dyes whose origin only heaven knows. For you others check out her wedding photo and see how a young innocent girl she was. Keep it up Mum. you are doing a good job.

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