Can this be true about UHURU KENYATTA …… Will you vote for him????

Uhuru became Deputy Prime Minister – he much deserved it after helping Kibaki cling to the presidency, got paid a high salary, security and state vehicles, formed KK (later renamed it Jubilee Alliance) to help ‘Stop Raila’ from winning the presidency hence maintain status quo for a cosmetic implementation of the constitution.

Uhuru pushed for the appointment of Eugene Wamalwa to the Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs with the aim of diluting the constitution, bought all ODM pentagon members, paid William Ruto a handsome 3.8 billion for the Kalenjin vote, frustrated Mau resettlement by withholding funds at the treasury to discredit Raila Odinga, selectively allocated only Kshs.10, 000 to Kisii IDPs while other IDPs (Kikuyu) pocketed Kshs.35, 000 + land for resettlement.

As Minister for Finance Uhuru oversaw the worst exchange rate ever in the history of Kenya shillings vs the dollar, the economy nosedived. Cost of living went up, killed KANU and PNU, got indicted by ICC, poached leading media staff from Citizen TV/Radio, built a formidable TNA party,

Uhuru hopes to be the first president in the world to rule Kenya via Facebook, Twitter and Skype from the ICC. He also hopes to get Kenya new trading partners like China, North Korea, Syria etc just in case Kenya is slapped with sanctions like Zimbabwe.

The case at the ICC may collapse, the Prosecutor has since confessed that Uhuru’s men bought out all the crucial witness.



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