UN boss snubs Kenya’s President elect UHURU MUIGAI KENYATTA

Sunday, the 10th of March 2013 - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has followed the lead set by Western Countries by failing to congratulate Uhuru Kenyatta for winning last Monday’s Presidential election and instead congratulating Kenyans for a peaceful election.

In a statement released on Saturday, the UN boss had “noted the results" of Kenya's election and he "congratulates the people of Kenya for their impressive determination to participate peacefully in the elections, and for the patience they have demonstrated while awaiting the results."

This follows a trend set by most Western Countries which on Saturday congratulated Kenya for a ‘peaceful election’ but snubbed Uhuru. The US gave its response through Secretary of State John Kerry who also snubbed Uhuru.

The West is giving Kenya the cold shoulder because the presumptive winner of Monday’s election Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate William Ruto are both facing charges of crimes against humanity at the Hague.


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  1. He's worth been snubbed as a presidential winner since even he, himself knows he didn't win it .He's only worth being mentioned an ICC suspect over crimes for humanity.

  2. Who cares? They still need us.

  3. We need to move on. Our lives do not depend on them.

  4. Whether they recognize Mr Uhuru and Ruto as the people choice it does not matter. what matters is that the Kenyan people have spoken, and they (Uhuru and Ruto) are the President and the vice president elect.

  5. Well congratulations to Kenya, we are a peace loving nation and should do everything to foster that peace, wishing all a happy blessed 2013, we can do it pamoja

  6. Kenyans have exercised their rights. Whether the Western countries congratulate Uhuru and his government or not he is our president who was annoited by God. Kenya is a God fearing country protected by the blood of Jesus and enough is enough. We have been praying for a president and peaceful elections. God has has blessed and fulfilled the desires of Kenyans hearts so whoever western countries wanted to be the president of Kenya they can as well elect him in heir country to be their president next time. Uhuruto or Jubillee coalition is God appointed.Bravo.

  7. Uhuru is kenyan, or is he not, so by extension his conguratory message to kenyan goes to the President elect too

  8. Please let the world know that the majority of Kenyans have spoken with one voice- they want to be led by Uhuru and his running mate Ruto. Why the two? It is because they(Kenyans) know who the vallain is when it comes to the crimes that they are being accused of in the matters pertaining to the 2007-2008 elections. As much the whole world looks down on the pair as criminals, Kenyans know better and their decision should be respected as such. Whether the UN boss likes it or not, he cannot change the statous quo. By the way he is also entitled to his opinion but he should have kept his sentiments to himself because the citizens he so congratulating are led by the pair he does not want to have anything with.

  9. we do not need the west to elect the people we need to lead us. we are a grown democratic country and for heaven's sake we did not influence who they shall elect for their president so western countries BACK OFF
    Kenya is a peaceful country n so shall remain

  10. The international community should know that Kenya is for the Kenyans and Uhuru and Ruto are for the Kenyas. The can snubb but will not change the willof God.

  11. I wish to also let the West and other International communities that the God of Kenya is supreme and does not need anybody's positive comment to do His will upon our nation.

    For how long will people forget that only God is supernatural and the rest of us are equal subjects.

  12. T
    his is to inform them that Kenyans have spoken in one voice. Whoever has a question of Uhurus victory should make an urgent call to God through Jesus Christ and ask as to why Uhuru should be the Kenyas fourth President.

  13. Kenyans are bigger than a few individuals who think they give us the very air that we breath! The people have spoken lets get to work and build a better kenya nobody else can do it for us.

  14. very true indeed, am Kenyan and i will never come to reality that Kenyatta is my president. am planning to leave the country soon and will only be back after 5 years. thank you

  15. The UN Boss is being hypocritical - The 6 Million Kenyans that voted for UK were not coerced by anyone, so congratulating them and ignoring their choice is quite stupid, it is like congratulating a married woman on a great marriage but ignoring her husband. rather ignore them both. if it was not the the voters they are congratulating, there would be no UK. Period

  16. "Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate William Ruto are both facing charges of crimes against humanity at the Hague."

    So they're presumed guilty? Besides, what is a toothless mongrel like the head of the UN going to do, write us a strongly worded letter?


  18. Whatelse did Kenyans expect?

  19. What else did Kenyans expect? A president elect who is an ICC indictee is no go area for most country leaders. Even the so called Eastern countries have taken a back seat or did I miss a message from China?

  20. They can go to hell with their congratulations. We dont need them anyway.

  21. We are not interested with their congratulation message. The fact is that we elected our president, if they don't like our choice, then we don't need their congratulation

  22. hahahaa......they should even remain silent for ever....we dont need them??#$#%^$%

  23. the
    west shud jus swallow that bitter fact that kenyans have chosen their
    leader. wether they recognise him or not he is still our prezzo.say no
    to neocolonialism

  24. This is a case of snobbish attitude which smacks of imperial cover up. He has to follow the big powers so that the Dollars can continue flowing in the UN.

