Kiss TV REVEALS!! Nairobi at NIGHT……..S*X in the CITY

Wednesday, February 06, 2013 - Ever wondered what happens in Nairobi every night. Well a recent revelation by Kiss TV’s Dennis Okari indicates that at least 7,000 prostitute work in Nairobi every night. Although the practice is illegal, the workers enjoy the services of at least 4 clients per night and if you do your math right at least 28,000 men have sex illegally in Nairobi with prostitutes.

That said, p*rn*graphic movies which are also illegal are now best sellers in Nairobi and Dennis Okari made the bold move of going into the underworld of tha business in Nairobi. He was lucky to interview some of the p*rn stars at the busy and very lucrative business.

From his feature story sex in the city, Okari is also allowed to record what happens prior to recording of the act and production. He compiled the featured story which is now making rounds on social media and if you missed them here they are in three parts.



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