Tuesday January 8, 2013 - Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta has launched a scathing attack to Prime Minister Raila Odinga for branding Jubilee Alliance leaders non-reformers.

Speaking during a campaign rally in Ogembo town in Kisii on Monday, Uhuru who is the Jubilee Coalition Presidential flag bearer, said all Kenyans were reformers since the achievement of the new Constitution and Raila should not credit himself as the only reformer.

“Reforms are not owned by an individual. All of us are reformers, and we have a responsibility of implementing the Constitution,” Uhuru said

Uhuru further said Jubilee leaders were also in the government that brought reforms including free education, Constituency Development Fund and Economic Stimulus Programme.

He urged the PM and Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leaders not to use the Constitution as their campaign tool because it was passed by all Kenyans.

“The Constitution is not an individual property; all Kenyans participated in one way or another in passing it. Mr Odinga should tell us what his policies are,”Uhuru said.

Uhuru who is also the Gatundu South MP said the next election is not about reformers and non-reformers but issues and numbers.


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  1. Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto you were against the constitution why do you tell us you gonna implement it?I had said it and repeat again that if at all you people's poverty n ignorance to gain your wealth,you will dearly pay because nothing will go UN-punished.

    Look at my dear friend Mr.Kivuitu who allowed his integrity to be misused and now nothing he's enjoying other than dying in languish with agony under pain he would have prevented He's not dying because he's suffering from ailment but curses and blood he participated in shading.From a distance GOD IS REALLY WATCHING OVER YOU.

  2. Uhuru and Ruto have nothing to advise Odinga on. These are political toddlers in nappies. 'No' champions of the constitution.
    What does Uhuru's political CV read like in the struggles Kenya has gone through since independence?
    For Rutto we can remember him mainlu ad YK92 and the resultant clashes then. Otherwise the so called performs in Agriculture and education were already in the pipeline and he cannot claim to have conceived the performance pregnsncy in these ministries as the gestation period just ended when he happened to have been the minister!

  3. Cord and raila have to stop this propaganda campaigns and empty rhetoric what has raila done for this nation than plough and cause political unrest we all take credit for the constitution not one not even uhuru can claim that trophy alone neither the kibaki adminstration..
    what i hate about cord and raila is the lies they are full of when will cord odm and raila ever speak truthfully surely and takeing people for fools its annoying when raila stands to speak everytime and abuse our intelligence by saying absurd things he things kenya is nyanza where they buy stupid arguments really??
    this proves more with his lack of conscience and shame he is not normal its really shamefull for a grown up man to be such a pathological liar.....

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