  25. we really do not need a pat kenya moves on

  26. sanctions zimeanza

  27. let him talk abut syria , he is unable to handle anything this toothless dog called U.N. only oppressing and speaking ills of African countries. We can do without them. shame on them. millions displaced in syria , any response, NONE , SHAME ON YOU BANKI MOON

  28. We new where their hearts were, but Kenyans spoke loudly. They even tried to use a VIRUS to electronically spoil votes massively to force a runoff. We can still trade with Asian countries. Let them hang themselves.

  29. Ask yourself. Who sent the Red october virus? The british, so as to give raila, who is now raia, a run off. In the real sense, they know that they will no longer run this country. It's not business as usual. Their man lost heavily

  30. They can go to hell with their congratulations. Kenya Belongs to God not to western countries. We prayed and God answered.

  31. To hell with you Ban ki-moon

  32. who cares, we have spoken and we can do without them anyway

  33. Kenya is more than just a mature democracy! We are willing and able to churn our own destiny and this is just the beginning. The West should stop arm-twisting Africa for their own gains! One colonialisation was more than enough! Uhuru tuko pamoja! Na Kenya yaenda mbali!

  34. Tell the to go to hell.We r sooooo mature to make our decisions.

  35. What if the 6Mn+ Kenyans did not vote the way they did out of fear of sanctions? I believe it is not out of ignorance the votes went that way..people are well informed. We vote for leaders we believe in at that moment. The whole world depends on GOD ALMIGHTY. I am not aware of any earthly GOD.
    Somehow I am delighted with the outcome...no one knows what the future holds. We just make a choice in confidence. And in this case I am delighted we have not allowed ourselves to be influenced by fear. we can only wait and see...

  36. We can do without them!!!!congratulating our president Uhuru or not means nothing to majority of us who knows much about the westerners.....in fact,am happy and proud man that they are not interfering with our great Nation Kenya!!!let dem solve their pending issues and problems facing them...

  37. they need us more than we need them .they kant influence our decision as kenyan ....we have made our decision and to hell with their views..FUCK...

  38. we have spoken whether you say yes or no, will of God and the Kenyan people should be respected

  39. He can do that after 10 years, however either he do it or not life has to continue.

  40. who need paedophiles to tell kenyans anything. the UN has failed the Palestinian people big tym. What has the so called West done to deal with Israel ? jack! how many people r being killed in Afghanistan n Pakistan by American soldiers? Kenya needs to withdraw from this stupid racist court which American govt doesn't even recognize for obvious reasons

  41. they can go to hell where they belong

  42. the voice of people is the voice of GOD......AND KENYANS have spoken .....,.....Kenyans voted for UHURU and RUTO ....KNOWING ALL THIS....WITH OR WITHOUT THEIR CONGRATULATIONS...KENYANS HAVE SPOKEN

  43. Congratulations Kenyans and many many congrats to President U.K and deputy president W.R. If there is a time am proud to be Kenyan, its now since Kenyans were able to overcome fear and delusion to elect the people they wanted to govern them.

    On the infamous 'choices have consequences' of John Carson i wish to tell him that we knew the consequences of electing his stooge were far more damaging than electing our God chosen leaders. If he (Carson) may, i can donate a dozen razor blades for him to swallow.

  44. Who gives a damn weather they congratulate Uhuru or not. The fact is that Kenyans love Uhuru.

  45. Western countries should not poke their noses in our internal affairs instead they should congratulate Kenyans and both Uhuru & Ruto

  46. Who gives a flying f**** if they did or not. We are better off without them! They don't care about human beings,especially people of color. All they care about is "Interests" that's how they refer us here in Africa.

  47. shame on you anonymous. shame shame shame shame shame
    we as kenyans the 5.3 million kenyas have not got justice from the iebc

  48. shame on you anonymous. shame shame shame shame shame
    we as kenyans the 5.3 million kenyas have not got justice from the iebc

  49. May God bless Kenya. We are sovereign and so shall it remain congratulated or not. They said they shall respect the will of Kenyans let them breath some life into their words. We choose, so can they support us. The Lord our God is our Sword and Shield. He has given us leaders, He shall fight for us and He shall protect us. We need God on our side more than we need anyone else, with Him we are victors

  50. This western countries are just people like us. Only they are in a white or whatever you may call it banana skin.
    They are not more educated than us and they should first solve their own problems before pretending to solve others. Africans should decoloniz themselves.What make us loose self confidence in such a way yet we have all what we need to live without relying or depending on anyone.

  51. What did the Cord Coalition promised the Western Countries..? just wondering... and the most non partisan organization (United Nations)... forgets its Key role on united Countries on arising matters and existing matter and becomes partisan... i guess the best thing is that even prophet Owour knows in his heart of hearts... some character will never rule this Nations and it was a cursed from his father generation and generation to come...
    The people of Kenya spoke... and for your information... the western countries and Kim Moon .. we careless of your Hippocratic comments and ego..

