WAR!! HUDDAH MONROE fights with Citizen TV's SHEE WARUINGE……Ghosts from the PAST

Thursday, January 31, 2013 – Twitter is literally on fire, two renowned socialites are busy abusing each other in all means possible. The two Huddah Monroe and Citizen TV’s new star Shee Waruinge have even brought their ghosts from the past in the war of words.

Apparently Shee had a young baby who passed on some years back and Huddah attacked her using the kid. Infuriated Shee went on by attacking her with her dead father.

Well this is how the war started after Huddah tweeted Shee:

"Forehead so big you can't even hide it with 20weaves!"

"Noticed. LOL RT : LMFAOOO! RT : Huddah reserves her best grammar for tweefs" Shee replied.

What followed was pure war read the tweets below:

"@SheeWaruinge ,I suppose that's how u got pregnant and ur baby daddy ran away! I don't blame ur bitterness.You are a DESPERATE housewife!" as a response to:

"@HUDDAHMONROE Remember, having sex in the car with the seat belt on doesn't guarantee safe sex! Dumb s**t!"

"@HUDDAHMONROE You claim your m.p's give u cash after sex yeah? Get a B**b job and a diploma."

"Get ur hair right,ur p**y clean and then get back at me!- @SheeWaruinge"

Huddah who almost lost the war went forth to photo shop Shee check it out….

More to follow as the drama unveils!



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