President BARRACK OBAMA says Kenya is not safe for FOREIGN journalists

Sunday, the 10th of March 2013 - US President Barack Obama on Saturday made a statement in a gala for journalists in Washington that appeared to suggest that Kenya is not a safe destination for foreign correspondents. 

"They've risked everything to bring us stories from places like Syria and Kenya, stories that need to be told," he said.

Obama prefixed the statement that compared Syria with Kenya by telling the journalist that, "the truth is our country needs you and our democracy needs you."

Syria is currently in the midst of a bloody civil war that was started on the pretext of removing its dictatorial ruler Assad from power. The conflict in Syria has killed more than 70,000 people.

Kenya meanwhile had its first peaceful election since 2007 this past week and the country is about to see the second peaceful handing over of power since 2002.

Obama did not explain why he coupled Kenya with Syria. The US President’s birth father was of Kenyan descent.


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  1. Am assuming Obama did not mean anything bad for Kenya. What did the foreign journalist find during the just concluded general elections?

  2. Thank you Mr. Obama. We are very sorry for the deaths of US journalist who came to do a coverage of your prefered candidate.

  3. That is his opinion and he is entitled to it. As for us Kenyans, we know the truth. God bless Kenya.

  4. Obama should stop his bullshit and let us celebrate and move forward as a country, even if his distant cousin lost the election. Obama should know when to keep quiet and when to talk.

  5. Get real mr. secret society, Its in your dreams kenya is burning sky high. Stop day dreaming & deal with North Korea before kim jong-un nukes you. If kenya is not peaceful you can divert airforce one to Afganistan at Tora bora moutains.

  6. Iam a Kenyan American living in states. The most shocking thing is that, I had to rely on BBC to get election news from Kenya. Its a shame that a peaceful election is not news for CNN. CNN had better news to cover like the tragedy of the passing on of Hugo Chavez but Peaceful Kenya was not news. Any negative statement coming from the west will be treated as a threat to democracy.

  7. Kenya is not like Syria. Kenya is a God fearing nation.

    It is unfortunate that people believe in others and in themselves more than they believe in God the creator of all things.

  8. I thinks Obama just hates Kenya and especialy as his roots is from Kenya he still holds some tribal elements in him.l Strongly believe if it was another person who had won the election we could be receiving praises from all over.But now he is only behaving like one of us.Being tribal

  9. please Mr.Obama, do you know schools in united states are the most insecure in the world? kindly keep yourself busy by beefing up security for the little angels. remove the log in your eye first before pointing to our speck Sir!

  10. fuck obama and the west.we dont need them

  11. We understand why Kenya is not a safe place for foreign journalists,they had no violent stories to cover about Kenya so they wasted their time and money being in Kenya.On a lighter note you were just expecting worst to happen in Kenya but your assumptions failed miserably.

  12. We did just fine with our local journalists

  13. So your predecessors go into Iraq bomb it to ruins and then you assume you have moral authority to dictate to us on what is right and wrong...further your predator drones kill innocent people in Afghanistan/Iraq and yet your hegemony silences the voice of the innocent with denials or a mere sorry while the figures of the casualities require that you be answerable at ICC, but again your arrogance precludes it, your dominance makes nonsense of ICC and justice. Further within US people run amok killing innocent children with assault weapons...and so Mr. President while you casually claim that it is unsafe in Kenya, how do you rebut these claims...

  14. I don't Know. I think we're reading too much into this. The man was simply misunderstood. Its a gaffe people, move along already.

  15. This is one of the most reckless statement ever issued. It appears he relied on previous CNN bogus clip on "R/Valley militia" to classify Kenya with Syria.Is there civil unrest in Kenya? May be he can answer that. They always think that CNN is everything. it is high time they know that CNN gives crap of stage managed, in-house movies

  16. Pure rubbish.

  17. Can someone remind him that his Grandmother lives in Kenya.It would be safer if she was moved safer grounds in Washington.