  52. Bhangi go to the moon !

  53. we know who started the fight and we know who wanted to force leaders down our throats. This time round we have a constitution and an IEBC which gave them no room. anyway the west should just shut up, Uhuru is our president.

  54. we all know know they are loved by only two giants in kenya

  55. Kenyan situation is a classic example of the Stockholm Syndrome... Kuna ujinga mingi sana in this country... And for a moment people should think with their heads not tribe... First and foremost this generation needs to go back and study the history of Kenya, we are going back to dark era fast than we can ever imagine..

  56. We can celebrate we won, but let us watch. We've just thrown ourselves from the frying pan to fire. All UN funds, World Bank goooooooooooooooooooooone!

  57. God will bless Kenya and like China we will rise to be a super power. Lets all unite pple of diff tribes and color to build the Kenya we want, free from interference from the west.

  58. Hypocrisy at the world arena is so big!!!, Kenyans know very well who was behind the problems we had in 2007/2008. We know the naive or pretenders do not want to understand. They are protecting the culprits of crimes against humanity!!!, Kenyans know them so well!!!. We can do without you western countries, we are no longer under you. Using backdoor to influence Kenyan politics will not succeed, Let the guilty now be frog matched to ICC because we know them. Ocampo was compromised and everybody knows that!!!!!

  59. Whether they like it or not the pple of the REPUBLIC OF KENYA have spoken. If they waited to see war then ole wao.

    We have courts & judges here who are capable of handling our issues.

    Jst because tuna wategemea in one way or another doesn't give them the right to control us.... ndio maana wamemea pembe wanatu-compare na Sirya.


    Kenya is a great country & I'm proud to be Kenyan.

    God bless KENYA God bless our leaders.

  60. they need us more than we do

  61. Oh the westerners have nothing to offer our great country. they can only join us in celebrations. Poleni sana...... ASIYEKUBALI KUSHINDWA SIYE MSHINDANI.


  62. Did these people have votes? Then why didn't they vote for the candidate they preferred?

  63. Who is Ban Ki Moon? We also don't approve of him!

  64. We didn't vote so overwhelmingly for UhuRuto to be congraturated. We don't expect them to congraturate us anyway. What mattters is that we voted for the leaders we wanted and congrats are to ourselves. We would do so again and again.

  65. that why they were interfering with IEBC tallying to force a run off since they had a preferred candidate who was rejected by a majority of us.this is not un

  66. For all we care, this is the Lord's doing. Am proud to be Kenyan.

  67. We don care, this is nt west, shud respect kenya n uhuru is our president

  68. Everyone who is SATANIC will not recognize the return of JESUS CHRIST.. But he will soon after coming back start unleashing their SATANISM from the pentagon, pentagram and their SATANIC RAM symbol. Believe it or nor this is the end of all ILLUMINATIS from government and the word.

  69. It was written ' Look to the East for the coming of a BLACK King, this will not be quickly acknowledged by the SATANIC WESTern systems and leaders.

  70. We prayed for peaceful election and God answered our prayers n gave us duly elect president kenyans have spoken and its over

  71. uhuru is your presodent but dont you think this is empty victory! tell me this, your president onwns thousands of acreas of land but he cud not give up 1000 acres to settle the IDPs. what wud he loose? nothing. so when you are busy saying you dont need the west, kindly remember it is them that do a lot of funding to us.
    anonymous, i think you are a stupid person that is foolish and ignorant. fine, he won the elections, i hope one day he will have a meeting with your landlord to discuss your rent!!!

  72. I am a kenyan n i find it extremely difficult to accept uhuru as my president.This person jst don't have the bslls n what it takes to lead this nation.I fear for the fate of kenya and its future generation

  73. All this excitement, drumming of an intellectually fatigued understanding of "sovereignty" will go quiet. Give it time people, give it time. Should the West decide to put their foot down, I can assure you that winter is coming, and everything will freeze. We will see how much of Uhuru will warm them. May this not come to pass because the mistake of one half will affect the other half.

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. Its a pity for anyone to impose to the Kenyan ppe who should lead them. Shame on the Western Countries we are mature able to deceide our Kenyan destiny. whether congraturated or not Uhuruto must lead kenya to higher standard

  76. Who cares about the West,East here we come Kenya.....!!!

  77. Stay with their congratulations, we have the votes and the evil deeds u wanted for our country won't happen. They should take their favourite presdential candidate n make him president on their own
    country. ours will be led by UHURUTO....................... hehehehe..

  78. UN has always been inclined to the West so its not his decision but the West decision so don't blame him he's a victim of delusional personality-his decisions are made not by himself but by the west he is but a puppet,guess the world will at one day come to the reality that all these international organizations are not for any gain any help but to impose the western rule indirectly to the whole world!

  79. The west must realise that we have become of age,and they are no longer our colonial masters to command and suggest to us who our leaders should and shouldnt be.I personally Congratulate Hon Uk for his election.6 million is abig voice.Let all respect democracy.

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