Please Help, Am addicted to PROSTITUTES

I have been a regular reader of your site for sometime now, but have never posted or send you a mail before. I consider it pretty much necessary right now as I can't continue living this way & need u guys to help me out.

I am 27yrs old, a banker in one of d leading banks in Kenya, also own a business of my own, but am seemingly addicted to sleeping wt prostitutes.

I'd always lived in Nairobi & in Nairobi you'd rather pay than keep. But this is killing me right now as I cannot even save reasonably. Ds ill habit started about 11yrs ago when I was about to finish university, my friend & I went to a neighboring brothel pretending we wanted to buy ice cream as we both knew pretty well such is never sold in a place like that. We just wanted to satisfy our curiosity about prostitutes, see them & stuff like that.

But here I am today I’ve graduated to do highest class of prostitutes "escorts", is has bad as sleeping wt a girl for 30k per night & this I do almost once in every week. I can hardly save 200k in my acct, as I have parents that still give me money, so I particularly don't do anything wt my salary.

Worse still I av a Gf & my Gf says we can't be intimate until we get married. She dosen't know I patronize escorts though. My greatest fear at d moment is if I don't desist from this I might never get a life of my own. Am good looking, drive a good car, very caring, energetic, down to earth, wt good sense of humour yet I keep patronizing aristos.

DAILY POST readers, pls help me out!!!. N:B pls pardon all grammatical mistakes in the course of this write up.


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