Advice to KENYANS……..Kiss 100’s CAROLINE MUTOKO

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 – She is known to be the high standards kind of woman and although she is at times arrogant and ends up bruising her fans the wrong way, she also has good advice for people in the country as she spreads the message of peace.

Kiss 100’s radio queen Caroline Mutoko is at it again and after many hate speech statements by Kenyans on her Facebook page, Mutoko took the obligation of giving Kenyans advise on why to vote come March 4th General Elections.

She is definitely on point, read it below:

If you still haven't made a decision to vote here are 3 reason to help you commit to voting - read & share:

1. Vote to Keep our Kids in School - Over 10,000 primary schools across Kenya will be closed for the elections period. Make your vote count in this election. VOTE

2. Vote to Keep Kenya open for Business - Any election without a clear winner will delay our ability to get back to work and hinder growth. Make your vote count in this election. VOTE!

3. Vote because it’s time to walk the talk - Middle class Kenyans are less likely to vote than any other group of Kenyans. 

Stop talking about change and be the change. VOTE



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