  18. syria=over 75,000 killes in 2 yrs, over 1 m displaced, foreign governments meddling, internal wrangles
    kenya=over 1,000 killed in pev 5yrs ago, peaceful elections,
    if you find these two countris comparable, dude, must be high than the skys above

  19. What do you espect from someone who support gay marriages?

  20. syria supports terolism,kenya dont why treat us like that

  21. syria supports terolism,kenya dont why treat us like that

  22. i think obama was abnormal when he made those funny uterus.

  23. Kenya is a save country to be i no if Rao could win u were in a position of praising Kenya

  24. Congratulations to all international journalists who are brave enough to bring us report from USA on the numerous school shootings that have continued to take place in the land of the declining superpower.

  25. Now we know.... Mr. Obama, Kenya's politics are too complicated to understand. That is why your journalists have nothing to report on from Kenya. When our galant soldiers cleared the al saabab, that had frustrated your efforts no journalist from any of the western media reported. Kindly leave us alone to enjoy our peace

  26. Let Obama and the United Sates know that we are no longer interested with their friendship. Kindly keep off our internal affairs the way Kenya has kept off. To Obama: Kindly do not make plans of visiting Kenya during your office term; only your cousins will welcome you at the airport. We no longer like Obama. We want to do business with China, not with a bully like USA. Many Kenyans now hate you to the nerve for interfering with our internal affairs.

  27. he can as well use that allegation to send marines to reinstate his preffered candidate.....n we will stage our black hawk down op.

  28. fuck obama n fuk usa.

  29. fuck obama n fuk usa.

  30. Obama Should , migrate KOgelo to Washington or Illinois! just hate him with 1 heart now..Fuck how he dares to issue that reckless message!..he has forgotten his ancestral home!...he is a big Asshole! a big one in deed!..Kenyans worship Living God unlike Him and his close asscoiate!!.May God Blesss Kenya Abundantly!!!!Love u all Kenyans

  31. this president has become senile or mad,he meant Korea not Kenya, white hair in 4 years is evidence, am sorry but its a good case study for psychologists. dont worry kenyans continue bulding kenya so he can have comfortable place in rehab

  32. Anonymous
    obama is no God kenyans do not worship idlols like Obama. pole sana bwana mkubwa wa ndunia yor prefered candidate is a real disgrace to this country kenya

  33. Deep down...Obama is a fool. He is bitter his cousin Raila (68yrs) never made it for president & is trying to be smart about it. All can see his full stupidity. No foreign journalist has ever been attacked in Kenyan soil in line of duty while covering events. Where did he get the crap from...may be he was on weed... We are happy with Uhuru (52yrs)...

  34. sorry Mr.obama God formed kenya and he established Kenya every body in this nation we were not born in the wrong place. We are in the divine plan of God. what you say about us does not count. the Destiny of the nation of kenya is in the hands of God.

  35. Obama is an ass hole who cares if he see it like that by the way if its safe for his grandmum ass its safe for us kenyan he can go and wordhip devil as he is used to but our God will stand with kenya

  36. Obama will one time eat back his shit. Many countries are now pointing their nukes to Washington and sooner than later he will know he is just silly senile president..... ovyo sana

  37. some of these fellows in us are very ignorant. you remember one tme bush was saying kenya is in Nigeria. were it not for the fact that this fellow known kenya through association i would categorised him with bush. let your journalist not set foot here. they are only interested in wars stories . keep off

  38. instead of complaining why don't we 'build' international news channels so that our journalists can go to the US looking for negative stories? Running a country is no different from running a home. You need to be in good terms with your neighbors but you don't have to entertain their bullcrap. If they go telling bad stories about you, you retaliate in kind. We need to debunk the myth that a country can only be run on debts. If we do so, we'll never have to worry about what UK, US or whichever country wants

  39. I want to assure Obama that he should be informed about what is happening in Kenya and not just give statements that have no basis in reality. Kenyan were peaceful Mr Obama and we will remain as a peaceful nation in Africa.

  40. This was andis and will remain to be the most irresponsible statement made by One man PBO until may be he opens his mouth next time. PBO has the right to his opinion and i have the right to tell hin how STUPID & IRRESPONSIBLE it was. He must be high on Pills.

