MacDONALD MARIGA has broken up with RWANDESE fiancé

Monday, March 11, 2013 – Word on the street has it that Parma FC player MacDonald Mariga broke up with his longtime girlfriend after a fight about a month ago. This followed after Mariga visited her home in Rwanda for a ceremonial marriage sometime last year.

According to sources, his fiancé Araine Umutoni has since then moved out of their lavish apartment located on Ngong Road. She is said to have packed her things and moved to a different house.

The source further added that Umutoni has gone back to her home in Rwanda and the locks to the house have been changed since she moved out.

Apparently the two had a brutal exchange on Facebook before the break up, Umutoni later on closed her Facebook account and also returned the keys to her sleek car which she had been given as a present by her fiancé.


7 comments for MacDONALD MARIGA has broken up with RWANDESE fiancé

  1. Yeaaaa! Am very happy ako mariga ako single,how do i get my cv 2 him.admin mpe namba yangu 0728140822

  2. admin give him the number of that bitch...anauzanga kuma pale koinange

  3. Anonymous 08.13 (0728140822) you are a real beach and a stupid Gold digger. Go to hell or better still visit Koinange Street, you might meet a Mr. Zipapa Zipapa there!!!!!

  4. He is after a white chik

  5. Rwanda chicks are so beautiful

  6. True, Rwanda chicks are so beautiful
    but remember outward beauty can hide the demon inside. Many beautiful women are wolves in sheep skin and can destroy a man kabisa. Beauty of character is far better than physical beauty Mariga! Choose carefully.

  7. There are very sleazy women waiting for any opportunity to pounce on a rich man. Even stooping as low as publicly sharing your phone number. You are such a cheap gold digger.

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