  41. Who cares anyway about foreign journalists?? They are just that...FOREIGN JOURNALIST. We don't need them. We have our own and they did us proud. Actually I think he/they sent them elsewhere (including syria)and found themselves here covering alot of nothing. What the hell do you wanna know about Kenya that you already don't know. Hypocrisy is for the foolish. Get your act together and if you can't talk sense,shut up. You have alot to handle over there. Btw,funny that foreign journalists find violence to be fodder for their content. Try elsewhere please you busy bodies...

  42. the poor soul from Kogelo should note that when all is said and done, his origin is Kenya and portlying it in bad light is the last thing he should do. He should atleast respect that the grave of his father is here.

  43. Obama's candidate Raila Odinga failed with a fourth. Kenya is a sovereign country. The west shall not force Kenyans to elect bad leaders!

  44. Obama's right, half of Kenyans are with him in support for democracy. The other half are, volunteer forces of impunity.

  45. Obama is an ass hole who cares if he see it like that by the way if its safe for his grandmum ass its safe for us kenyan he can go and wordhip devil as he is used to but our God will stand with kenya

  46. Mr Obama how many coutries in Africa do you want to destroy

  47. If these were indeed Obama's own words and their intentions correct, then I feel very, very sorry for him. No wonder nearly half the American voters rejected him!

  48. syria supports terolism,kenya dont why treat us like that .....Kenya is a save country to be i no if Rao could win u were in a position of praising Kenya...
    If you cannot speak or rather write in clear concise English then please do not comment here..some of you sound like people speaking with shit in mouth.

  49. yes,Kenya should me made an example to those who resist america's will..America's candidate soundly beaten,Obama is looking for a reason to punish kenyan voters,by talking up Kenya as a rogue state ,ruled by an illegitimate dictator who sanctions the murder of american journalists!!!I once naively thought Obama was not like Bush Jr.!!

  50. We have to put our house in order. Kenya has to clean her image, lets pray for Kenya to heal from this schizophrenic a country where Deputy Justice Nancy Barasa is asked to step a side pending investigation for a rather minor misconduct yet Uhuru and Ruto charged with crimes against humanity are allowed to run a country!!!!...what do you tell non Kalenjins and Kikuyus who lost their lives and their families whose fingers are pointing at Uhuru? This is like puting a rapist incharge of care of the rape victim. Please remember the Artur Brothers...the same people who brought them to the country have been empowered. President Obama probably has more fact about Kenya from CIA and other bodies. Lets ask him for help to make Kenya safe instead the arrogance that some of us have. How do you explain the Kikuyu almost 100% votes for Uhuru unlike the rest of the country!!!! Everyone know the contributions for Raila to the nation. In 2007 the Kikuyus stated that the reason for not voting for Raila was that he was with RUTO whom they described as a terrible man and an enemy. Raila was the best then...what has changed Mr/Mrs Anonymous?

  51. All the respect i had for him is now erroded! when he said hes got no favourite candidate i thot he was seriuos kumbe hes still got trbalism in him? this is a sovereign state let him deal with kim jongs nuke threat first

  52. The message from Obama equating life in Kenya to the unfortunate Syrian situation is not just an unfortunate, cynical gesture, it seems deceptively benign, but it is ominous... quietly menacing... Is this one of the "unspecified consequences" the US Foreign Office threatened Kenya with... for exercising our freedom?
    Well I can say this much: Kenya can't and shall not go back to colonialism. Sorry!

  53. Obama is right.! Unfortunately, most of those commenting are beneficiaries of Impunity.!!

  54. Obama has done nothing wrong. Your compliments are so evil. Remember KK leaving in the US did not vote for Obama . The most haters in the world. So evil.

  55. Kikuyu's are very stupid people! Raila gave Kibaki his chance the year 2002 and later Kibaki kicked him away. Same Kikuyu's wakaiba kura 2007 for Kibaki to remain in power. Ni akina nani IDPs in Kenya? KKs. Shame on you.

  56. Get a life, kikuyu this kikuyu that, you talk as though you know all the kikuyus by name. Tell me which Kura did i steal...and while you spew your insults about kikuyus calling me among the stupid... did i burn/loot shops in Kisumu and line up waiting for food parcels, tell me did you see me uproot the railway destroying a natural resource in the name of protest...if you call that super intelligence then i'd rather not seek it...

  57. while the new world order members are busy fighting against good and normalcy,kenyans are busy building their country after peaceful,most credible n transparent elections.just to ask,why would kenya need international journalists?no violence in kenya for CNN to report..remember the journalist at the airport 3 days after elections that was overheard saying,"my coming is nothing to report"
    the high voter turn out and peaceful elections were not news to report anyway???
    give us a break.............

  58. Dear my Obama,
    comparing Kenya with syria is a very irresponsible statement.
    though you are the biological father of your 2 daughters ps remember you wont dictate their entire life.Time will come and they will demand"space"
    Kenya is now 50 yrs old thus the jubilee year incase yu didnt know.
    Our fore fathers suffered in your arms and no penny has been compensated so far for these historic injustices.
    We are the third generation and now we demand "space"
    we have the right to do what we want with our country since kenya is a sovereign country.we dont interfere with your internal affairs so please let our affairs alone.the uhuru win means your interests are not protected and you may not like it but ps remember the people of kenya have spoken and have been heard through their may control the ICC as is windly known to prosecute african leaders only but you will not control Kenya.very soon Africa will have its own Africa international court(AIC)and ICC will be a thing of the past.
    no cogratulatory messages to our president elect and yet kenyan leaders spent much even to come personally witness your inauguration but our good LORD is with him.He is only a suspect and thus innocent till proven,another suspect,Francis Muthaura had his charges dropped by the ICC and we dont know what will happen to our president"s charges so he remains innocent but the international community wanted to protect their interests in kenya latest being the oil in turkana by confusing innocent kenyans about the way kenya is self sufficient and we can comfortably do without you.china builds our roads while we import from them.just to mention some of our solid rock riches: tea,coffee,minerals,precious stones,beatiful tourist sites,and most recently discovered oil and gas.AM PROUD TO BE A KENYAN.

  59. For a Harvard graduate, you did not do your research properly. For a President, your sources misled you. For such an eloquent speaker, you just suffered from what I call "Foot in mouth disease"

  60. Fuck this retard called obama and his kenyan choice odinga. leave us the fuck alone

  61. Mr.Obama you need to understand that Kenya is a free and democratic country. The Kenyan citizens exercised their rights, we are a God fearing country and unlike you who supports evil e.g gay marriages which is cursed in the bible. Surely what should we expect from you is to be happy when you see and hear trough the media that Kenyans are killing each other because of elections. Kindly get your Kenyan prefered candidate a position in your country. Mind you GOD is blessing Kenya.

  62. Which ever way, GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY for Kenya. He is The King of kings and The Lord of lords!
    Some may Trust in Horses while some may Trust in the speed of their Chariots, But as a Kenyan citizen, I already made up my mind to Trust in The NAME OF THE LORD!

  63. Some communities are so aggressive and they just have to steal to survive, steal ballot box, steal power and kill witnesses and threaten some and burn bodies. But they have no sense of morality so Obama you might just be right. What country kidnap children and kill them? Too many mungikis who are the extra army for the mighty and powerful. If you have billions of dollars lets say 5b ill gotten you can be all you want to be. If all you do is fight for the poor, fight for multi-party system, get a new constitution, get jailed for what you believe in selflessly, and stand for all Kenyans, they will throw eggs at you as soon as you give them something to smile for. Kenya? My foot. I'd rather live in a forest where and live with the jungle law at least the animals will respect me.

  64. AM sure Obama is wrong when he associates Kenya with Syria.He should remember his Grandmother is just here and if Kenya is not safe then let him take her to the us

  65. Old öne out ..tribal kinda western 1 day Ombama will help you with the helpless dollar.. THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

  66. Old öne out ..tribal kinda western 1 day Ombama will help you with the helpless dollar.. THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

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